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Sonic Collab Hits Mobile Gacha RPG Last Cloudia This Week

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Sonic once again hits the mobile guest circuit, this time appearing in AIDIS mobile RPG Last Cloudia. As reported by TailsChannel, the collaboration begins June 20, putting Sonic into the game's stylish spritework. While the international version will get the collaboration, only the game's Japanese social media currently has a trailer showing off Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles:

Details are light at the moment; however, the game's official twitter is promising an informational livestream later today. The Sonic event is the latest in a long line of Japanese game and animation collaborations the game has run since launch.

Last Cloudia is, as previously mentioned, a Japanese mobile/PC RPG with real-time wave-based combat encounters (think attacks on cooldown timers) and an emphasis on gacha mechanics. Although it could very easily be written off as another in a long line of Japanese character-collector mobile games (the kind with questionable gacha odds, an excess of currency types, and cluttered menus), those who enjoy it praise its story, writing, character growth options, and team building strategy above other games in its style.

If any of that gets you excited, you won't have long to wait before the event. Personally though, I'm still K.O.'d from the one-two punch of Cookie Run: Kingdom and Fist of the North Star back in 2021.

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The art they drew for the trailer looks nice. Always fun to see official art in atypical styles.

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Gotta look up this game. Hate to get it just for Sonic but probably will 😂

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On 6/20/2024 at 2:03 PM, Vraptor008 said:

Gotta look up this game. Hate to get it just for Sonic but probably will 😂

They were made by the same people who made Grand Summoners, that being Aidis Inc.

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