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What is the best and worst level you did in the last Sonic game you played?


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Latest Sonic game I played was SA1.

For me, I adored Red Mountain. I just liked it. As for the one I disliked most, Lost World, I found the lights thing annoying and the wall climbing bits were annoying too. It left such a bad taste in my mouth, I got angry when fighting the Egg Viper.

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I played Frontiers.

Worst anything that's not-Green Hill. Best, anything that wasn't not-Green Hill. I'm being cheeky, just REALLY tired of Green Hill.

I can't really tell you any any real levels because the way the game is set up. The "levels" are really just short zones that don't stick to memory well. I'll say I hated Chaos Island with all the 2D forcing. Really, really hated that. I liked the rest. Best, maybe Rhea Island, purely because it was the first time that Sonic seemed like he was suffering, which was cool... for like 5 minutes, then that immediately went away. But in the moment, it was cool.

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I played Sonic 4 ep 1 this morning. it's one of the few games I have on my notebook so I play it often to kill some time when I have to wait.

I usually play it until I die, then exit.

I played from the beginning up to Casino Street Act 2... twice, and I died in the exact same place both times.

Best level, Splash Hill Act 2. Even considering all the weird physics and jank, the level is pretty fun. It has many different routes, some secrets, and no bottomless pits, it's very fun to explore and there are many places where you can do tricks and reach platforms in unintended ways. The vines are a very simple but decently fun gimmick, despite being janky; additionally, the corkscrew loops are programmed so that if you jump out of them with the right timing, you can jump higher and longer because they count as angled terrain. I have a lot of fun with all that stuff, along with attempting to break the homing attack to preserve the momentum even after using it.

Worst level... probably Casino Street Act 2. The level itself is bland, nothing interesting is going on beside those card animations that are completely automated anyway. The problem is that the card platforms are inconsistent (in different places they behave differently even though they look the same, so they are unpredictable) and the section at the end of the level where you have to jump on the cards over a bottomless pit is atrocious. I'd rather play the mobile version over this, at least there are no pits in the pinball level. That's the place where I died by the way, the card platforms at the end.

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Last game I played (and completed) is Sonic Frontiers! Answer for the worst one may be too boring, but GETTING S RANK IN 1-2 CYBERSPACE WAS IMPOSSIBLE. Well, the level itself is nice, but I was so annoyed. And the best is Chaos Island! Inspiring music, beautiful views, epic atmosphere... That's my favorite place in Sonic's world ever!

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