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This topic was good and got turned into Amazon Listing for Official Sonic Adult Coloring Book Emerges at some point.

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Hope you're ready for some sexy, sexy coloring act-- oh, wait, I'm being told that's not what an "Adult Coloring Book" means.

Ahem. Today, Wario64 posted an Amazon listing for "Sonic the Hedgehog: The Official Adult Coloring Book" for release on October 25. It can be pre-ordered for $12.99 USD.


The listing cites 64 pages of "all-new art" featuring "iconic Sonic characters, places, and power-up items...." The book comes from novelty publisher Insight Editions, who has produced many licensed coloring books, journals, "Tiny Books", tarot decks, and art books. We don't yet know if the art in the book will be truly original, if it uses existing stock art, or some combination of both.

Amazon features a LOT of unofficial Sonic coloring books-- no really, there are SO many unofficial coloring books, like I can't begin to express exactly how many unofficial coloring books the platform has. However, this marks one of the seldom few OFFICIAL coloring books, including SEGA Master System/Genesis: The Official Coloring Book.

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Posted By: Brennan

I can't wait for Sonic the Hedgehog Adult coloring book to come out in October! It'll be fricking AWESOME!! I'm a HUGE fan of Sonic the Hedgehog.

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Posted By: fyrion

I also thought at first that Adult coloring was some kind of smut in form of coloring books.
Turns out is a therapeutic hobby that helps to alleviate stress and anxiety.
This sure has some market on the current rough times of economic and social uncertainty.

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