Sonic Hoaxers Club: Great Saiyaman 64

This is a gallery of fan-made hoaxes created by Great Saiyaman 64.

Clash of the titans – Sonic Vs. Tails Vs…. DBZ style Shadow! Yeah! Rock it, dude! DUUUDE! Erm, yes well.

“Shadow, Shadow the Hedgehog, SHADOW!!!” Erm, do you think we got the message that his name is Shadow? XD

Not too many hedgehogs for a big booze-up, I hope…

Metal Sonic: Oooooh, that really stings. Stop it ladsth….

Sonic’s losing – could be that Tails has somehow radiated the Master Emerald and Knuckles is running full pelt towards him to kick him in the crotch.

And to the winner – A big Ice-a-Cream. Knuckles takes it personally, and attempts suicide from a great height.

Mighty won’t you suffocate? “Hah – an armadillo needs no air…. hey, why is Tails going bluee…… eurgh!”

God, Mighty gets everywhere. Maybe he likes the thrill and bloodspill of his fellow hedgehogs… swine.

It’s hopeless running, in the wonderful world of Genocide City… Welcome to Deaths-ville. Eggman, of course, blames everything on Sonic. Anus.

To stop the invading terrorist stealing the Master Emerald, Mighty and Sonic run in… erm, space. And Sonic shoots a beam… from his… eye? Who writes these scripts!? Honestly.

Knuckles looks pissed. I’m talking “someone’s run over your dog several times” kinda pissed. Sonic couldn’t care less, he’s happy sapping his energy away…

The watchful eye of Mighty once more comes into play, as Sonic seems to be stuck due to lack of gravity…? Surely he’ll move about a bit and choke slightly? No, he’s superglued to the asteroid.

“I won”, said Mecha Sonic as he soon tumbled towards Mobius at an incredible velocity, his body parts crumbling away as he burns within the planet’s atmosphere….

Knuckles: What now?
Sonic: I’m hankering for some pizza.
Knuckles: Oooh, goody.
Sonic: You can’t come though.
Knuckles: Sore loser…. *mumbles*

Sonic Ashura the Hedgehog 2, starring Sonic Ashura the Hedgehog and Miles Tails Prower… SEEEEEEGAAAAAAAAHHHHH!

To be that good takes AGES, and you know it.

And with that the Gold Mecha Sonic grabbed Dr. Robotnik by the throat, and slowly strangled him… as was proper procedure in Mobius… hang on, what?

Shadow, Sonic and Tails decide to steal all the Chaos Emeralds and Master Emeralds… to power up the ‘Death Ring’… Mwahahahaha.

“Oh yeah?” *Knuckles inverts several more times* “How ’bout now, jackass? Hee hee…” *Mecha Sonic eats Knuckles*

And… this is slighty strange too.

As Metal Sonic enters ‘Pathetic Art World’, he comes across Mario. In a Nappy. Or a ‘Diaper’. Whatever you guys over the pond wanna call them. But look. Awww, ickle Mazza…

Now, I’ve seen some pathetic stuff, but an excuse to make a pathetic Bowser? It just got me rolling up! Couldn’t stop laughing! XXD

In a world where Sonic shrinks to the size of MegaMan’s kneecap, no wonder he’s a bit nippy.

Sonic’s not afraid of MegaMan-in-a-box. He got a flamethrower. Hee hee. Ha ha.

Looks as if it’s all against Shadow… but unknown to all, MegaMan’s voluptuous fart has everyone dead.

Tails… look behind you. Wait, you’re a fox, of all things, you should be eating that… thing as well. Go on, eat it. Annoying git.

I’m sure Kulock would be happy to share a ghost with Tails… But Ku’s not dead yet… XD. Why Sonic no like Tails? ‘Cos he’s a GIT.

"That tornado's carrying a car!"
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