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[EVENT] The Sonic Stadium 52 Game Challenge 2024! - New Prizes every week! Current Prize: Sonic and the Secret Rings profile gift AND Sonic's Birthday Bash challenge for additional prizes!


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So, this is something that's been in the making for awhile, but given how long one of these reviews is? I think it should go without saying why. Anyways, first things first - here's my thoughts on Sonic R:

And here's my longest review to date - join me for a massive deep dive into my experience with 100%ing Sonic Adventure, and how my thoughts have changed through the experience, and the brand new appreciation I've gained for the game as a result. Frankly, this is probably the blog I'm most proud of:


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Rabid-Coot was awarded the badge 'Great Content' and 25 points.

No completions this week, Brilliant Diamond continues with hours of fun tapping a wall hundreds of times to get jewels for legendaries and finding certain stones and fossils are incredibly rare. Every trade evolution and Shining Pearl exclusive has been brought in plus wherever else that was spare in a box. Found Nidoqueen can't breed and got a shiny Machoke in a random encounter.

Also started Rage 2 because I wanted to do some shoot.

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cosmichaos was awarded the badge 'Great Content' and 40 points.

Check In: So, most of the time I've been able to put into video games has been into VR, and so far Help Wanted 2 has been really fun! Just a few days after the game came out there was a family reunion, and my dad and aunt played it a bit, which was equally hilarious for both of them. My dad ended up in the food service mini games and started a personal beef with Chica, then my aunt ended up in Bonk-a-Bon, and unleashed all of her apparently repressed violence on those poor things. The headset actually fell off before Plushbaby could jumpscare her. 

Other than that, there hasn't been too much gaming going on in my life recently. I was able to finish the show Our Flag Means Death a few weeks ago and it's completely restored my interest in AC: Black Flag, though, knowing that the funky little merchant dude I met at the beginning of the game was STEDE BONNET. I guess I just wasn't paying attention to anything he said, because I had no idea that he was even in the game. I'm excited to encounter other infamous pirates (especially Mary Read and Anne Bonny). Little disappointed that Zheng Yi Sao doesn't make an appearance, but you get what you get. Anyways, excited to get back into the swing of things!

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Who the fuck is this?


Well, whatever.



- Team Fortress 2






It's kind of crazy to see super surreal stuff all over the place in this Simpsons game.


Wow famous Simpsons character, Clyde.


This looks like it was made with AI.


Wow Hakagure Boku No Hero Academia.


10/10 Truth in Advertising


Why yes, game. That's an entirely reasonable hurtbox for me to take damage from. Thanks!


First working escalator in gaming?


Now I'm being chased by cinnamon toast crunch?


What is this Superman 64 shit?


This boss is so dumb. She throws shit at you. You jump on it. It floats back up and hits her. Mage "helps" by attacking her and knocking the stuff she throws at you out of her hand (ie so you can't attack her either). It's like someone explained Hydrocity's boss secondhand.



This is the only remember I ever really remember liking.



"Fuck off"



The Counterfeit Bob.




Why rush the art for this game? Especially if you're just going to rerelease it in a few months and the only change is the art pass (and not, you know, the game sucking).







This is all entirely unreasonable.



This is an elaborately themed fucking natural history museum.


Wow it's Billy and the Cloneasaurus.

This Rugrats-ass actual-dinosaur isn't even the final boss of this level.


This fucking random guy is.


I'm not even sure what Homer was supposed to be doing to help because I killed the boss in 6 seconds.




That seems like it would have been a better choice to start with. As opposed to "things that are purple", or "exit signs."


Thanks Lisa, but why did you rise out of that vat of radioactive waste?


: 3


Oh, and this one time I got stuck in a platform. Fun!.







Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck this fucking game. If the scrolling wasn't smooth if you told me this was a fucking shitty European PC platformer from the late 80s I would believe you. I don't think anyone in our house ever played it without invincibility and infinite lives turned on with a Game Genie and nobody still ever beat it.





And no, I am not playing this again to chronicle the art differences between this version and the one from later in its original year where they went back and redid a ton of art to make it be on model. Eat it.

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#21/52 - Full Throttle (PC)

Greatest point and click ever made


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#22/52 - Wonderputt (Flash)

A cute, if short and slightly wonky-controlling minigolf game from 2011. There's a sequel on Steam I haven't tried yet.

Screenshot 2024-05-24 232105.png

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Metroid 2 (Game Boy)



Before I start, I'll note that I haven't played the 3DS remake or the AM2R fan version. Just like many sequels to original NES games, there is a change to the gameplay style here but more subtle. We still have the exploration and upgrades, but an additional objective of making the Metroid species extinct. I found this less frustrating than the NES game (need to play Zero Mission at some point too), though there was one point where I got stuck as I was missing one lousy Metroid before the lava level would drop. There were still some repeated landscapes but I found it easier to navigate, though some of the secret walls seemed a bit too obtuse - one of those is what made miss the aforementioned Metroid and wander around a good 30 minutes. I'm happy I gave this a go though, but I did miss three missile expansions.


