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Sonic Forces (Mobile): Valiant Tails Event (June 25th - July 2nd)


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Valiant Tails is ready to create tales of victory.



The bravest little knight, Valiant Tails, steps into battle today! Wish him luck!⚔️

Bonus Missions will unlock Paladin Amy & Sir Gawain

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I've just unlocked him : he's nice!!...
One is his attacks looks like one of Excalibur-Sonic's attack!!...

By the way, I managed to promote Burning Blaze to MAX level and I now have a 14th Special Character to MAX level : Sir Galahad!!...
(I didn't know who to promote to level 16 and I chose Sir Galahad since I had a mission telling me to run 80 races as him...)

I hope Karate Knuckles will have a great design and not just Knuckles wearing a dogi like on the image he trains Chao on Sonic Channel!!...
(HARDlight should incorporate Kunoichi Amy from Roblox to the roster, she has a very good design!!...)

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That Tails variant looks superb!

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