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Sonic 4 Out Now!


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Well, this is a load of bullshit: I clicked on the link, and it said "Summer 2010" for all three platforms.

Why make a topic centred around a good-as-dead link?

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Didn't they do the same mistake once when it came to Unleashed?

I believe AAUK said something then and there about going through everything to fix that shit up. May just be me though, memory's escaping.

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It seems the error is on the Australian version of Sega's website, it's correct on the American site, which Ex is looking at.

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People always have this problem with SEGA's site.

You need to change the flag at the top right, if someone posts a link to the Australian page and you're in Germany for example you will be re-directed to the German site or the country of the site you last visited when you click the posted link.

As for me, the past few weeks I havent been able to access any of SEGA's siteson IE for some odd reason except their blogs and game specific websites e.g. Sonic 4 site.

EDIT: Just been on the Australian site now and it looks like its been corrected now.

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