Sonic Hoaxers Club: Gyser

This is a gallery of fan-made hoaxes created by Gyser.

Tails: Hey, whaddabout me? EH!?

Gyser’s first hoax into the wonderful world of the Sonic Fan Club, this. Super Sonic and Super Knuckles fly proud, while Tails… happily sits there…

*Sonic (From Mobius* I heard that!!! *Eggman* Awwww…. chumps!

In space, no-one can hear your baked beans return… or, in the case of Eggman, well….

Oooh, I’m standing on a Cheerio…. yum. Erm, yes, back to the job in hand, then…

Super Sonic manages to find himself in the wacky worlds of Yoshi’s Island. Erm, you’re on the wrong console, SS!

*Sonic* Don’t mind me, I wanna defeat Zeon just as much as you lot!

What? King Galam’s been transformed? Demon you say? Granseal being crushed? Sounds like a job for….. Sonic!

Great party… erm, indeed.

Well, quite. Another party hoax, on Yoshi Island again. Not a lot else really…

Heh, I am the Ultimate! Even though… I wasn’t created until… Sonic Adventure 2… and, erm… oh. Bugger.

Shadow beats Sonic and Tails at their own game in Sonic 3. Nice Sonic 3 style Shadow spriting, well done.

*Large Sonic-CD Sonic pokes finger in Little Sonic’s eye* Augh! Whyyyyyyyy?

Sonic (from Sonic 3) admires the Sonic in the Sonic CD title screen. And that can be done, especially after Sonic uses his time machine to go back in time a year… Um, why does the copyright say 1995? o.O

Surf’s up big kahuna!! Erm, dude.

Knuckles decides to take the cool way down Labyrinth Zone… on a surfboard!

‘Catfight!’ Knuckles is a lucky boy…

Julie-Su and Rouge the Bat offer each other punishment as they attempt to duke it out for the love of Knuckles. Knux, needless to say, is quite gobsmacked.

Ooooohhhh… Biiiiiiig Mushroooooommmmmm….

Gyser gets, erm, whacked on the Mushrooms in Mushroom Hill. Well, I guess someone had to try smoking them… o.O

No son!!! You need more weights, you useless wimp!

Knuckles trains in Mushroom Hill, possibly for the inevitable encounter with Sonic later on. And, erm, his dad (?) or grandad or someone with a beard is overseeing his progress.

Hey Rouge, where did all these Batniks come from? Chaos Cont- ow!! Stupid Batniks…

Very well done hoax, Shadow and Rouge imitating the end sequence to Sonic 2 (I think, well, they’re all the same… *_*), with Batniks in place of the birds. Nice one.

*Espio* Can you tell me the way to San Jose?

Another party hoax, that makes no sense, this time featuring Espio, Metallix, Metal Sonic, and Mighty.

*Knuckles* No, YOU’RE in the wrong game… *Looks in Background* Ever heard of Sonic 2 and Knuckles? *Looks shiftily*

Espio and Knuckles seem to have managed to get into Casino Night Zone. Espio points this out while Knuckles blatantly couldn’t give a Badnik’s exhaust.

*Eggman* Now I’ll kill everyone, and stop this foolish party hoaxes. We can all dream, eh?

Another Party hoax o.O, with a lot of Sonic Team characters and original ones, too.

*Gyser* YESSSSS! I am meant to be in Sonic 2… honest.

That’s better. Gyser seems to think he can do a better job than Sonic as he enters Casino Night Zone…