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[EVENT] The Sonic Stadium 52 Game Challenge 2024! - New Prizes every week! Current Prize: Sonic and the Secret Rings profile gift AND Sonic's Birthday Bash challenge for additional prizes!


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Finally, a chance for me to play a REAL Sonic game for this event.


(The game crashed in Lake Zone.)

SRB1's rather tedious to play but it was definitely impressive for the time it came out. Can't really bring myself to finish it due to how lengthy and buggy it is. Its sequel on the other hand, with which I'm sure you're all very familiar, might just be my favorite Sonic fangame of all time...




#38/52 - Sonic Robo Blast 2: TGF (PC)


Behold what is probably the most amibitious Sonic fangame ever made for the TGF engine!


It's a lot more technically impressive than SRB1 right off the bat. Levels scroll now, there are item monitors for rings and shields, and Sonic's hitbox seems less wonky overall. And you can hear charming early midi renditions of some rather familiar music.


It even has special stages! You fly around a stage as an indescript Sonic spinball collecting rings while dodging numerous and ridiculously fast projectiles. I was able to find two of them, I have no idea if there are any more!


I'm pretty sure you can still find these textures being used somewhere to this day.


Last time I tried playing this, I got softlocked bouncing on this one spring over and over for eternity. It was pretty harrowing.


What the hell is this boss supposed to be? Fawful??


Friend :3


The game ends after Deep Sea Zone act 1. I think there's an unfinished act 2 somewhere in the game files?


And I got to immortalize my name in the Top Ten Sonic Robo Blasters. A huge honor.

So yeah, pretty interesting demo and a neat glimpse into the Sonic fangaming scene in the late 90s/early 2000s. I heard they're still working on this game even 20 years later.






I really hope this game counts

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This new challenge is very timely for me.

Game 17: Pokémon Red (3DS Virtual Console) - I've been fairly open about how unhappy I've been with recent Pokemon generations, which I feel have moved away from what I enjoyed about the franchise, and so for quite some time I've been meaning to go back and revisit the early games.  Well, having cleared my 3DS backlog, I finally had time to do just that.  Back in the day, I would've played the early-gen Pokemon games a few times each, but at this point it's been years and years since I've touched Gen I - and for that matter, I only ever had Blue, not Red.  The experience was... actually even more primitive than I remembered!  Moves don't have descriptions, or even list a base power.  Assigning key items to Select is a later development.  Charizard doesn't get Fly until Yellow, and not only does your bag have an inventory limit - so does your back-up inventory on your PC!  The sprites are super-rough and sketchy, often off-model in comparison to their later forms and occasionally of wildly varying quality.  Type match-ups are completely unbalanced, and there are a ton of Pokemon which don't get STAB moves for one or both of their types - if decent STAB moves for their types even exist!

...It rules.  I can see exactly why I was such a huge fan of these games back in the day, and why everyone was.  It's an incredibly fun and surprisingly free-form adventure.  Even through all the jank, the core experience absolutely glows.  The level design is just complex enough to be absorbing without being overwhelming, and that also applies on a macro level where the whole game has non-linear elements as you reach the second half.  Honestly, bring back the GameFreak who made Metroidvania Kanto and casually threw in an eleven-storey warp maze, I want them back!  The non-linearity does have consequences for the difficulty curve; enemy levels kind of swim around an easy medium for much of the second half only to accelerate wildly towards the end, and attempting to run a full team of six meant that around Pokemon League I started to be drastically outlevelled.  But it turns out that type advantages and building a good team will more than mitigate that.  Good game design!  They had it!  I want that back, too.

Posted in the spoiler tag is my first Hall of Fame entry, my team post-reloading, and then the final state of my Pokedex after running out my supply of Ultra Balls in the Unknown Dungeon.  Not a 100% run by any means, but I'm very happy with the results.  And I'm looking forward to doing Crystal probably later in the year!





Game 18: Sonic Triple Trouble (3DS Virtual Console) - I had a little time to kill, and, in what turned out to align perfectly with the new challenge, I thought I'd give Sonic Triple Trouble a bash.  I'm not sure whether I'd actually played it or not before; my suspicion is that I tooled around with it, it didn't gel, and I bounced off it.  And that almost happened this time, too.  The game is janky, the physics are weird, the level design is rough.  But I gave it an honest try, and it turned out to be a lot more playable than I was giving it credit for!  Triple Trouble has a great selection of zones, I find its animal bosses really charming, and it even has a certain amount of cinematic flair even if it can't match its mainline cousins.  I don't know the game, though, so I didn't manage to grab any Chaos Emeralds (turned out I didn't even really understand how to get them).  It was a little odd only encountering Fang right at the end just for him to run away...  Anyway, the spoiler box below contains a verification screenshot from the ending sequence, along with my big ol' TRY AGAIN:





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This could be a long post!  Lol

Game no 30 completed / 29th 100%ed - Deep Space Nine The Fallen.

**Edited 21/06/24 - added SA3 for Sonic bday challenge**

Game no 31 completed / 30th 100%ed

(Polite note..not had my 25th rewards for games and 100% yet either, but no rush! :-) )

I may have to do a blog on this one as I have so much to say on it, but I will try and keep it brief. I loved this game when I was younger. I loved DS9 as much as I did Sonic, and oh boy... did I feel this game delivered! It had all the offical voice cast! (Bar Avery Brooks as Sisko and Colm Meaney as Chief O'Brien) it looked Great graphically! You could visit ops, Quarks, etc! And...it was loosley based on the epic "Millennum" trillogy of books by Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens who also co-wrote this! It had basic puzzles, platforming, combat...it really was the apex of what I enjoyed.

