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Sonic Speed Simulator: How to get FREE Legendary Spins Easily and Quickly!


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Well, I certainly wasn't expecting to be here making a guide this week since the new characters is simply ice cream shop items, but leave it to Speed Simulator to surprise me, because we have POSSIBLY our biggest guide to cover yet. Either through pure accident, or intentionally - for this week at least - we have the perfect means to grind premium rolls as quickly as 30-40 minutes per roll. 

Hard to believe? Well, just see for yourself what 20 minutes of this method has managed to achieve:


For those unfamiliar with how the premium system works - this is a primary way of enticing people to buy into RNG, by offering old characters, or game upgrades such as triple egg unlocks, and inventory increases. There is one small F2P way, albeit it takes absolutely forever to do so - by performing 50 free regular spins to get one premium spin, which makes it sting a bit to grind for so long only to get nothing of particular value. 

However, with this week's new event, I've found a way to massively reduce down this grind to the point that with a bit of dedication and grinding, you can easily get as many rolls on the premium wheel as you want. How's this possible? Let's get into it.

Step 1 - Double the Prizes, Double the Fun:

So this week, in lieu of a proper event, we've instead got rather a rarity for Speed Simulator - one I didn't realise would happen as there's rare times the test server gets boosts to make grinds feasible for the short time it's up. However, these boosts actually went live this week. 


As you can see, the big event this week is double rewards on all major collectibles. XP, rings, Red Rings. Great time to grind up some pets, trails and so on. However, the primary one we're interested in? 2x race tickets.

This is already a decent enough boost to everyone, since it basically gives everyone a week of the infinite 2x ticket boost, boosting the rewards to about 50 tickets per race win on a action race. Pretty good time to grind up the Golden Race Suit Sonic and Shadow, right?

Well, that's not all. Because for the birthday event, they swapped out the Red Star Rings...


...for regular spins. At just a small 150 tickets per spin, basically three wins per spin, you can start grinding towards this goal. But still, even with that in consideration, that's still a bit of a grind. 

Luckily, we still have a method for that.

Step 2 - Race 2 Win:

OPTIONAL: If you have a spare few robux lying around, you can use it to buy the 2x infinite race tickets game pass, which will stack with the double boost that's been added this week, giving you x4 tickets.

For the purposes of our grinding, we want to get as many tickets and as many spins as we can get ASAP, and that means we need to find the best race that offers the best payout of tickets in the fastest amount of time. 

This automatically disqualifies the drag races due to their low payouts. Thankfully, we have our solution right near by.


Metal City will ALWAYS be the race you choose for this, and it's specifically via the portal here. Not only because it has a great payout, on par with tracks like City Escape, and Emerald Coast, but it's the easiest and fastest, with it's speed being comparable to a drag race in terms of time taken. In my experience, I can beat it within about 36 seconds, give or take. 


The first big reason why we specifically choose the Metal City race via the ring as it is a unique race amongst all others - where in other races, you're forced to wait 20-30 seconds for a race to begin, the Metal City race - when entered via the ring - will instead play a very short cutscene of Jet, before getting immediately into the race, therefore making this grind a lot quicker already. 


When you finish your first race, depending on if you have the infinite 2x tickets game pass, you'll net yourself between 50-96 tickets, which is not at all bad for 30 seconds of racing.

However, this still isn't quick enough for us. We need to do more. We need more boosts.

Step 3 - To Go Even Further Beyond:

While 2x, or even 4x tickets are nice, if you've ever played a LEGO game with cheats enabled, you all know that's not enough for us. We need to bring as many multipliers as we can get to make this grind even faster, more effective, and easier. 

Well, the good news I have for you all? There's a high chance you can do this and make it last for as long as possible, as long as you're fast and effective. So what's the trick? 


Well, it all starts with our buddy, Dodon Pa here. Finish off his story quests, and much like other characters in the game, he'll offer you a adventure every four hours that gives you a set of racing missions. The core difference however is Dodon Pa has one particularly guaranteed reward that is as valuable as gold to us right now. Take note that specifically for boost time missions, it must be on foot, so do foot races to finish that mission for the booster.


On the far right - you can see a free 10 minute 3x ticket booster, which when applied to the current boost available to everyone, will boost your ticket gains up to 5x for all players, or 7x if you have the 2x infinite booster. Needless to say, this will SKYROCKET your ticket rewards, and therefore the rate of your spin gains higher than ever before. So you're going to finish Dodon Pa's missions, get that ticket booster, and as soon as you have it, you're going to jump immediately into Metal City.

If you can finish Metal City's races in about 40 seconds, it's more than possible to net yourself 2000 tickets in one booster usage. But we're not finished yet. Dodon Pa's missions only drop every few hours, and one booster isn't enough to keep this train rolling. So we need to jump into our final step.

Step 4 - The One Where Free Spins Matter:


Up until this point, we've been treating free spins as a means to a end - just a counter that we want to tick up as soon as we can to get those free legendary spins, but the truth is that we're hunting for two particular items on the free wheel that's going to make life so much more easier for grinding the spins out. In fact, you're going to keep grinding tickets, and keep spinning on the free wheel until you get either of them.


A 10 minute booster is one of the rewards in the free spin wheel, and if you've managed to unlock either Riders Shadow or Knuckles, you'll also have a triple booster for tickets, rings, and XP available too. You want either of these, as the boosters will massively upgrade your ticket gains. Our final result from such a large boost? 


240 tickets from one single race of Metal City with max boosts. And even without the 2x infinite boost, you're still looking at around 170-200 tickets per match. That's basically a free spin every minute. 

Given that this event is active for a full week, you can potentially use this trick to get as many characters from the wheel as you want, and even better - it feeds into itself. You grind tickets to get free spins. Those free spins likely give you race ticket boosters that you can use to get MORE spins even faster, that you can use to get even MORE boosters, rinse and repeat. It's a insane trick, all thanks to a perfect storm of events combining together.

The Sum-Up: 

In summary, the method is shockingly easy. You want to do Dodon Pa's missions to get a 10 minute race booster. Once you got the booster, you're going straight into Metal City via the ring next to Jet, and doing ONLY this race over and over again, which will give you a large ticket payout for little time spent in it. You then continue using these tickets for free spins, which will give you MORE boosters, and eventually, premium spins.



It's short, it's easy, it's quick, and it's accessible to EVERYONE, including free to play players. But given this boost is likely only one for a week, you want to take advantage of it fast before it's gone. Every time you get a character, a new character will take their place, so if there's someone in particular you want, it's worth going to see if they join the lineup.

As always, hope this guide helps, and I'll see everyone next week for a new guide!

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This week I was focusing on doing adventures due to the 2x RSRs but thanks to bring attention to the Premium wheel! While I do still have some war flashbacks from the Runners wheel, I use this very same strategy (although I just used the regular action races before) to farm spins when they are available on the raceshop (it alternates between RSRs and spins) and I thought I was alone using it!

I hope more people use it to grab some skins, the moonstone chao (+10 event when fused) or those inventory expansions, they really come in handy.

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