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Sonic Prime Touts Cinematic Action Sequences, Changed WildBrain's 3D Animation Pipeline

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During an October 2021 investor presentation, WildBrain, the animation company producing Sonic Prime for Netflix, took the opportunity to play up their technical advancements while working on the series. Sonic Paradise picked up on the statement and grabbed a clip from the video presentation.

From Logan McPherson, from the WildBrain Investors Day Transcript [Oct 5, 2021]:


Sonic has provided an amazing opportunity for us on the 3D side. It has allowed us to sort of reevaluate our 3D pipeline and really examine where the value-add is in that. We've added a number of new software packages and methodologies to the pipeline. We're able to provide a really cinematic look that is honestly making it feel like a Marvel movie when we get into the action sequences.

Calling action sequences Marvel-like is a tall order, but this was specifically aimed at investors, and comparing something to Disney has become easy "it will look good" shorthand for those who aren't interested in a nuanced discussion of the technical details. However, it does reaffirms a dedication to Sonic Prime being an action series, in contrast to 2014's Sonic Boom, which played out more sitcom than action-adventure.

Details on the series itself remain tight, including its release window (still expected this year), leading some to worry about its production, schedule, and staffing. This may not alleviate all concerns, but it does give a window into how WildBrain is approaching the series' technical demands. WildBrain's current catalog includes many CG animated series across dozens of networks and licensing partnerships, but few CG shows they've produced in recent years would qualify as "action."

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Well, they better not screw up if they have such a bold claim as that.

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Posted By: Michael

I've just found out about the details of Sonic Prime according to Wildbrain:

  • Sonic Prime is created with new technology that helps to create cinematic look which makes the show feel like "Marvel movie", especially during action sequences

  • Sonic Prime is limited 24 episode series

  • Sonic Prime has the highest budget CG production in the WildBrain's history

  • "Representing Classic Sonic in Europe"


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Hope this lives up to expectations animation-wise! I can’t see this rivaling Marza but I hope it looks good!

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Posted By: Supersonic

Got a crazy idea - show us some of the animation… because if this is another megaman…..

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Posted By: Shard the Angel

Still nothing to show... do that then we’ll discuss

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