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New Yoke City Arrives to The Original Sonic Dash!


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Sonic Dash is a game that comes in many different flavors. Whether you're a free to play champion of the original Dash, an Apple Arcade subscriber with access the much more wallet friendly Sonic Dash+, or a Netflix binger with access to Sonic Prime Dash, there is no shortage to play Hardlight's long-running (get it?) mobile title.

However, Dash and Prime Dash have always had an interesting divide. Dash has more characters if you played for a long time, collecting old collaboration characters from Pac-Man to Angry Birds' Red. Meanwhile Prime Dash had the exclusive privilege of exclusive content: The New Yoke City stage, and first dibs on any new Sonic Prime characters!

Soon, the lines will blur as the original Sonic Dash is being updated with the previously exclusive Prime Dash content!

image - 2024-06-15T131808.380.png

Screenshot 2024-06-15 132007.png

Spotted on the Google Play page for the free version of Dash, New Yoke City is now a selectable track where Dr. Babble can be fought as a boss! This is the third mainstay boss in the game, joining Dr. Eggman and Zazz. (Fourth, if you own Pac-Man or Ms. Pac-Man, and thus access to the Bash boss fight).

This makes Dash once again the most feature complete version of the game, as you can now pit the Angry Birds, Hello Kitty, and even that dang Danimals monkey against the forces of the Chaos Council!


This all coincides with the release of Burning Blaze, who arrives in Sonic Dash and Sonic Forces Mobile on June 17th!

Why, in fact, getting Blaze might be an easier task than before. Remember my last little article on Sonic Dash and its ridiculously grindy card system? Well, looks like things might be a little easier going forward. Or at least, it's clearer.


Spotted by Sonic Mobile News, the previously very unclear daily limit for cards is now getting a timer. This allows you to coordinate your daily runs better as you rush for event cards.

Are you ready to travel to New Yoke and get Burning Blaze?

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