Caveman Ninja AKA Joe and Mac



This was dull with crap collision detection. Don't waste your time. I missed a few bonus stages at the start so no 100%.

26 games finished, 16 of which are 100% Complete.

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Gruffin was awarded the badge 'Great Content' and 50 points.

Weekly Check-In : Kingsway (Steam)

Finished + 100% Completed

I managed to burn through the rest of the 9 runs required for me to get all the achievements this week, plus an extra Demonblood run to get the one that glitched(?) out on me.

First up was Necromancer, a class that focuses on summons to fight their battles for them. This one was a little tricky for me to adapt to, and I ended up abandoning my first run about halfway through after some poor skill point choices. I got the strategy down by the second run though, and netted myself the Dark Lord Ending (Ending #4).



The hardest part of the run was actually surviving with the lowest reputation possible. It's not too bad when you're in orange on the meter, but once the forts bar you from entering, there are less places to go see the guild to turn in quests and money's a lot tighter due to NPCs charging you more. I'm glad I did this on the Necromancer though, because I had (foolishly) tried to force my way into a fort and got killed by the much stronger guards outside. Had it not been for the Necromancer's skill that revives you once upon death, I would have had to start a third run halfway through again.

The game seems to favor having a good reputation with how much more benefits you get (forts, better prices, a powerful rep-boosted endgame weapon) and the amount of opportunities it throws at you to raise your rep, as opposed to scrounging for random travelers to kill and steal from when you're being evil. I guess it's something to do if you want a higher difficulty, but it would have been nice if there were more benefits to make the trade-off worthwhile.


Next up was Beastkin!


They're bulky fighter types, so I played pretty much the same as I did with the Warrior. You start out with a slightly lower rep than the other classes, but raising that was no problem due to the aforementioned and plentiful chances to do so. I was pretty lucky with loot drops early on, and game was even so kind as to give me this of all things:


Piko Piko Hammer in hand, I went on to get Ending #1, also known as the Martyr ending.


Sorry, Amy fans.


Next up was Rouge! Er, Rogue. Rouge the Rogue.


Same deal, I focused on Vigilance + Critical Attacks like the Warrior with a little more focus on agility this time. By the end I was stunlocking everything, including bosses.

Thanks to a certain starting gift I brought with me, I got myself the final ending, which I won't name for spoiler reasons (Ending #7).


After that, it was time to clean up the rest of the achievements. By this point I started piling on the starting gifts to make the grind quicker and easier.

I brought Shadow back to do a second Demonblood run, then moved on to perhaps my favorite class in this game...


The Ascended.

This class is busted if you know what you're doing. I'm talking killing the Skyeater (9999 HP) in a couple clicks busted--Without getting the power-up from the Underworld first!

There are a couple ways to play this one, but I took what I call the paladin approach as opposed to the cleric. This resulted in a hard-hitting physical attacker who had access to a spell that could halve any enemy's health in an instant. The spell has a high MP cost, but not so high that I couldn't use it twice during a boss battle--and that's without the use of MP potions that I had stockpiled. It was a little annoying to have to alternate between Pray and Attack the whole game, but watching any boss's health drop by half with the click of a button is pretty satisfying.

I went with a quick Ending #7 on this run, but I'm tempted to return to this game to kill the Skyeater on my own.


Lastly, the Worthless.


(Disclaimer: Surge is my favorite comic-exclusive character.)

This class has only one arm (so no shields or orbs) and has the lowest stats in the game. As with the others, I just piled on the starter gifts to make early game easier lol. It plays similarly to an adventurer, so it was just the same vigilance strategy on this one again.

The run was pretty unremarkable aside from one thing. I happened to get the random quest that brings you to an enchanter who will enchant one item for free. When I went, I noticed a strange option available...


...My missing arm? Can I really choose that?



I then went on to get another Ending #7, and by completing a game as the Worthless, I earned the final achievement needed to 100% the game!


10/10, do recommend to roguelike newbies and anyone up for a casual 2-3 hour RPG run. Veteran RPG fans may find the initial difficulty too easy, but will also find plenty of ways to make the game more of a challenge: Venture eastward quicker or give an Evil Worthless + Ring of Pain run a shot if that's your style. :P


Sonic Adventure DX (Steam Release, Modded)

Still not done with this, and probably won't be for a couple weeks. I made a lot of progress on A ranks, finishing up Gamma and Amy's, while getting Sonic's down to 6 stages left to do.

Screenshot2024-05-20022412.thumb.png.76e5d2073c901d7867e1667267985d12.png Screenshot2024-05-20204408.thumb.png.5ef0f6be00c7063de853807b0ca23ff1.png

Since Twinkle Park was driving me mad, I started on Mission mode and am having a blast with it. I enjoy hunting down the mission cards and the variety of tasks.

