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What are Some of your Video Game Headcanons?


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I know People make Topics on headcanons ALOT, but this one focuses on Multiple Games, not just one franchise. I wanted to share due to me having 5 of my own to share:

  1. Frisk and Chara are Blood Brothers. He is the first to fall, and the same kid Azzy brought to the humans dead. Then, Frisk goes looking for them, believing they are alive, but not. Chara is infuriated and tries to push Frisk into making regretful choices. Flowey is then mad that none of the monsters protected him when he went to the surface and wants to kill everyone too, as vengeance.
  2. Each Fallen Human was at a different time in history. If Clover, the soul of Justice Fell down to the underground in search for the other Humans around the time when the Wild West was prominent, then Chara died down there WAAAY before the Wild West (obviously). That time span went from 1607 to 1912.
  3. The Fallen Children Died in order of the Barreir. I mean, it makes sense, right? Why would Patience die first, if Her Soul is one of the last in order?
  4. Vivian is Trans to fit in with her sisters. She’s the only Male in the group, so either is was really a life choice of hers, or she did it for the sake of family.
  5. Goh is Gay. I mean, i guess it’s my Homo-Radar, but the fact that he Blushes at literally EVERY MALE he speaks to, that must mean something, right?
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Yup, I have the feeling that Goh is gay. He loves men or is really shy, or maybe both!

I also have that headcanon that Liko from Pokémon Horizons is related to Sunny's family from the last episode of To Be A Pokémon Master.

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This one is related to Puyo Puyo AND Madou Monogatari: Chaotic Final Exam (that game specifically for reasons).

Doppelganger Arle was created by Lilith and Phantom God using their DNA, the DNA of Arle, and the DNA of Dark Prince and was stuffed in the two’s very own Pandora’s Box from Puyo Puyo Tsu to the beginning of Puyo Puyo~n because she was meant to be the strongest opponent for Arle to face in the Madou World.

Unfortunately, the isolation also drove her a tad bit crazy and additionally gave her a superiority complex. The craziness Doppel managed to get over after she was defeated. The superiority complex though? Not so much.

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