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This topic was good and got turned into UK Getting Its Own Sonic Happy Meal Toys at some point.

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Last month, most of McDonalds’ upcoming Sonic 2 happy meal toys were leaked. However, the plastic toys will not be coming to the company’s UK and Irish locations, and will instead be replaced by plastic-free toys. 

The existence of toys was initially confirmed by a photo posted by a Facebook user, which was then shared to Twitter by Dave Luty. Luty than shared photos of what appears to be packaging for the toys taken off of a computer. The toys appear to be centered on Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles. In addition to the toys, the photos also confirm a “book option.”

The person who took the second group of photos Luty posted speculated that the toys were likely paper dioramas and board games. You can check out the photos below:


The UK and Ireland are getting different Sonic toys due to a 2020 pledge from McDonalds UK & Ireland to reduce their use of plastics by eliminating plastic toys, and instead move towards toys made out of paper or cloth. McDonalds as a whole will be phasing out plastic toys by 2025.

We don’t yet know what these toys will be, but once we do we’ll report on it, so stay tuned! Hopefully McDonalds will officially unveil their toys soon.

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Interesting that this wasn’t the option in the states as McDonald’s was going plastic-free for a while here. Sing 2 and Teen Titans Go were all paper/cardboard toys but then changed to small, Stitch plushes for their latest promotion. Now, we’ll be getting plastic Sonic toys soon. Hope the UK ones arrive on Ebay.

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Posted By: Susan

The paper toys are crap.  They are hard to build, fall apart and don't last.

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  • The title was changed to UK Getting Its Own Sonic 2 Movie Happy Meal Toys

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