In Progress (0,2)



  • n/a


  • Sonic Adventure DX (Steam Release, Modded)
  • Sonic Adventure 2 (Steam Release, Modded)

Completed (2,1)



  • Sonic Adventure DX (Steam Release, Modded)
  • Kingsway


  • Kingsway
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  • The title was changed to [EVENT] The Sonic Stadium 52 Game Challenge 2024! - New Prizes every week! Current Prize: Sonic Advance 3!
Posted (edited)
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Danj86 was awarded the badge 'Great Content' and 50 points.

Registered Games

  1. Fan Game: Sonic The Hedgehog: Triple Trouble 16Bit - Complete

  2. The Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown  -  Complete

  3. Klonoa: Phantasy Reverie Series P1 - Klonoa: Door to Phantomile

  4. Klonoa: Phantasy Reverie Series P2 - Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil

  5. The Pedestrian - Complete

  6. Another Code: Recollection P1 - Another Code: Two Memories

  7. Another Code: Recollection P2 - Another Code: R - A Journey into Lost Memories - Complete

  8. Touhou: Luna Nights -  Complete

  9. Afterimage - Complete

  10. Yohane The Parhelion -Blaze in the Deepblue- -  Complete

  11. Metroid Dread - Complete

  12. Mario vs Donkey Kong (Switch Version) - Complete

  13. Metroid Prime Remastered

  14. Tevi - Complete

  15. Princess Peach Showtime! - Complete

  16. The Murder of Sonic The Hedgehog - Complete

  17. Grim Guardians: Demon Purge - Complete

  18. Double Dragon Gaiden: Rise of the Dragons - Complete

  19. Gensou Skydrift - Complete

  20. Penny's Big Breakaway - Complete

  21. Pikmin 3 Deluxe - Complete

  22. Pikmin 2 - Complete

  23. Pikmin 1 - Complete

  24. Fan Game: Sonic 3D in 2D - Complete

  25. Bonanza Bros (Sega Mega Drive/Genesis) - Complete

  26. Little Kitty, Big City

New Additions?


Oh dear. This week I failed to get anything new completed. It's not the first time, but it has been a while since I last failed to add at least one new game to the list.

After some trail and error, I finally got around to getting Sonic Adventure 2 working on my Laptop. It was moving faster than normal and is really hard to play while in that state. I might never have known where to look in fixing the issue if@Ryannumber1gamerhadn't told me why it was happening. So I was able to narrow down my search and after several attempts to fix, which failed, it was something I personally noticed that allowed me to fix the issue. Now I'm playing through the game once again and am still enjoying it. Raising Chao so I can attempt the 100%. I was gonna add some mods for extra flavour, but I hadn't gotten around to that yet.

Meanwhile, on the Switch, a couple of months back, I picked up a bunch of Metroidvania's that I would play in March. One of those was not a Metroidvania. It had an art style which caught my eye so I picked up this game called Signalis. It turns out I had unwittingly purchased a survival horror game. They aren't many genre's I would never touch, but one on that list is anything horror related. I don't see the appeal in putting yourself in a fearful state, being one that is usually in that state naturally. I also hate jump scares because they are more annoying than scary. But still...I purchased this game and I'm doing a challenge featuring games, it would be a waste to bury this title just because I didn't do the proper research first.

So I pushed through, making slow progress and only getting worried when my ammo was low. The monsters were creepy but the top down view doesn't really allow you to get a good look at them. So I wouldn't call them scary either. But when the ones that pop out of the tiles in the floor start showing up, which was a surprise but mostly annoying. Things took more urgency when three do it in the same room, okay, now I'm in panic mode. Turns out the enemies can revive after being killed too, so it's not always wise to kill. You can guarantee no revival by setting them on fire, which is another limited resource.

For all that I say, which could be considered positive, the game still hides an unpleasant truth that I looked up after purchase. This game appears to feature what the youths may call "misery p*rn." I have only seen a small amount of that myself, but curiosity dictated that I look into what I'm in for and I'm in for some misery. The game has multiple endings and demands you get one of them, before allowing you to try and get a secret one. The ones you have to get, are all bad. The secret ending? I don't actually know.

A third game I've been playing is a puzzle game called Stitch. No relation to Lilo. It rather uniquely offers new puzzles each day and week, but I've been told that these don't count for completion. To earn completion, all I have to do is complete the base game puzzles. It's a slow and somewhat addictive process.

That's pretty much the basics of what I've been playing this past week. End of post.

Finished: 26

Completed: 21

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Finally got caught up on my own blog posts for the games I've completed, so it's time for a check-in! First things first, I wanted to repost my Sonic Adventure blog for anyone who missed it, since it's one of the longest game write ups I've done and I'm incredibly proud of it:

Secondly, I've got two more additions this week! I'm rapidly beginning to approach 52 games completed, but I'll still be adding bonus games and such after anyways.