The revisit, taken with nostalga out, paints a slightly more measured experience. The graphics have not aged well. The controls feel basic and clunky. Combat is basic and unsophisticated. Free roam is shockingly limited compared to modern games. The puzzles are all narrative driven. There are no unlocks or bonuses.

However, the story and the experience of it being an authentic DS9 experience still stands up. Links to previous events in the show and hints at what is to come make it feel like a mid to late season 6 movie and its very well written indeed.

The game is 100% narrative driven...no suprise really considering its published by Simon & Schuster, so the focus is entirely on the main game, spread between the experiences of Sisko, Kira and Worf...there are no silly side missions or tasks to do which allows the story to breathe, develop,and have a greater impact. I suppose modern gaming means this type of game would very limited or lacking value, but I actually prefer it....on a first run. There is very little replay value beyond the story, and this is again an area where its showing its age as its quite a basic "play for the story" type game. But what a great story it is involving the Pah Wraiths, an ancient cult, a hidden orb on the downed USS Ulysess, the involvement of the Cardassians and the Dominion, and a mysterious new threat in the form of the Grigari.

I would, if I had a gaming magic lamp and 3 wishes, love to see this game remastered and expanded upon with major DLCs tgat unlock after the main quest that allow side missions, free roam, a combat overhaul and the ability to actually be "starfleet" and solve scientific problems and moral conundrums. Base it a bit on Lego star wars with the galaxy and side missions but keep the stories strong. Overall, a dated gaming experience but still very enjoyable story and DS9 experience. Very much recommended if you're a fan.

Check in this week is with horizon - now at 88% in terms of game stats and have 3 trophies to do before I get Platinum - quick question...which counts as 100% for this challenge?

Also making progress on GTA Chinatown wars on the 3DS, but am a good way off with that.

Decided to finally complete Sonic Advance 3 for the challange too. Really enjoyed this....best of the 3 I feel with so much replay value and unlocks to find. I realy enjoyed it!





















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Weekly check-in; been working on a game that has stirred some conversation to say the least, but I'm enjoying nonetheless. However, the Sonic birthday challenge moved forward a game I was already thinking about doing for the challenge, and well, it completes the Genesis trilogy of Sonic games.

But first, the list so it doesn't get buried.

On 6/13/2024 at 7:11 PM, Agie said:

1. Super Mario RPG Remake

2. Kaze and the Wild Masks

3. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Fall of the Foot Clan (100%)

4. Mega Man 1

5. Mega Man 2

6. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Arcade Game

7. Twinkle Star Sprites

8. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in Time (100%)

9. Sunset Riders

10. Mega Man 3

11. Mega Man 4 (sequel wars version)

12. Terminator Salvation (arcade)

13. Roll-Chan 5 (hack of Mega Man 5)

14. Kiki KaiKai

15. Roll-Chan 6 (hack of Mega Man 6)

16. Beeny

17. Roll-Chan World (hack of Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge)

18. Roll-Chan: Mini World (hack of Game Gear Mega Man)

19. Duke Nukem 1

20. Roll-Chan World 2 (hack of Game Boy Mega Man II)

21. Earthworm Jim

22. 3D Sonic the Hedgehog 1

23. Duke Nukem II

24. Roll-Chan World 3 (hack of Game Boy Mega Man III)

25. The New Zealand Story

26. Sonic the Hedgehog CD

27. Roll-Chan World 4 (hack of Game Boy Mega Man IV)

28. Momodora

29. Roll-Chan World 5 (hack of Game Boy Mega Man V)

30. Mega Man: The Wily Wars (Wily Tower)

31. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: Back From the Sewers

32. Mega Man: Powered Up

33. Mega Man 7 Restoration + Refit (100%)

34. Mega Man: The Power Battle

35. Duke Nukem 3D: Total Meltdown

36. The Simpsons Arcade (Konami)

37. Jurassic Park Arcade (Raw Thrills)

38. Boogerman: A Pick and Flick Adventure

39. Mega Man 8

40. Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters

41. Mega Man & Bass

42. Mega Man & Bass: Challenger of the Future (100%)

43. Earthworm Jim 2 (100%)

44. Mega Man: Battle & Chase

45. Liquid Kids (100%)

46. Mega Man 9 (100%)

47. Batman (Raw Thrills) (100%)

48. Halo: Fireteam Raven (100%)

49. Hi-Fi Rush

50. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Arcade: Wrath of the Mutants

51. Mega Man 10 (100%)

52. Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Sonic Jam version) (100%)

53. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Hyperstone Heist (100%)

54. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's Revenge

55. Mario vs. Donkey Kong (Remake) (100%)

56. Sonic Drift (100%)

57. Mega Man 11

Honorable Mentions:
Ms. Pac-Man (Arcade)

Bomber Panel Panic

Big Challenge:
Big's Big Fishing Adventure 3

Knuckles Challenge:
Sonic 3D in 2D

Alright, we good? Okay, without further ado, let's go!

58. Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles (Sonic Origins version) (Completed; got all the Chaos Emeralds and the Super Emeralds)

Now, this one is a classic, I must say. Many consider this to be the best of the classic games, if not one of the best in the series overall. I dunno if I'd completely agree with that, but I will say that this game is quite good for the most part.

Shortly after Sonic 2, Sonic and Tails go to Angel Island, where they meet Knuckles...and punches Super Sonic so hard that he loses all his emeralds. Turns out, Knuckles was being tricked by Eggman, and it's up to Sonic and Tails (or Amy in Origins Plus) to clear up this misunderstanding and stop Eggman's plot once again.

