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New Sonic Frontiers Screenshots and Logo Released by SEGA Japan


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Now that we've had a small taste of Sonic Frontiers gameplay, we can now show you some high-quality screenshots and the logo for the game, courtesy of SEGA Japan.

If you haven't seen it already, check out the Sonic Frontiers gameplay tease from yesterday. It shows off the blue blur running rings around enemies (literally), grinding on rails and tackling obstacles in a multi-directional universe. These screenshots, from SEGA Japan PR, show off some of the action seen in that video in high quality. Take a look.


First off, let's see the new logo for Sonic Frontiers. The broken 'Frontiers' text really helps illustrate the strange new power that Sonic seems to wield in this game. Could it be a dimensional rift of some kind?


A high quality snap of the Sonic model running through the forest. This was originally seen in the initial reveal trailer for the game many months ago, but it's great to be able to see the character in such detail now.


One of the gimmicks that Sonic can take advantage of in the open world. This is like a hamster wheel of sorts, generating electricity from Sonic's speed. It appears to unlock some sort of event when the wheel is completely filled with energy.


Sonic has a whole host of new combat moves in this game, it seems. One of the new abilities available to the blue blur is this 'loop' manoeuvre which can be used to encapsulate enemies and trap them, ready for a further pounding. 


It also looks like Sonic Team has developed some more close-range combat moves as well, as seen here. Sonic is using some sort of tornado-twist ability to kick nine types of stuffing out of this mysterious robot.


The opportunities for grinding seem to be plentiful in this new open world. Sonic can hop on one of the many, many rails littered around the area to help get to new areas.


We're still not sure what this is exactly, but it has been said that Sonic will need to visit and take on various structures around the game world in order to unlock special zones and progress. Perhaps this is one of those structures?

More information will be coming later today, thanks to an upcoming extended gameplay video from IGN. We'll be sure to report on that when it drops.

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Posted By: Godot

I wish they would dedicate some polish on Sonic’s model, nevermind the short spikes, the animations look so stiff and outdated, compare with 06’s model, just the initial run cycle looks like it has infinitely more frames and the quills flow satisfactorily in the wind’s direction.

I guess S&TBK is no longer the game with the most boring-looking 3D environments.

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Posted By: sk72o

That gameplay I just saw on IGN just now…. it feels like a Fan Mod of Shadow of the colossus, like they just threw Sonic in and edited bits…

I’m still keen to see more but i’m not entirely impressed at the moment, especially the dull vibes I’m getting from it.

I fear this might not go down well, Sonic is a fast paced A to B type game this does not bring that.

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