Game 43: Sonic the Hedgehog Pocket Adventure - 100% Complete:


Game 44: Dragon Ball the Breakers (Season 5) - 100% Complete:


In terms of what I'm currently playing at the moment, the big one I intend to start this week is the Paper Mario TTYD remake. I had it pre ordered day 1, yet I've spent the last two days reinstalling all of my Switch games due to upgrading my storage, as well as tinkering around with some other console related projects on my 3DS and Steam Deck.

Other than that, I've been jumping between my NG+ run of Spidey 2, Sonic 3D Blast Director's Cut, and Hades. Sonic 3D Blast is probably the next one that'll be completed so, look forwards to it lmao.

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Bortificatin was awarded the badge 'Great Content' and 50 points.

This week’s check in…


Game #14? - Sonic Superstars (PS4) [Finished?]



Saw Superstars for like $15 at a Walmart so I figured it was time to finally check the game out. I really like the game for the most part, the Emerald Powers were especially a nice addition to the Classic formula. Although I will absolutely say that the bosses in this game were the absolute worst I’ve ever experienced in a Sonic game. In terms of completion… I finished the main story with all Emeralds, but I’ve yet to complete Trip’s story… Stuck on that damn final boss (seriously Fang must want that lizard girl dead as hell)… I’m going to assume this is still good for being finished at least? 

Game List:

  1. Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1 - Finished

  2. Pokemon Violet - Finished

  3. Mega Man - Completed

  4. Akatsuki Blitzkampf Ausf. Asche - Completed

  5. Dragon Ball V.R.V.S. - Completed

  6. Capcom vs. SNK 2: Millionaire Fighting 2001 - Finished

  7. Mega Man: The Power Battles - Completed

  8. Sonic the Fighters - Completed 

  9. Street Fighter X Mega Man - Completed 

  10. Smash Remix - Completed 

  11. Sonic Colors Ultimate - Finished 

  12. Street Fighter Alpha - Completed 

  13. Street Fighter Alpha 2 - Completed 

  14. Sonic Superstars - Finished?

Bonus Challenge - Big the Cat April Fool’s Takeover: Sonic Adventure 

Bonus Challenge - Knuckles Week: Sonic the Fighters

Games Finished: 14(?)

Games Completed: 9


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Eggman is finished, the final Super Sonic fight is completed.

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The DOMinator was awarded the badge 'Great Content' and 30 points.

Weekly Check-In

Figured I'd post this now since I'm still awake, and probably won't do it later in time before the deadline for this week's profile gift. As per the usual, I played some Sonic Speed Simulator, as well as some multiplayer games with my dad, this time mainly on the Sega Saturn (Battle Monsters, Sonic R, Cyber Speedway, etc). A shame that my Saturn's ability to save to the hard drive went kaput last year, but alas. In terms of progress on games though, I managed to make some on Fall Guys' latest Fame Pass (nice to finally be able to add it here), as well as on Castlevania 3: Dracula's Curse. Man, was that Grim Reaper boss hard. Was completely off guard (and a bit urked) after finally beating it with little health left, only for it to enter its second phase. Although, it was a bit easier, having a pattern that I eventually figured out. I'll probably play some more stuff later, but again, probably won't post in time, so yeah, that's it for the week.

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I have finally beaten Hades II for the first time. There is no way to complete the game 100% yet, since it's still in early access...but man, I am so coming back to this on playstation to get the platinum. :D


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I have a question (Hopefully my last):

Does Alterneate endings count? like in undertale or deltarune, where theres Neutral, Geno, Pasefist and all that?

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Don't know if I'll complete one or the other before midnight, but just so I don't miss out on the check-in rewards, I just wanted to report I've been playing Sonic Mania Plus (Nintendo Switch) and The Fancy Pants Adventures (PS3), and have made some good progress on both - the former being close to completion while the other still needs more time from me.

That's it... That's the report. See y'all next week if I don't have a report on one of the two games before then.

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TitansCreed was awarded the badge 'Great Content' and 50 points.

Time for the weekly check in!

Been a busy old week for video games since our last check in.


Our Solo Leveling: Arise progression has been steady. Averaging about a level a day and making slow but steady progress.

We jumped into Sonic Speed Simulator again this week. Showed off the progress (thanks for the weekly guides @Ryannumber1gamer). Unsure if we'll do more video progress until more worlds are available however. They are the coolest thing about it at times.

However, Cyber Station felt visually impressive, although it did feel like another Ney Yolk city. Metal City Skatepark felt a lot better to get around once i really got to grips with the hoverboards.

Still leaves some Doubloons from No Place, all the pixel characters from Cyber Station and the air to collect from Metal City in terms of characters, so some stuff to do in the background.

We've been making slow but steady progress on Penny's Big Breakaway. The latest escapade was a boss fight pm a scale i was more expecting from the game. Looking forward to cracking through more.