I did not do Knuckles' story in this playthrough, though I did complete last year alone. I can get evidence if need be, but I will say while there are differences, you are largely going through the same areas as Knuckles. The differences do make it worth it if you feel up to it, though, and he even gets his own final boss.

As far as the level design goes, it's quite good for the most part; I dunno if I'd call it the best out of even the 2D line, but I will say it's not too shabby for the most part. However, I find I do not care for Sandopolis Zone, and I will admit, I was kinda on autopilot in that one. The fact that I had all seven Super Emeralds at least made it so I wasn't forced to leave autopilot on this level. 

Also, in you lose to the Eggman boss in the Death Egg Zone, you also have to fight him with no rings if you die.

The Blue Sphere special stages are pretty fun for the most part, except for that one stage where I swear, it is a good thing the Origins version lets you use coins to try special stage again, because I needed that just to be able to even have a vague idea of what I had to do to beat it. But at least I did.

Speaking of which, yes, I played the Origins version. To me, it's almost the definitive version of the game; I appreciate the fact that you can actually choose whether or not you wanna go in your Super/Hyper form, when in older versions, if you had all the emeralds and at least 50 rings, you would turn into it the moment you jumped. Here, you press the Y button (or whatever button you use in other versions of the game) to turn Super/Hyper, which is nice; i prefer being able to decide whether or not I wanna break it out.

And yes, some may not like the coin system, but personally? I like being given more than one shot at a special stage without having to track down another ring. Also, in Origins Plus, Amy being playable; I am biased towards Amy, so maybe that's just me, but that being there is what got me to grab Origins Plus. So what keeps this from being definitive?

Some music replacements. Now, I can't give the team too much shit for doing this, since it was done for legal reasons, but while I admit, I don't hate the replacements like a lot of others do, I do still prefer the original songs. I guess the PC version had a mod to restore these songs; maybe if they remove Denuvo, I'll consider it, and then have the best of both worlds. But for now, it is what it is. Again, I don't hate the replacements, but I don't love them, either. Either way, for me, it is a reason, small as it may be, to go back to an older version of the game.

Still, I'd say it's a good game in most forms you can play it in overall. While some stuff is still flawed, I'd say it holds up, and the quality of life improvements in Origins do make it a worthy take.

Also, I love the animated cutscenes. They're just very charming.





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Game 18 Finished - Little Kitty, Big City (XSX)

Cute little open world game where you play as a cat trying to get back to its nap spot.

I might go back to 100% it at some point as I don't think I'm too far away from it, but it was a fun little time.


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Game 19 Finished - DuckTales (NES)

Completed this one via the Disney Afternoon Collection, and my word I wouldn't have been able to do it without rewinding because this game is HARD, as most Capcom NES platformers were.

Game 20 Finished - Chip & Dale: Rescue Rangers (NES)

Thought I'd edit this instead of posting a THIRD post, lol. Also done via Disney Afternoon Collection & with rewinds (they're a valid gameplay option!), although this one wasn't actually as hard because you don't need to finish every level in order to actually finish it!



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Added 20th finished game to post.
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I finished hacking Rom "Sonic.exe Mega Drive"




Screenshot_20240619 RetroLandPro.jpg

Screenshot_20240619-RetroLandPro .jpg

Screenshot_20240619-184430_RetroLandPro .jpg

Screenshot_20240619.RetroLandPro .jpg

Screenshot_20240619 RetroLandPro .jpg

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Here to finally submit some games over the past few weeks that I've beaten but haven't officially made posts for the challenge.

Game #27 - Sonic the Fighters Blitz (PC - Fangame) [Completed] 



Here we have a fanmade reimagining of Sonic the Fighters as a more traditional 2D fighting game, made in the IKEMEN GO engine. Figured since I already did the original for this challenge, I might as well as tackle this version too. I like the artstyle, and the sprite work is pretty good, but it’s a shame they only did one remix of the attract mode theme for the main menu and every other song in the game is ripped straight from the original. Did a run as Espio, and kinda found this one combo that the CPUs just couldn’t deal with, so it was pretty easy overall.

Game #28 - X-Men: Children of the Atom (Arcade - CPS2) [Completed]



At last, the final fighting game on that Arcade1Up machine that I didn’t get to yet, and ironically it’s the very first Marvel fighter that Capcom did. Tried to play as Akuma doing that one code but dammit I just couldn’t figure it out. I got the code to work once but never again. Did a quick run as Psylocke, as is my tradition for the Marvel fighters at this point. The Magneto fight is f*cking hell though. Why does a fighting game boss need a literal invincibility shield, in addition to having screen-filling supers, flight, projectiles with high priority… it’s some B.S.

Game #29 - Mega Man: The Sequel Wars - Episode Red (Genesis - Homebrew) [Completed]



I figured that since I completed Wily Wars, I figured I might as well keep this Mega Man train rolling, and I remembered some guys were working on a follow up to it featuring MM4-6 (iirc I discovered at one of the SAGE events). Although I will admit, there are a few factors that make me somewhat reluctant to add this game… As of right now, only the MM4 remake is completed, with MM5 and MM6 still being in development (although IIRC Episode Blue, the MM5 remake, is close to completion), so I was worried if this would factor into the whole “only completed games” rule. Not to mention the EX mode campaign for MM4 isn’t done yet either. I decided to add it because on the itch.io page they did list the game as “released”. That tangent aside, in terms of the game itself I will admit I haven’t really played much of MM4 over the years, pretty much only playing through it once on the Legacy collections. But regardless of that, I had a lot of fun with Episode Red. I love how much detail they added to the environmental sprites, and how each of the Robot Masters now have new unique entrance animations that radiate big MMX energy (that can be toggled off if you want). Also now Proto Man/Blues and Roll are playable now too, so that’s dope as hell. Decided to play through it as Proto Man, and man I forgot just how much more damage he took when playable in 9 and 10, because that was a bit annoying to get used to. But otherwise it was still an excellent remake and I’m very excited for the release of Episode Blue. 

