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This topic was good and got turned into Sonic Selfies with Nuggets in New McDonald's Indonesia Commercial at some point.

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Following the reveal of the new toy line coming to McDonald's Happy Meals later this year, McDonald's Indonesia posted a commercial to Twitter featuring an original CG animation of Sonic and Tails.


You can see the commercial above. The text of the tweet notes that this toy promotion has begun at Indonesian McDonald's, and shows off four of the ten known options (and it looks like only Sonic's contract stipulates they have to use his full name).

Given the original animation, there's a solid chance this commercial is an international version that will hit elsewhere whenever the Sonic 2 Happy Meal promotion begins. At time of writing, the current Happy Meal promotion in the U.S. is Mario Kart, and we do not know how long it is expected to run or if there will be an additional promotion between.

Thanks to @josiahblaze for the news tip!


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Tails in 2001: Makes a Chaos Emerald replica like it’s nothing.

Tails in 2022: Works at mcdonalds, making gadgets doesn’t pay the bills anymore. Last paying job was in 2006.

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