The biggest thing we've been playing this week is a little demo/trial of a game called Sonic Ultra Saturn. It's a 5 zone demo (although the last two are unfinished as of posting). We cleared through this, and it's visually impressive. I've done a review of the whole thing for SEGA Driven that'll land on Wednesday I believe.

Otherwise the only real completion this week has been SEGA Mega Drive Collection over on Steam. Been slowly poking away on this for many years and finally cleared the last couple of achievements we needed!


In summary:
Completed: SEGA Mega Drive Classics Achievements.
Finished: Sonic Ultra Saturn.
Playing: Sonic Frenzy Adventure & Penny's Big Breakaway.

Until next week gamers.

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No challenge progress to report, partly because I've been playing through Sonic Speed Simulator on Roblox over the week, and partly due to this weekend's London Comic-Con taking priority.

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6 hours ago, Cyb3rkn1ght said:

I have a question (Hopefully my last):

Does Alterneate endings count? like in undertale or deltarune, where theres Neutral, Geno, Pasefist and all that?

No. All we require is you finish/complete the game, additional endings don't count towards completion. The only exception to this rule is joke endings do not count (IE - the ending where you can beat Far Cry 4 within 10 minutes). 

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TheKarmaCollector1994 was awarded the badge 'Great Content' and 50 points.

Games Finished/Completed List:

  1. PowerWash Simulator (XBOX One) - Finished 25/02/24
  2. Unpacking (XBOX One) - Finished 07/03/24 - 100% Complete (All Achievements Unlocked)
  3. Tecmo Bowl (NES (Switch Online)) - Finished 09/03/24 - 100% Complete
  4. Sonic the Fighters (XBOX 360) - Finished 10/03/24 - 100% Complete
  5. Super Mario Bros. (Super Mario All-Stars Version) (SNES (Switch Online)) - Finished 21/03/24 - 100% Complete (Star Worlds Included)
  6. Donut County (XBOX One) - Finished 24/03/24 - 100% Complete (All Achievements Unlocked)
  7. Open Roads (XBOX One) - Finished 31/03/24 - 100% Complete (All Achievements Unlocked)
  8. Kirby’s Dream Land (Game Boy (Switch Online)) - Finished 13/04/24 - 100% Complete (Extra Game Completed)
  9. Sonic Spinball (SEGA Mega Drive/Genesis (Switch Online)) - Finished 14/04/24 - 100% Complete
  10. Super Mario Bros. 2 (Super Mario All-Stars Version) (SNES (Switch Online)) - Finished 28/04/24 - 100% Complete
  11. Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins (Game Boy (Switch Online)) - Finished 30/04/24 - 100% Complete (Bonus Levels Unlocked and Completed)
  12. Super Mario Land (Game Boy (Switch Online)) - Finished 18/05/24 - 100% Complete
  13. WarioWare Inc. - Mega MicroGames (Game Boy Advance (Switch Online)) - Finished 19/05/24 - 100% Complete (All Games Played Through)

Hey Guys!

Another week, another check-in to complete for the challenge. This time around it has been a bit more of a frustrating week, as I haven’t been able to finish off as many games as I would have liked - one of the two games I managed to complete this week has been a real pain in the ass to deal with, as it took up quite a lot of my time and energy. Nonetheless, I did manage to get closer to completing some of the LEGO games to 100% completion - one of which I hope to add next week, and I’ve also been grinding through some more emblem challenges in SA1, which unfortunately meant that I haven’t had as much time to concentrate on Amy’s story, but I do hope to get that finished soon.

In any case, let’s get to the new additions to the finished/completed list, starting with a real gem:

Game 14: The Day of the Tentacle Remastered (XBOX One) - Finished 21/05/24 - 100% Complete (All Achievements Unlocked)


Step 1: Get plans.

Step 2: Save The World.



One of the many classic point and click adventure games created by the teams of Double Fine Productions and LucasArts (RIP), this sci-fi time-travelling comedy adventure may not be as famous as the Monkey Island series, but it is widely regarded as one of the classics in its genre, and rightfully so, because I grew to enjoy the story for its wacky moments, as well as the multitude of characters that you meet along the way. You take control of the nerdy Bernard, the geeky Hoagie and the ditzy Laverne as they team up with the mad scientist Dr. Fred to travel through the past, present and future to prevent the evil Purple Tentacle from polluting the world’s water and using it as a basis for taking over the world (duh)!


Here’s Laverne, trapped in a tentacle costume to disguise herself so that she won’t be detected by tentacle guards. Not exactly what she might have planned to do on a Friday afternoon, but hey… it’s interesting at least.