Game #30 - Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters (Arcade - CPS2) [Completed]



Well I did the first MM arcade title, might as well as go for the other one. It is interesting how much lore they decided to drop in this obscure little spin-off. From the first (and AFAIK only) mention of Proto Man essentially dying in the games themselves, to the creation of Bass (though the name Bassnium still makes me laugh, wtf was Wily thinking). Oh yeah, also they got ZERO in a classic era game. Sure he never appears in another one again (at least not yet), but that’s still something… Will say the fact that Duo’s ending is a thinly-veiled advertisement for MM8 is funny, it’s so blatant. Played through all three main routes and played as Proto Man, Bass, and Duo. 

Game #31 - Space Harrier (Arcade - Super Scaler) [Completed] 



Well would you look at that, I actually beat an arcade game on original hardware! Well I mean there was the MvC2 cab games but those are reproductions. Ran into this while on that trip and I couldn’t resist giving it a go. I didn’t know that the actual cabinet would pretty much move and tilt around as you play based on your movement, mostly played the game in the past via Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection and Yakuza 0. It definitely did help the immersion. Completed the game, admittedly using up several continues. A fun time, hope to find an IRL OutRun cabinet too someday. 

Current Completion List

  1. Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1 - Finished
  2. Pokemon Violet - Finished
  3. Mega Man - Completed
  4. Akatsuki Blitzkampf Ausf. Asche - Completed
  5. Dragon Ball Z V.R.V.S. - Completed
  6. Capcom vs. SNK 2: Millionaire Fighting 2001 - Finished
  7. Mega Man: The Power Battles - Completed
  8. Sonic the Fighters - Completed 
  9. Street Fighter X Mega Man - Completed 
  10. Smash Remix - Completed 
  11. Sonic Colors Ultimate - Finished 
  12. Street Fighter Alpha - Completed 
  13. Street Fighter Alpha 2 - Completed 
  14. Sonic Superstars - Finished
  15. Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes - Completed 
  16. Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes - Completed
  17. Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter - Completed 
  18. X-Men vs. Street Fighter - Completed 
  19. Marvel Super Heroes - Completed 
  20. Sonic Drift - Completed
  21. The Punisher - Completed
  22. Mega Man 2 (Wily Wars) - Completed
  23. Mega Man 3 (Wily Wars) - Completed
  24. Bakugan Battle Brawlers - Finished
  25. Mega Man: The Wily Wars, Wily Tower - Completed 
  26. Tower of Heaven - Completed 
  27. Sonic the Fighters Blitz - Completed 
  28. X-Men: Children of the Atom - Completed
  29. Mega Man: The Sequel Wars - Episode Red - Finished
  30. Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters - Completed
  31. Space Harrier - Completed

Bonus Challenge - Big the Cat April Fool’s Takeover: Sonic Adventure 

Bonus Challenge - Knuckles Week: Sonic the Fighters 

Bonus Challenge - Racing Challenge: Sonic Drift

Games Finished: 31

Games Completed: 24

Interesting how not long after I did that marathon of MvC titles, they finally announce that collection during the Nintendo Direct. Now I'm not implying anything... but you're welcome. Nah, just kidding, but still that's one heck of a coincidence, no? Anyways, finally got back to Persona 3 Reload after taking a break from it due to university. Nearing the end, currently at around mid-December in-game. Anyways, for the new bonus challenge, I'm torn between replaying Sonic 1 or Sonic Rush... well, at least there's an extra week to decide.

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Bayonetta 3 Finished





Its...ok? I guess? I won't pretend to be especially skilled at games like Bayonetta or Devil May Cry but I still find my fun with them. The standard battles are still good, and there are some decent set pieces. I found Bayonetta 2 easier than the original, and I found this easier than both. It made progress smooth for me.

Pacing is so inconsistent though. I don't even mean the portal challenges or some of the gameplay shifts, those are fine! But some levels are just too wide and open to leave space for collectables. I didn't gel with Viola's combat, but there are only three levels with this new character anyway. Jeanne's sections might as well not be there. The bonus missions after collecting the Umbran Tears are decent diversions annd at least I could do them on my own terms.

And story...I mean, I've never given a stuff about the plots of these games but wow. That ending is...yeah, it seemed designed to annoy people and certainly leaves the game on a sour note. That's a shame.

I missed a couple of upgrades and didn't bother with the post-game battle gauntlets, so no 100%.

33 games finished, of which 21 are 100%

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Updated doc: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ENT18rQXcoLnvIuqKfLuxfCcvveb5vO1yL5Cbm0oVNY/edit?usp=drivesdk


After missing out on an occasion to complete a game, I decided to compensate a bit by completing two infamous Mario bootlegs: Super Mario World 64 for the Sega Genesis and Kart Fighter for the NES.


