Sonic Hoaxers Club: Ace Spark

This is a gallery of fan-made hoaxes created by Ace Spark, aka Ace Fox.

Hey, On-screen-writing! I can’t see… Eggman, get out of the way… BANG! Too late…

A custom made boss this, apparently located in Scrap Brain Zone. Things are gonna get nasty…

Follow me, break a car or two, then we can laugh at Eggman in his tutu…

A very good 2D rendition of City Escape from SA2 no less.

Let’s all do Sonic’s voice death, all together now. 1…2…3… ‘Hueargh!’

Sonic dying in Final Rush. Has to be one of the key points to SA2. Erm, no not really then.

Argh! There’s too many of them! We have to use the speed-o-pulse generator… whatever that is.

Sonic Vs. Contra, looks like Ray’s having a bit of trouble with the turbulent porcupines.

Wonder exactly WHY Eggman’s there. Does he lap dance too?

Sonic against ‘Big Robot’, it seems. Talk about a bit of a crazy ring count.

Great well done Sonic, you’ve burned Eggman’s face off. How’s he gonna earn a wage looking ugly now?

Sonic nobbles ‘Big Robot’, and Eggman seems to be slightly burned.

Sonic… must….diiieee… heehee…

Plainly obvious that Tails has had enough of Sonic. Erm, Score and Rings though? Sonic’s got quite a while to die, considering he’ll grab most of those ‘2038’ rings…

Can’t blame people for wanting to throw Amy off the ledge anyway…

Quick, quick, Amy’s falling! Sonic… why are you saving her? Stop it!


Oh dear. You missed. Never mind. As Sally runs into the scene, Sonic is -almost- (^_^) horrified.

Ah, it’s nothing a few plasters won’t fix…

Sally doesn’t seem that bothered, as Sonic… steps(?) in Amy’s remaining ‘bits’. Find out the conclusion in the next page…

Oh Sonic, you scamp…

Ah, so it was all a devious ploy all along. If I were Sonic, I just wouldn’t have bothered… Notice how the whole event happened without a second passing? (Look at the Time counters at the top of each hoax…) ^_^

Knuckles (in distance): Hey, what’re you doing with my Master Emerald?! Swine!

Sonic can’t be bothered with all the cheques clearing and everything else, so he decides to nick off with the Master Emerald. Nice job Sonic </sarcasm>. Learnt that HTML code off of someone else, just so you know it’s not original ^^

Don’t go blaming Bill Gates… *Gets out hypnosis machine* Gates is your friend… buy X-Box…

Probably an insight on things to come, what with X-Box coming out and all. X-Box remind you of a PC anyone? No? Have you even SEEN a PC?

Hmmm… nope I don’t think Robotnik’s around here. Let’s go back indoors, its freezing out here…

Well, I knew Super Sonic was strong but wow, to destroy part of Windows like that… The real American Dream has come true.

Ah well, I’m not even meant to star in this game. Do what you want Eggman. No, go on, I insist. I don’t care.

‘All your base are belong to us’… OLD! But still, the phrase was good while it lasted, plus Chaos is in human form somehow in there, so… yeah.

No please, don’t kill me, I’m your master, your saviour! Oh, shi… BOOM!

Knew this would happen sooner or later – Eggman faces death as one of his robots sees the light…

“I am Eggman, what are you doing?” … “I AM Eggman, what are YOU doing?” … “Somethings screwy here…”

A funny one this. Eggman tries to flee, but seems to face the same robot (that you defeat in Death Egg). Musta switched time zones or something… who’s been playing around with the Time Stones then eh?

Eggman: A red rose, for my red love… wait that’s no good. Oh, I’ll never be able to ask her out…

Sally seems to have dressed Sonic up quite fancily for the weekend, as Eggman looks on in some form of comical lust.

Oh my God. It’s Dr. Wily! Erm, indeed. This sounds more like a porn flick really doesn’t it?

Don’t have a clue what’s going on, Dr. Wily (hee hee) has invaded, inviting a rather confusing crossover with Mega Man…

Let the battle between Sonic HQ and Mega Man HQ commence!

Mega Man and Sonic seem to have crossed paths in Green Hill Zone Bad Future. Why doesn’t Sonic just whack Eggman in the apricots (figuratively speaking)?

Wagh! Fly-hog! Nearly got run over!

Silly Sonic, you should have read the sign, silly boy…

Cuttin’ down logs for’t winter now then… why am I talking in a farmer’s accent?

He’s a lumberjack and he’s OK, he works all night and he works all day… Jack, the lumberjack. Log Professionale.

Ow. Oooh. Be nice, I’m a lumberjack and I’m OK… ow!

Sonic doesn’t seem to take a liking for Monty Python robot takeoffs. Never mind Jack, at least you’ll die a happy… wait what am I saying, bye Jack!

Noooooo! I was aiming for your skull. YOUR SKULL!!!!

Sparkster seems to have an imminent law suit in his hands as he rather unwittingly kills Knuckles. Indeed.

Eggman (In Signpost): I don’t know Sonic, I kinda like it…

Yeah, Ace. Stupid fox, Ace. Erm, yeah, Ace. yeah. *Runs*

"That tornado's carrying a car!"
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