I feel like I need to issue a bit of a word of advice about this game though - if you are trying to unlock all the achievements for this game like I did, you might need to follow a guide online, or else just try to interact with as much of the environments and the objects within them as much as you can, since you could end up missing out on unlocking certain achievements if you aren’t careful. It actually took me a few attempts to try and get this game finished, as I found myself stuck not knowing what to do or how to interact with certain objects without looking up a walkthrough. That said, on my third attempt in playing this game, I was able to follow along with the story without too much difficulty. I also like how the artwork is made much more cartoonish and clearer to see on more modern televisions and computer screens, given that the original game was released back in the days when PC’s still relied mostly on MS-DOS based operating systems and hardware.


The final confrontation with a shrunken Purple Tentacle. Something tells me this isn’t going to end well for him…


Nope. No it doesn’t. At least the world is safe from his wrath though…



If you are looking to give one of the all time classics in the point and click genre a try, then I definitely recommend that you take a look at The Day of the Tentacle, as I promise you will find it to be an enjoyable experience, though just make sure that you have a guide at the ready to assist you if you ever get stuck, as some parts can be a bit tricky to navigate at times. Still, at least I found this particular game to be enjoyable and entertaining…


Game 15: Alleyway (Game Boy (Switch Online)) - Finished 23/04/24 - 100% Complete


Grrrr… I didn’t think I would come to hate this game just as much as I do now. As this game was added to Switch Online alongside Super Mario Land (the original one, which I completed last week, see my previous post!), I admit that I was initially curious to give it a try. Then I actually played it and… well, it’s a Breakout clone. A VERY BAD Breakout clone. But with Mario characters, and with some of the bonus levels based on the classic NES sprites for the various enemies, such as Goombas, Koopa Troopas and Bullet Bills, etc. However, what killed my enjoyment of this game, not that I had that much to begin with, is that the ball only travels at an angle. Yep, you can’t hit the ball with the paddle and expect it to bounce straight every time you hit it. This often means it can take forever to hit a certain block whenever you get down to whittling the puzzle patterns down to just a few pieces. Then to make matters, worse, sometimes you just can’t move your paddle left or right fast enough to hit the ball before you lose a life!


But then you have the real kick in the teeth which ends up sealing this game’s fate - if you end up scoring at least 10,000 points overall, it resets your score and adds a symbol below it to represent the 10k score that you achieved - changing each time you score another 10,000, from a fire flower, to a mushroom, and finally a star. And here’s the real stinker: there are only 32 stages (though the game only counts 24 as there are eight bonus stages), and as soon as you beat them, the screen you see above appears, before sending back to the first stage again, only renumbered. That’s right, this game doesn’t have an ending, meaning the game only ends when you lose all of your lives, meaning that every time you complete the 32 stages, the game effectively resets itself, despite keeping your current score - thus, the tedium of this game is prolonged as a result. I can at least say that I got the star symbol to appear under my score eventually, but at that point I was nearly done with my third play through of this crap… (I do think that’s more that enough to secure the 100% completion for this title, although I will leave that to the judges, given the circumstances.)

To cut a long story short, Alleyway is quite possible one of the worst games I’ve ever played. It’s tedious, bland, repetitive and boring, and in all honesty, should not be seen as being anywhere near to the level that other Breakout clones, or even the original game could ever be, even if it does have Mario in it. Arkanoid, this is not. Makes me wish that I was playing Tetris instead…


And on that rather underwhelming note, see you guys in the next update! Take care!

Games Finished: 15

Games 100% Complete: 14

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The end-of-week status update chain continues!

There was a Steam sale so I picked up Shin Megami Tensei 3: Nocturne HD Remaster, which itself is a HD remaster of Shin Megami Tensei: Lucifer's Call featuring Dante from the Devil May Cry series for PlayStation 2. It really is one of the best RPGs every made and has a fast paced and simple to understand yet very deep battle system. As expected, I've progressed up to Matador who happily beat me into shreds. Maybe I need to start up MegaTen 2 again...

I've also been messing with the PSP, but it's mainly been used to play Mega Drive games; specifically Phantasy Star 2. I think the UMD games I have for it are a bit too "big" for the handheld if that makes any sense. I've done the first two scenarios of Final Fantasy Tactics at least.

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Here we go, managed to get two more games done. 

GAME #29 - Super Mario Land 2 - Completed


Super Mario Land 2 is an extreme step in quality from the original Mario Land. Does it still feel a little bit weirder than the console entries? Yeah, it does feel off and can take some getting used to. It’s a little floatier from what I’ve noticed, probably to make it a bit more easy to control in response to the Mario Land controls where it was really odd and could hardly control your moveset. I’d rather have a bit of floatiness compared to what SML1 did. 

This game is more worth visiting in my opinion, the only reason I’d say Mario Land 1 is worth going back to is because of how short it is and quality it is for the time. I would say this is a pretty decent platformer overall, not the best Mario platformer, but a good one even today. Sure, the power-ups are a bit strange and so are the worlds, but I think it adds to the games charm.

