Misc: Petitions Pageant

This page was originally published in June 2001, and was never really updated before it was abandoned around a year later. It was a noble effort, though these days you can just simply check the latest posts on TSS for any new fan activity. Links may no longer be active.

This is where the power of the Sonic fans really come to play, the Sonic Petitions! Online there are many different petitions that you can sign to help convince companies to have done what you, the fans, want done in the world of Sonic.

This is your chance to take part – There are many Sonic petitions to take, and a description with each one. If you think a particular cause is worth voting for, then click on the link to sign.

Well, I certainly voted in this – This is a petition to bring back the glorious SatAM to your TV screens. Whether you liked it or not is sheer opinion, but if you hate Sonic Underground, and preferred SatAM, sign now! Be serious though, signatures are getting deleted for fake, or otherwise threatening signatures, so don’t do it.

This is to, quite literally, bring back the Archie Knuckles comics in America. Dunno if UK fans’ll be interested but if you were a US fan of this comic, sign here to help bring it back.