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Sonic Frontiers: Sonic Adventure 2 Shoes (SOAP Shoes) now available as free DLC, no code needed (Currently - Steam Only)


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Released as one of the first pieces of free DLC for Sonic Frontiers, and the first cosmetic option for Sonic within the game alongside the Deluxe Edition's Adventurer gear, the iconic SOAP shoes from Sonic Adventure 2 was a exclusive reward for signing up for SEGA's newsletter for the game back during 2022. However, the offer ended on January 2023, and with it, the SOAP shoes became a non-attainable award, unless you resorted to buying a code off eBay. For anyone who double dipped on the game, or anyone who missed out altogether, you were out of luck. 

Luckily however, it seems that exclusivity period is finally over! Either by mistake or intention, the SOAP shoes are now available as a free DLC on Steam. It remains to be seen if this is going to roll out to the other consoles, or even if this is going to remain permanent on Steam, or if it was just a mistake, but either way - this is your chance to nab the SOAP shoes. 

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