The music here is also pretty good, and who can forget the biggest addition to the franchise this game brought… Mario having a castle! Nah, it’s Wario, who is one of my favorite characters. So this game will always have some respect for bringing him into existence. I do plan on playing the Wario Land games at some point too, I have them all on different systems, but I would like if NSO started add them all soon. Would be a lot handier.

I also think this is pretty lengthy in comparison to the original GB title, this one is about two hours whereas the first is like 30 minutes but you need to beat it twice. I definitely appreciate this method, and the world map is a great addition so you can go back to it and select any level you want while on your car ride or what have you. 

Not too much more to say. I’d say this is a good handheld Mario game, even if it isn’t the most necessary one to play. I like what it does, and while it still has an off play style to it, it’s not nearly as bad as it’s predecessor and it’s good enough with the ways levels are designed around that moveset. Only really some levels have annoyances to me, but for the most part, good game.

GAME #30 - Crash Bandicoot 4 - Finished

I’m just gonna say this right off the bat, there is no way I’m going to go back and complete this one lol. Even Punch-Out Wii seems more enticing to go back to comparatively. I’ll get more to the completion aspect later, for the little I tried of it at least.

Crash 4 is a pretty solid entry in the franchise, I think it does a good job giving Crash a solid moveset that doesn’t get upgraded throughout, which is one of my criticisms for Crash 3. Even the double jump feels good to me here, although it does feel quite a bit different. It’s very useful for the many different platform segments that require timing to get a full completion on a level. I also think the music here is nice, even if it doesn’t really reach the series peaks.

I think having so many playable characters and them being optional is a good idea, but I do wish they did a better job making most of them fun. I find myself skipping nearly all of them on new playthroughs outside of the mandatory ones because they just feel really grating, especially Cortex and Tawna’s stages. Dingo’s are okay but not my favorite. I also like that instead of doing power-ups, they have these like multiversal masks that play as different abilities for platforming and traversal that stick with you for a limited section of a level. A fun way to mix it up without adding onto the moveset Crash has permanently, which I applaud them for.

Now here is some areas where Crash 4 falters a bit. The bosses? Eh; they’re just kinda okay. They have cool theming, but most of the time they’re just kinda nothing. I think the final boss is probably the best and also has the best music in the game too, but the rest are mediocre or bad (Tropy’s). I guess it’s not much different from the rest of the series that I’ve played so far, but Crash 3 at least IMO didn’t have any bad ones. 

I also don’t really love the story here all that much. Like it’s a cool concept, but in execution they didn’t do a whole lot with it. It’s the multiverse, but it’s just really time travel. Even the title is “It’s About Time”. So I feel like it was a marketing thing just to get people to not say they’re doing the exact same thing as 3 again, even if they basically did it again. A game that does a good job delving into the multiverse is Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, which does good job building the world and alternate versions of the characters. Here, you only meet one alternate version of a character and that’s Tawna. And the original Tawna isn’t even in the game, so it hardly matters. There is a point where there’s two Cortex’s, but it’s just the Past Cortex and Future Cortex, he’s no variant that’s completely different. Guess it doesn’t matter much in the end, but still, think they could’ve done more with it.

The biggest problem is one spoken about a lot by many, as I’m sure everyone knows it by now. The completion is a nightmare. It’s wild how Vicarious Visions in N Sane Trilogy went out of their way to try and make the games easier to complete, but then Toys for Bob just went all in on the difficulty completion wise. You have to get platinum time trials relics in levels now in order to complete them and get the achievements, whereas N Sane only asked for Gold. It’s really difficult, especially with how the hitboxes work in this game, which were not good at launch. They did fix some of them a bit here and there in a later update, but it’s still no closer to being perfect like some of the stuff they expect you to do here.

There’s also the Bumpa Berry or whatever their called levels, which give every level an ugly filter, some harder to look at than others. They’re also required for completion, and it’s basically just the same level again. It’s just bloated and padding out the game more. The completion is the worst aspect of this game, and I’m sure most agree.

Crash 4 is a good game to play through casually, but it is not a fun game to complete to its fullest because of the bloat. Even with my issues with the execution of its story concepts, and the awful completion, Crash 4 is still fun to just run through without much thought. But it’s nowhere near my favorite game in the series. 

That’ll do it for me this week. Did get Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door Remake, so I’m sure that’ll be on here soon. It’s great so far though, but I’ll give my full thoughts on that eventually. Thanks for reading!

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Trying to keep myself from playing too many big games, and I didn't get to play many games, so admittedly, this was a last minute decision for the weekend. Luckily, this was a game I wanted to play ever since it dropped on NSO, as it was a game I recall enjoying as a kid, but lost a long time ago.

Now this is a game that's very rough around the edges, it's really clear this was the first Mario platformer for the Gameboy, as the controls were kind of iffy at times... kind of slippery at times.

But there's something about Gameboy versions of games that have a unique personality about them... They always felt like they were seperate from the main games with their own enemies, their own worlds, and identity in general. I don't know what it is, but games like the Super Mario Land games, Donkey Kong Land 1, Kirby's Dreamland, they all had a different feel to them, and tbh it's honestly really endearing.