Starting with the first one, this game aims to be a vague adaptation of Super Mario World for the Sega Genesis. I say vague because, really, it only has a fraction of the locales and mechanics from this game, and most don't even work that well. Yoshi isn't present, and the only power-ups present are the Super Mushroom, Cape Feather, and Power Star. While the Super Mushroom ability works mostly as intended, the Cape ability and Power Star one kinda don't, in the sense that spamming the jump button for the former makes you hover akin to the Rabbit power-up found in SML2 and its flying ability just doesn't work. In the case of the latter's invincibility abilities, it's a bit of a mixed bag. While some of the hazards can be eliminated from touching them, enemies like Twomps are undefeatable.

Also, the game only has 6 levels, with two bosses in-between every three levels. If you think this makes it pretty short, think twice, because this game is the most miserable experience ever due to its terrible physics paired with sometimes Mario Maker-tier bad level design filled with leaps of faith and hazards that don't give you enough time to react.

Also, while we're talking about the levels, while the first boss - being Iggy is somewhat pretty easy, the final boss is absolutely ridiculously hard, giving you a very small window to hit it in a very specific spot that isn't indicated visually at all. And if you think that boss was Bowser, think again, because it's actually this... thing.SuperMarioWorld64(Taiwan)(En)(Unl)-240621-165540.png.6d6ded0320d61524a3394843decda167.png

And after beating it, you get without any transition at all the ending title card, based on the one from the original SMW... And honestly after this, they probably should've gone with something like this.


Moving on, the second game is a bit of a cult classic by Hummer Team, entitled Kart Fighter. Made using their Street Fighter II engine, this NES bootleg is a 2D fighter based on Super Mario Kart. It only has a single player campaign with various difficulty levels. Every member of the original kart racer is here and has a moveset vaguely inspired by characters from Street Fighter II.

The game, albeit short is very impressive for the hardware. The music, like most of Hummer Team's projects is kinda bad but the impressive feat overshadows the negatives imo - yes, even the literal translations of the characters' japanese names. Honestly would recommend taking a look at it.KartFighter(Asia)(En)(Pirate)-240621-181343.png.e5c271951f6e31001f38f76e7843cec0.pngKartFighter(Asia)(En)(Pirate)-240621-181351.png.d2aff480a4931c2223e43c3cd3921066.png

Games completed: 25

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On 6/16/2024 at 8:20 PM, FReaK said:

checking in for the week:

been playing a ton of kingdom hearts 1 lately, I'm trying to finally 100% this.

I'm working on finishing the game without changing equipment, without dying and in under 15 hours for 3 trophies. things are looking good, I'm on 10 hours and can go for the final boss..but he always whoops me.

Will let you know when the playthrough is finished, platinum will take a while.


I just finished that run this week, got all 3 Trophies.

I'll probably have plat some time next week, there are just a few trophies left.

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Weekly Check-in : Plague Inc: Evolved


Hey waitaminute, that's not Sonic.

Uhhh yeah. I opened this game up on a whim and before I knew it, I was going through and completing all the plague types on mega-brutal, grabbing all the achievements I could along the way. I then turned to the official scenarios and completed all of those too, though this time on casual since there weren't mega-brutal achievements for those.


By this point, I'm good to put this one back in the vault. It's a fun strategy game, but with how RNG reliant and grind-y some of the harder achievements are, I don't plan on 100%-ing it this year.


Birthday Bash Bonus Challenge : Sonic Generations (Steam)


With my sidequest of eradicating humanity out of the way, I went back to finish up the main story of Sonic Generations, starting by kicking Silver around a bit.


My 40+ hours of Plague Inc will not be erased!

The last three stages were a mixed bag. Rooftop Run in both Acts is a serious contender for favorite stage in a Sonic game period (Man, I really need to play Unleashed), Crisis City was decent...then there's Planet Wisp. Act 2 was fine, but Act 1 was a draaag. It's too long and those dang spike wisp + timed missile puzzle sections were a slog to get through.

The final boss was...eh. The game's previous strength of controlling well went right out the window for the Time Eater battle, unfortunately. It's saving grace is that the battle isn't very long, and it's made less disappointing by there still being a pretty good boss battle just before it in the form of the Egg Dragoon.

Complaining aside, I enjoyed the bulk of this game, and I'm going to enjoy going back through and grabbing all the collectibles. I'm looking forward to the remaster later this year for sure!

20240620004346_1.thumb.jpg.dc278dd21cfeceb78321827d926692c9.jpg 20240620004349_1.thumb.jpg.8ec28f384144c2a7967e3b7bad8fec5f.jpg

Happy (early) birthday, ya blue rat.

In Progress (0,3)



  • n/a


  • Sonic Adventure DX (Steam, Modded)
  • Sonic Adventure 2 (Steam, Modded)
  • Sonic Generations (Steam)

Completed (7,3)



  • Sonic Adventure DX (Steam, Modded)
  • Kingsway (Steam)
  • 2064: Read Only Memories (Steam)
  • Sonic R (1998 PC, Modded)
  • Bugsnax (Steam)
  • Plague Inc: Evolved (Steam)
  • Sonic Generations (Steam)


  • Kingsway (Steam)
  • 2064: Read Only Memories (Steam)
  • Bugsnax (Steam)


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Weekly check-in I've been super busy this week and haven't been able to play games basically at all, so I've made little progress, but have begun trying to Complete Sonic Adventure DX. Speaking of, does "Completing" SADX for the purposes of this challenge mean all emblems? or all emblems and all missions?

