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Sonic 2 Early Impressions are In, After-Credits Scene(s) Confirmed

Message added by Dreadknux,

This topic was good and got turned into Sonic 2 Early Impressions are In, After-Credits Scene(s) Confirmed at some point.

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Well, we have finally entered that period of time between a movie’s early red carpet debut, and when the rest of us get to see it! We are still a few days away from actual reviews being written, but people in the media who’ve seen the movie have started sharing their thoughts…and they are pretty positive so far!

A few of these impressions also confirm at least one after credits scene, though others seem to indicate more than one. This means you should definitely stick around once the credits role.

Before going into the impressions, a caveat: these are not written reviews. They do not reflect what may be the larger consensus at places like Rotten Tomatoes or within the Sonic fandom. The people posting these tweets may not even be the ones writing the reviews for their outlets! So keep all of that in mind.

First off, impressions from a guy who writes for IGN.

Next, more in depth impressions from Cinema Blend’s Mike Reyes.


Next up is Nikki Novak, a Fandango correspondent and member of the Critics Choice Awards.

Dorian Park, owner of Geeks of Color, had a lot to say about the movie’s characters and cinematography.

Erik Davis, the “Rotten Tomatoes and Fandango guy,” said Sonic and Tails’ relationship is the best part of the movie.

Ash Crosson, lead content producer and host of Screen Rant, called it a “worthy successor.”

Kevin Polowy, a Yahoo Entertainment correspondent calls it…the Godfather II of Sonic movies? Which I supposes indicates its better than the first.

Chris Killian, who works for Comicbook.co

Finally, Dana who works for, among other organizations, the African American Film Critics Association, posted both a tweet AND a video, which we’ve posted below:

This is the part where I figured I’d post some less publicized negative impressions I was expecting to dig up. No luck yet. So instead, here is the one impression I found from someone who doesn’t work for a media organization:

Sonic 2 will hit the UK April 1, while it’ll be arriving in the US a week later on April 8. Select US theaters will have the movie as early as April 6.

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I'm going to cry.  While it's been bumpy of a ride in the gaming space, so happy to see Sonic shine on the big screen after all these years.

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Posted By: Aixa

I am SO excited, the hype it's real. As a Tails fan, I can't really wait!

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