In this case, this game already does something different from many Mario games from past and present and actually starts you off in a desert level. Instead of fireballs you shoot "superballs" which serve a similar function as fireballs, but can bounce off walls. The koopa troopas (Not actually their names, but I can't remember what their names were lol) rather than retreating into their shells will sit for a bit before exploding, which is an odd twist that I could see regular mario players catching people off guard if they are playing for the first time. You have giant bugs dropping spears, easter island heads that charge at you, robots that launch their heads at you and hopping Jingashi (A vampiric creature from chinese mythology) who acts similar to a drybones, with your jumps only stunning them for a bit.

The level themes are actually pretty interesting as well, as you have an egyptian desert, a seaside where you're dropped off by a UFO in the beginning, a sort of easter island world, with it ending with a world resembling china.

It should be noted that this is the game that first introduced Princess Daisy, the princess of Sarsaland. Daisy is a character who would go on to be a very beloved character in the Mario series, showing up in many spinoffs, and being playable in games like Super Mario Bros Wonder, and Super Smash Bros.

Honestly, I kinda wish Sarsaland would show up again in future Mario games. There's something oddly alien about Sarsaland in this game, very different from what you would usually see in your usual Mario game and it'd be really cool to revisit it in a modern setting.

But overall, I can simply sum it up the gameplay as a bit rough and a bit dated, it definitely shows its age... but the charm of Gameboy spinoffs and the uniqueness of it really makes it stand out.

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A game I always meant to beat, but never have until now. I found myself having a surprisingly fun time with Team Sonic Racing!



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(Admittedly, this is a bad start to my reputation as a participant, but here goes)

Game 1: Sonic And The Gunslinger


Now, you might be asking: "Why is this a bad start? This Seems like a fun fangame!" well, the problem is that this is a mod for a Fangame, which you can guess that this game was fast to complete, hence, a cheap shot at the prize. I just want so Say: If This Doesn't get me the prize, so be it, I'm sorry. Now, Let's get into it, shall we?


Sonic And the Gunslinger, which I'll be shortening to STG, is a SRB2 Story Pack Mod Heavily Inspired by both SA2 and The Storybook games, with a western twist, of course! The Notable things here would definitely be the story, along with the characters: Sonic (Named Jesse James), Rouge (Calamity Jane), Fang (He's Normal), And Eggman (i forgot what name it was in the story).

Albeit, the story was interesting in the first half, with Fang being the one sucked in instead of sonic, with his trademark shooting ability, he made a nice addition to the story. when i heard that Sonic Wasn't normal, that folks, is what got me. Just like Sonic Prime, there was a counterpart to the Main Character, which I'm a HUGE fan of!

but then, the story felt off from there, with the characters acting 1-to-1 with their normal counterparts (Rouge had an entire Hunting section, and sonic calls Eggman Egghead as usual), I was a tad confused as to what was happening. It seems like it the beginning, Eggman had the emeralds, but Sonic tried to take them by force at one point, which failed, so rouge stepped in. being the sly bat she is, she told Eggman that she was a Bank Manager, and that she would keep the Emeralds safe.

Yall call Knuckles the dumbass? just listen to that.

Next, Fang Steps into town after a Tutorial Level, and he pairs up with Eggman after a fight against him. Apparently, he is supposed to be a Storyteller to townsfolk, and he hires Fang To drive Sonic Outta town, so he could steal the credit. after rouge Breaks in Eggy's Mansion, she steals his Journal, with his plan. Delivering this info to sonic, Sonic is running outta town, but when he hears the news, he goes back to town, and aliens are there? Dude, I have no idea, but roll with it.

After Sonic and Fang team up, Fang takes out Eggman, and that's the end of the main story. then, there's the Epilogue: srb20001.thumb.png.1d1868ed323c5a7974003af2a2da7ca3.png

This is the Super Sonic Fight. according to sonic, this is where they stashed the Emeralds after jebaitng Eggman. he collects them, stands on the pedestal, and blast's off. this is where the most INTRESTING story-driven Fight I've ever heard takes place. you of course have to stay super the whole thing, but as you fight each Shadow Fang (3 in total), they all talk about how the Wild West is a Myth. Calamity jane only died from Pneumonia, and the other only died from a round of Poker. the only thing that tied them together is because they were buried together. The Best Part? It's all true. fact driven and everything.

If I had to rate this, I'd give it a good 8/10, but that's only because the game was WAY too short. but it was a mod, so what could you do? The story ends between a talk of Sonic and Fang, the former consoling him that the story isn't over, and you can't change it, whenever it's fact or fiction.

I'd recommend anyone to give it a "Shot", because if this were to happen, this is the best place to start. This is Azzymint, Signing off!

Games Completed: 1/52

Games 100%'d: 1/52

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