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  • Moderator
6 hours ago, SSJ22Terris said:

Weekly check-in I've been super busy this week and haven't been able to play games basically at all, so I've made little progress, but have begun trying to Complete Sonic Adventure DX. Speaking of, does "Completing" SADX for the purposes of this challenge mean all emblems? or all emblems and all missions?

All emblems and missions.

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I 100% SONIC FRONTIERS!!!!!! SO PROUD!!!!!! It was perfect. Story, music, battles, everything!!!

2060061012545500-85F8C21DFB6C68234E4132C1BEC3368D (1).jpg



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This post was recognized by Ryannumber1gamer!

Tornado was awarded the badge 'Great Content' and 50 points.











Okay that's the easy shit done.


Always thought it was funny Robotnik just threw this one in a cage.




One more to go.












He looks exactly like the wanted poster!



Get fucked.







RE5-ass ending.


Spinball has problems. Don't get me wrong. It does. But if you get a map, and you play it like a pinball game overwhelmingly and a Sonic game barely (meaning barely attempt to adjust Sonic's momentum/direction directly through the D-Pad) it's not actually really that hard by pinball game standards (I think Pinball Party's Eggman fight is much harder); and the thing that STI banged out in 6 months with outside contractors still remains probably the most interesting and realized pinball video game (as opposed to the overwhelming majority of them which are videogames that just have pinball tables in them) ever made. Having played through it for the first time with a map on another monitor it was far easier to get through when you know where to go than it was when I last beat the game.


The physics/controls Sonic has when he's just running around aren't very good at all, but a Retro engine version of this game with a pulled out viewing angle (like that super old Sonic 2 HD demo back before the keylogger stuff) would be great even if the physics weren't cleaned up.

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#39/52 - Super Smash Bros. (Nintendo 64)

100% complete with everything unlocked: characters, Mushroom Kingdom, item select, and sound test. Still my favorite Smash game and the one I go back to the most often.

Screenshot 2024-06-23 015409.png

Screenshot 2024-06-23 015520.png

Screenshot 2024-06-23 012631.png

Screenshot 2024-06-23 015432.png

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This post was recognized by Ryannumber1gamer!

TitansCreed was awarded the badge 'Great Content' and 50 points.

Obi Wan Kenobi Hello GIF by Star Wars

I've only just noticed the Sonic Birthday check in reward. So, gonna hope that my last post hits requirement for that.


Solo Leveling: Arise continues it's tenderhooks. We've caught up and finished the main story, and only a few levels away from cap (for now). Mostly trying to get into endgame content and upgrade gear.

We've been continuing Penny's Big Breakaway. It's so much longer than I expected it to be. I was just expecting something the length of a normal fangame, but I am tackling it in recording chunks...

We have spent most of our week smashing the Unleash Project: Complete Addon for Sonic Generations this week. It's been hella fun, and I was NOT expecting the boss to be available in the game...

That's it for me this week. I'm off to have some burgers and celebrate turning 40, and maybe Sonic's birthday too...

Running Man Abandon Thread GIF by MOODMAN

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This post was recognized by Ryannumber1gamer!

NegaMix was awarded the badge 'Great Content' and 50 points.

For once, my lack of finished games has a perk - I can complete a classic Sonic game for the bonus challenge! And what better game to do for a birthday celebration than the game that just turned 30 years old this year?

Sonic the Hedgehog 3 (& Knuckles) is undoubtedly one of my favourite Sonic games. I tend to flip-flop on whether it's my absolute favourite, if only by virtue of me greatly preferring the first half of the game over the second half, but a favourite it remains nonetheless. As with the Knuckles challenge a while back, I decided to play through the game via Angel Island Revisited, an enhancement of the game that uses the (now-delisted) Steam version of Sonic 3K and provides various fixes, widescreen support and a plethora of customisations, from music to stage and item layouts. It also has mod support for the likes of alternate characters and stages, so I figured I'd use one such character mod to provide a slightly new experience, one that I couldn't get from either the original or Origins version of Sonic 3.

So... who's it gonna be?


It's the Ultimate Life Form, Shadow the Hedgehog! I mean, he's set to star in a different Sonic 3 later on, as well as the upcoming Shadow Generations, so why not?

Shadow comes with some Modern-style moves in his arsenal, like the Homing Attack, Boost, Wall Jump and Stomp, so I was initially worried this would make him feel too powerful. But while these moves do make some parts a breeze and give him limited access to areas that Sonic can't reach, it's not all smooth sailing; you still need a good knowledge of the stage and its gimmicks to make the most out of these moves, and you definitely can't get away with just boosting through everything. "Boost to win" this ain't.


Anyway, I made it through the entire game with all Chaos Emeralds collected, thus unlocking Doomsday Zone and getting the true ending (...well, besides the different hedgehog). I only managed to get 2 Super Emeralds by the end, though; I've never had a good time with the S&K special stages, and while I can always just go through Angel Island at this point to get the rest, I feel like the Chaos Emeralds should be enough to call this complete.

If not... well, I'll probably play through S3 again via Origins later on, even if it's not for the challenge. I can definitely get them all there pretty easily thanks to the token system.


(Yeah, the save data sprites are kinda wonky. Probably just an issue with the mod.)


Games Finished / Completed

- Spyro the Dragon (100%)

- Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles (All Chaos Emeralds)

Edited by NegaMix
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Hey Guys!

