Site Legacy

This site’s got a lot of history, it has. Launched on the 24th October 2000, The Sonic Stadium has risen from being a small little fansite with excitable gibberish to… well, a large fansite with excitable gibberish. From here you can discover a whole lot about what made the site tick back in the day, awards that we have recieved in the past, and even what this place used to look like back in the day.



These are old pages from the yesteryear of The Sonic Stadium, preserved for all eternity like a fine wine. These will mostly be pages that have long since closed down, or made redundant since the re-imagining of TSS as a Blog-style site in 2008. These pages are archived and are no longer being updated.

For anything not listed here, try searching for them or using tags (like ‘Info’ + ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’ + ‘Mega Drive’) as a lot of old content has been converted into blog post format.

Special Legacy Sections

April Fools Day Pranks: We love getting involved in some light-hearted high jinks, and April 1 always gives us the opportunity to give you the goods. Take a look at past gags presented to you by The Sonic Stadium.