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This topic was good and got turned into Sonic 2 Track and Characters Come to Sonic Dash at some point.

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Sonic Forces isn’t the only mobile Sonic game getting new tie-in content for the Sonic 2 movie, as Sonic Dash is also getting some new stuff to celebrate the movie’s release. Sonic Dash has a brand new track based off of Sonic 2, and will eventually have events that will unlock both Movie Tails and Movie Knuckles.

Movie Sonic can currently be unlocked, which will be the first chance players have had to unlock the character since the first movie’s release. Longclaw will also be unlockable again at a later date.

Throughout the event, movie items can also be collected daily for prizes. According to SonicWindBlue, this new movie track will be a permanent addition to the game, unlike the track made to promote the first movie. You can check out Movie Tails and Movie Knuckles in the graphic below:


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Posted By: Seabreeze the Skunk

The new track and its amazing sonic R music is a welcome edition i wish i could get a link to the remix that plays

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Posted By: Max

I'm glad it's permanent this time around, since it's a cool stage.

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Posted By: Eris the Hedgehog

Omigosh, I'm missing out on too much. I NEED to get Sonic Forces Speed Battle soon.

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