Just a quick update from me this time around, as unfortunately I haven’t completed any more games to add to the list this last week. IRL stuff has been taking priority again, but I have been feeling a lot better after that nasty stomach bug knocked me for six last weekend. In terms of progress, I have continued with my LEGO Indiana Jones run through, with just a few more levels to go before I get 100% in that game, and I have finally completed both Amy and Gamma’s stories in SA1, with just the last story to go before I try to get the rest of the emblems and missions completed. That said, I’m also working on a few other games, and I’m planning on playing through a couple of other Sonic games to try and get the birthday bonus challenge done before the end of next week. I did plan on trying to complete Sonic 1 via Origins in time for this week, but I didn’t have enough time for that this week unfortunately, but we’ll see how this particular week goes.

In the meantime, hope everyone is staying well and staying safe in the summertime heat. Hope to have a more productive update at the end of next week, but until then…



Games Finished: 21

Games 100% Completed: 19

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This post was recognized by Ryannumber1gamer!

Danj86 was awarded the badge 'Great Content' and 50 points.


  1. Fan Game: Sonic The Hedgehog: Triple Trouble 16Bit - Complete

  2. The Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown  -  Complete

  3. Klonoa: Phantasy Reverie Series P1 - Klonoa: Door to Phantomile

  4. Klonoa: Phantasy Reverie Series P2 - Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil

  5. The Pedestrian - Complete

  6. Another Code: Recollection P1 - Another Code: Two Memories

  7. Another Code: Recollection P2 - Another Code: R - A Journey into Lost Memories - Complete

  8. Touhou: Luna Nights -  Complete

  9. Afterimage - Complete

  10. Yohane The Parhelion -Blaze in the Deepblue- -  Complete

  11. Metroid Dread - Complete

  12. Mario vs Donkey Kong (Switch Version) - Complete

  13. Metroid Prime Remastered

  14. Tevi - Complete

  15. Princess Peach Showtime! - Complete

  16. The Murder of Sonic The Hedgehog - Complete

  17. Grim Guardians: Demon Purge - Complete

  18. Double Dragon Gaiden: Rise of the Dragons - Complete

  19. Gensou Skydrift - Complete

  20. Penny's Big Breakaway - Complete

  21. Pikmin 3 Deluxe - Complete

  22. Pikmin 2 - Complete

  23. Pikmin 1 - Complete

  24. Fan Game: Sonic 3D in 2D - Complete

  25. Bonanza Bros (Sega Mega Drive/Genesis) - Complete

  26. Little Kitty, Big City

  27. Browser Game -:- Courage The Cowardly Dog Episode 1: Katz Kidnap - Complete

  28. Browser Game -:- Courage The Cowardly Dog Episode 2: Katz Komeback - Complete

  29. Browser Game -:- Courage The Cowardly Dog Episode 3: Le Quack Attack - Complete

New & Bonus Challenge

30. Sonic Adventure 2 - Steam Version - Complete



I've been working on fully completing Sonic Adventure 2 for the past month. Perhaps for the third time. I don't actually remember if I ever fully completed the Dreamcast version, but I certainly know I did for the GameCube version.

For the most part, I was able to remember locations of power ups and lost Chao. Though sometimes the game would throw me off by having a level feature more then one Mystic Melody shrine.

One note worthy thing about 100%ing this game is that you can easily multitask at first. I'd opt to always try and get the maximum 10 small animals of chaos drives and Chao Key to drop by the Chao Garden to strengthen my Chao for the purpose of the Chao Racing and Karate Emblems. I always forget that you need to do this with two Chao however. Because some secret races are exclusive to a Hero and a Dark Chao respectively. My first Chao ended up being a Dark one so completing the Hero Chao races ended up being the requirement for earning the last Emblem to unlock Green Hill.

When the Chao gets sleepy, I usually let it sleep, rather then keep waking it up at every visit.

I also wanted to spice things up be using character mods that don't change gameplay, just to add a bit of extra variety, but I was never able to get them to work, eventually giving up and focusing on the task at hand.

Completing this game, also doubles as completing the Bonus Challenge, I guess. I obviously started this, not knowing that a bonus for completing a Sonic game was coming. It was all a happy accident.

Finished: 30

Completed: 25

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This post was recognized by Ryannumber1gamer!

Winston was awarded the badge 'Great Content' and 20 points.

I only managed to get one game finished this week, but at least it's for the challenge.

GAME #35 - Sonic Superstars - Finished


I finally got around to beating this game, I was saving it for this week in particular anyway. I also think this is the fourth Sonic game on my list so far, behind Forces, Rivals and Colors. Now how did I feel about it? ...Ehhh. I'm not really the biggest fan of this game. It's a little too strange in terms of how it goes about things. I'll try to go more into detail about what doesn't click here for me.

The controls are good, probably as close to the classic that Sonic Team has ever really gotten before. I'm happy to hear that, especially when replaying Forces earlier for this event, because that truly made me terrifying how badly future Sonic Team could screw up the controls because Classic in Forces is abysmal. I have no idea how they messed that up so bad. The characters all play pretty uniquely and fine too, although I just stuck with Sonic because I'm boring. I also wanted to use some of his costumes, primarily the Shadow one, so that's another reason why I stuck with him. I played the other characters in their special stages though, and they played like you'd expect. Amy took a little bit of getting used to, but she's a pretty good character here. Her double jump does come in handy.

The levels themselves? Mostly pretty forgettable. The level design isn't horrible with death pits everywhere, but some levels are more frustrating than others. And there are a few times where the level just moved or the ground gave out under me without much indication that it was going to happen, but at least this game had infinite lives and the checkpoints were normally right before those extremely draining segments that lead to you getting killed a lot. The music for the levels is also just okay at best to me, nothing really sticks out all that much. This might be a hot take in regards to the music, but I do know most aren't satisfied with the overall soundtrack package. Some of it sounds pretty similar to Sonic 4 music too, which is not a good thing to remind someone of lol.

