Game Genie Codes: Sonic the Hedgehog

Input the following cheat codes into your Game Genie cartridge to initiate the corresponding effect. These codes also work on emulators with a cheat code/Game Genie functionality built in.

  • ATBT-AA32 : Master Code: MUST BE ENTERED
  • AE0T-CABE : Once Invincible, stay invincible for the rest of the level
  • SCRA-BAX0 : Each Ring counts as 8
  • HCRA-BAX0 : Each Ring counts as over 1000
  • GJ6A-CA7A : Infinite Lives
  • AY3T-BA4R : Start with 5 Chaos Emeralds
  • DDLT-AAGL : Sonic does high jumps
  • BDLT-AAGL : Sonic does mega jumps
  • AWRT-AA5W : Don’t lose rings when hit
  • AEOT-CABY : Once you have speed shoes, keep them for the rest of the level