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LEGO™️ Sonic Browser Game contains music from Sonic Superstars

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This topic was good and got turned into Sonic Superstars Music Found In LEGO Sonic Browser Game at some point.

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Recently(?) LEGO™️ had added a Sonic section on their website, which contains a simple little browser based game.  The game itself is not notable, but what IS notable is that it contains three tracks from the upcoming Sonic Superstars, due Fall.

The three tracks include, supposedly, the title theme:

The Act 1 theme of Bridge Island Zone:

And an unknown, more chiptune esq track:

Getting to hear these in full, crisp quality is a pleasant surprise, especially from an unlikely source.

What are your thoughts on the music? What do you think that third track is for?

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The title screen music is really nice actually. It very upbeat and chill, compared to the more energetic vibe from Mania's. It's pretty good! I'd actually half expected them remix the Mania theme though and establish that as the new de facto Classic theme tune. It already played during Classic's introduction in Forces, it served as the finale for the Origins ending animation (which itself was a subtle tease for Superstars) and, randomly, was used as results theme in TSR. 

Bridge Island Act 1 is very, very Senoue-esque. It starts off pretty calm but builds up in intensity as it goes on. And then once it loops you're suddenly struck by just how much it really built itself up. That kind of progression that doesn't get fully resolved before looping is fairly typical of Senoue. It starts to feel like an SA1 composition for the section  that starts at 31 seconds. It's not the most amazing track on its own, but it does a pretty good job.

There is one common problem though between these two tracks. That lead instrument is giving me some serious Sonic 4 vibes. It's not "dying cats" bad and there are other instruments doing some heavy lifting, but that one instrument is unpleasant. In the title theme especially, it sounds like it desperately just wanted to be an electric guitar. The compositions of the title screen and BIZ1 actually remind me of Sylvania Castle 1 and Splash Hill 2 reflectively, but not in a bad way. The tracks could just seamlessly blend into each other. 

Jun... Just go play some electric guitar and bass in Classic Sonic music. It's not off limits. It wasn't even off-limits in the 90s.

And finally, that Mega Drive style track. It's not amazing, but I kind of love it? It sounds very authentic. Whilst I'm glad the entire soundtrack isn't trying to be like this, I'm also glad that theyre including a few nostalgic hooks like this one. Sounds like a bonus stage theme. Either Tee Lopes made this one, or he heavily directed Senoue in how to make it not sound like absolute horse shit. 

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not gonna lie the game is the best part of this 

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Bridge Island here sounds a little rougher than the version we heard couple of weeks ago on Sonic's korean Twitter account. It's still a cool track for a first stage, fun and catchy. The title screen is cute, but the unknown track is 1000% Jun's Sonic 4 lost baby. Repetitive and meh, complete with that faux Genesis synth and Sonic 2 drums on the side... The shortness of it also makes me think it's a cutscene music, maybe the intro oooor character select screen.

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Enjoyed Bridge Island Zone - upbeat and pleasant for an opening level which is what you want. Almost sounds more appropriate for a 3D sonic game - but as we’re at a halfway house sort of title here I can dig it. 

Title Theme was cheesy as hell - but I still kinda love that.

I agree with @Jangoregarding the (Invincibility?) track. That’s a stone cold Jun Senoue “classic”, very Sonic 4 throwback and not in a good way. 

Considering we have a number of composers working in collaboration on this, I hope the soundtrack to this game is consistent. And I say that because these first three “insights” sound like they are all from different titles - the only thing they really have in common is the overuse of the Megadrive snare drum.

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These sound great! I'm guessing the "retro" song(s) will be used for the emerald powers.

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