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Tikal Plush Now On Sale from GE Animation [U]

Message added by Dreadknux,

This topic was good and got turned into Tikal Plush Now On Sale from GE Animation [U] at some point.

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We reported in February that GE Animation, amongst their fantastic line up of plushes of supporting Sonic characters, were planning on producing a stuffed toy of Sonic Adventure fan favourite Tikal.


Today we have seen the first images of the plush via a listing on Amazon, spotted by our friends at Sonic Merch News on Twitter.

The plush joins recent releases that have included other characters that have seldom seen stuffed toy incarnations (either recently or never), such as Emerl, Mephiles, and E-102 Gamma.

UPDATE: Just hours after this article went live, the character went on sale over at GE Animation. You can buy her here for $29.99. 

Stay tuned for more merchandise news!

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Posted By: Rockruff

Has anybody tried buying this from the UK? I was trying to buy one, and it said it can't be shipped to my address. I was trying to send it to the UK, they do send there, so don't know why it's doing this.

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Posted By: Shard the Angel

Looks really good! Nicely done GE

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