Sonic Hoaxers Club: ArchOwl

This is a gallery of fan-made hoaxes created by ArchOwl.

Wait a minute, I’m not Sonic. Who… am I?

ArchOwl completes Act 1!!! Wait a minute…

Hey, prop guy! Get the 1-Up icons right, or I’ll start suing!

Looks like Sega were on a break when this little thing happened. What would Yuji Naka say, eh? Honestly.

I rule supreme! And the first thing I’ll do is… hit a Restart post?

Super Sonic in Sonic 1 not-so-shocker. Not very original, but still very well done.

Sonic went on holiday I suppose, eh?

Well, erm, glad to see Final Fantasy chars can kick the levels just as much as Sonic can.

WTF? o_@

Well, this is pretty to say the least. Of course I’m lying, but still. Any ideas on what the heck is going on? ^_^

Full of goodness. Honest.

Sonic’s outta energy. Looks like he’s gotta get the Vegemite powerup. Hang on, wait…

Where’s Eggman?

Time to deal the punishment on Sonic yourself. If you want something done, you know…

YAY!!! Kill Omochao and all his annoyances!

Yes! A hoax containing the torturing of Omochao, hated by all. Go on, go and whinge you snivelling robot blob.

Hee hee…

Again with the Final Fantasy, a Chocobo runs riot in Hill Top Zone.

What’s going down, innit? Wicky wicky in the house. Erm…

A nice little bit of mingling from three pals. Blatantly the age-old weird phrase pops up. “All your base are belong to us!” Shut up.