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Sonic the Hedgehog IDW: Fang's 30th Anniversary #2 - Official Reveal


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Looks like the Hooligans are stepping foot on Angel Island

Fang the Hunter #2: Covers



  • Cover A by Aaron Hammerstrom
  • Cover B by Thomas & Oz

Fang the Hunter #2: Soliciation


Determined to find out more information about the legendary-and possibly not real- eighth Chaos Emerald, Fang, Bark, and Bean make a trip to Angel Island.

But trespassers looking for an emerald are going to have to tussle with the Master Emerald's guardian, Knuckles!

Meanwhile, Sonic & Tails follow their own lead on another mystery...

  • Expected Release Date: February 2024


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I'm looking forward to reading Fangs own mini series and his turn to shine as well. It's been a while since we last heard of Fang and nice seeing him In Sonic Superstars too.

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This looks great! I love the covers. The ship in the top one is giving me egg carrier vibes.

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Okay, I can't wait to learn the context of Bean and Bark being tied up together. Team Hooligans all the way. (Plus it's interesting having the more 'villainous' characters be the ones in peril for once, even if I can't really see those two as anything much darker than chaotic neutral.)

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I like where this is going!

I haven't even read the first one yet, but I just might pick it up after seeing this one!

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