The new Emerald gimmick is also a cool idea, I like giving the Emeralds a gameplay purpose outside of simply becoming Super Sonic. There just isn't really enough done with it here to be interesting. There's a few of them that are good, and then the rest are all pretty worthless. I like the ones that mainly give you added movement or allow you to attack enemies/bosses with ease, and then there's the slowdown one which doesn't do very much, the one where Sonic like becomes water or something, and then there's the one that lets you see like invisible platforms. Not very useful stuff outside of very particular instances. It reminds me of some of the power-ups in Crash Bandicoot The Wrath of Cortex, where these power-ups are nearly useless outside of very specifically designed scenarios. Some of them are good, but yeah, I wish they did the idea a bit better.

I also don't really know why the emerald powers even happened, I guess just because where the game takes place is weird? It might be explained in some extra media, but I don't really care enough to look into it. The story here is barebones, which yeah, it's a classic Sonic game. But with the animations and so on, there isn't really much like... happening. I don't even understand why Eggman had like a time machine thing in the final boss area that rewinded time, it didn't seem to like... come up at all. I don't really get it. It's not too much of a damper on things, since the story is so little and hardly intrudes on anything, it's just hard to particularly care for anything going on. Trip has a cool design I guess, but I'm not really attached to her at all. I also think Fang is pretty lamely used here, at least in the main campaign.

Now the worst part about the game, and one everyone seems to agree with, the bosses are absolutely horrible. There are some that are mediocre at worst, but they drag on forever, take a lot of hits, and then if you die you have to restart the entire thing all over again. It's especially annoying for the bosses with phases, like the boss where you have to fight the Robot character you made and if the ground happens to hit below you, you fall and instantly die and have to do all the phases over again. I legitimately almost didn't even want to beat the game because the final boss was taking me so long and I died like a million times. I was sitting on it for almost two hours, and it's mostly because it took so long to get back to the part where you died at in the first place. One screw up sends you right back to the beginning of the fight, which is horrible. These are easily some of the worst bosses in the series. Nothing is even really cool here design wise either.

So yeah, those are my thoughts on Superstars. It's a mediocre at best product that isn't really worth picking up unless you're a huge Sonic fan and can find it for very cheap. If other people enjoy it, I'm glad they can. I just think this product has way too much baggage for the few good things it has going on in it. It's not horrible by any means, but those awful bosses, the okay level design, and the mediocre music all add onto a game that I probably don't ever want to replay again, and there's no story worth revisiting here either. But uh... yeah, happy birthday Sonic! Thanks for reading, everybody! ...and no, I'm not going to come back and complete this one. 

Edited by Winston
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This post was recognized by Ryannumber1gamer!

Rabid-Coot was awarded the badge 'Great Content' and 30 points.


Sonic 2

First part of playing a classic Sonic game is deciding which version. Original hardware? cant be bothered to set up on the current TV. PSP? Its somewhere I guess. PS3? not dealing with that store. Mobile? Hate the controls. PS4 Mega Drive collection? Has rewind but I don't feel like waiting for an install which just leaves the Mini with the power of save states so I can split over multiple sessions.

Finished: 36 Completed: 36

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  • Moderator
On 6/15/2024 at 6:20 AM, The DOMinator said:

I'll be doing my weekly check-in shortly, but first, I just wanted to be sure of something. @Ryannumber1gamerdo battle passes count towards both beaten and 100% completed games, or just beaten games? Also while I'm at it, did my Sonic Rush check-in count? Just wanted to be sure of that too.

Missed this - but yes, Battle Passes count.

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I know there's probably a lot of people here who played Sonic 2, but... well, this is the game that introduced me to Sonic, and it's basically the reason why I'm here today.

What can I say about this classic? It's a fun game that introduced many staples of the sonic franchise such as the spin dash, chaos emeralds giving Sonic the ability to transform into Super Sonic, and introduction Sonic's little buddy Tails. Plenty of memorable levels and bosses, and just an overall good time... but if there's anything that I really hated about this game, it's the special stages.

Holy crap the special stages. They were usually the reason why I would stop playing the game in the past due to ragequits... This version is from Sonic Origins, so thank god for the retries. But the most annoying parts of these stages include Tails losing your rings if he gets hit, and the parts where you run uphill where it can really disorient you and mess you up. 

In addition, I can't imagine how frustrating it was to fight the final two bosses back then, where you had no rings and messing up enough could send all the way to the back of the game.

It's a really memorable and classic game, but maybe I've gotten soft over the years... but I just don't have the time to play an entire game where I could be sent back to the beginning multiple times. 

But again, thank goodness for Sonic Origins. I actually took a break from this game a few months back and managed to finish it this week. Maybe it's not the actual way to beat it, but heck with it I just wanna see the ending lol.

Despite all this... this is a very special game to me, as this is the game that got me into sonic in the first place.

I have fond memories of watching my older cousin play this game whenever I visited his house, and it was all so new and fascinating to me. A game where you go fast, and you play as a cool looking blue hedgehog and a fox with two tails? I was interested. I can't remember if he let me play it a lot, but Sonic became the only reason why I wanted Sega Genesis (Which I never got oof) But my fascination with this game grew as I started to watch the cartoons, (Manly AoStH as it was the only one that would air) my dad would buy me the comics, and I even got a mural of Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles playing baseball painted in my room at one point lol.

So in a way, it was really nice to play and actually beat this game for the first time!

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