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PROJECT SHADOW - The fan film

Edgy the Hedgy

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Forgive me if I'm several months too late, but I couldn't find a thread or a news post talking about the final product rather than just the trailer.

I enjoyed this. There were a lot of things here I appreciated, like Maria and Shadow hanging out together, the purpose of Shadow's rings being elaborated on, explaining how Maria captured Shadow in an escape pod.

That scene- you know the one. Maria has Shadow trapped in an escape pod, the GUN agent aims his gun, Shadow heartbreakingly begs Maria to do what the GUN agent says. Maria steels herself to resist Shadow's plea and the GUN agent's threat and pulls the lever, and god...damn, don't mess with my feelings like that!  By which I mean definitely do,  becuase I want to be invested in these characters.

This is clearly inspired by the paramount Sonic movies, and it leaves me curious what they have in store for Shadow.

EDIT: To be honest, maybe this should go in  https://www.sonicstadium.org/forums/73-fandom/ ? I wasn't actually aware I could post in that forum becuase I thought it's where the staff news posts went.

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By the way I do like that Maria actually disobeys the gun soldier - it shows her determination to protect Shadow at the cost of her own life.

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