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Sonic Frontiers Gameplay Footage Shows Off More Enemies and World Level Design

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This topic was good and got turned into Sonic Frontiers Gameplay Footage Shows Off More Enemies and World Level Design at some point.

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A number of outlets seem to have additional gameplay footage following Sonic Frontiers' appearance and hands-on impressions at Summer Game Fest. The footage itself looks to be samples for use with video impressions (such as NintendoEverything's Hands-On), but the clean five minutes of footage has also surfaced (via SEGABits):

Among new views of the opening area, Sonic deals with a few more significant combat encounters that vary quite a bit. Sonic performs homing-attacks on a bipedal blade-wielding enemy, and counters its defensive move with some sort of rapid swing to get behind it.

In the following encounter, Sonic fights a towering drill enemy, breaking its lower segments and avoiding a spinning ring the enemy uses like a hammer. In both scenarios, a little white line (like some sort of spider-sense) appears to show Sonic when an enemy is about to unleash an attack. Further, both victories earn Sonic a "gear" that we've come to understand help unlock the more traditional stages in the game. A mysterious voice (not Amy) states "Use the gear as you have done before."


A later encounter with a smaller enemy shows a distinct counter move, where after fighting a red ring-shaped enemy, it begins spinning like a top before Sonic deals a finishing blow with a cinematic kick.

Previously unseen world elements include platforms that elevate when you hit them with homing attack and a field full of monolith-style upright tablets. We previously saw changes in time of day and weather, but those features of the world are really highlighted here, with Sonic approaching the blade enemy as rain pools in the arena. Later, Sonic navigates floating platforms as the sun sets in the background. We're also reintroduced to the large tower that Sonic scaled in the first IGN footage, but this time, Sonic runs further up one of the spires at the top to show off the scope of the land past distant cliffs.


Sonic Frontiers is still months away from release, and while this drip feed of info about this new play style has been frustrating, this new footage has a few small bits to be optimistic about if you're looking for more involved combat and bizarre places to explore. Keep an eye out here on Sonic Stadium, as we'll be rounding up the many hands-on impressions coming out of Summer Game Fest soon.

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Posted By: JThrash

I’ll be frank. I’m actually starting to love what I’m seeing of this game, particularly the combat, and particularly after watching SEGABits’ footage in this article. It doesn’t look completely-button-mashy, almost like a puzzle with the tougher, more nimble enemies, like the Batman Arkham games. The game looks gorgeous–so gorgeous in fact, that I’m worried about how the Switch version will handle the sheer amount of grass and water ripples alone, although that just means I’ll likely opt for the PC version unless the side of Sonic Team working on the Switch version can prove me wrong.

[Moderator: Abbreviated due to length]

Honestly, the only thing that could kill my optimism for the game at this point is if they add environmentally-problematic NFTs or in general make it somehow more “pay-to-win” than the aforementioned Roblox Sonic Speed Simulator, this could be special for me, if not for anyone else.

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I hope Frontiers sell well and becomes a Success, Also I want more polish into the game and delaying the game to 2023, Also are they gonna reveal the theme music of the Game?, But I am so hyped for Frontiers to come out.

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I'm actually starting to feel more optimistic about this game after watching this video than I was feeling after watching the other gameplay footage.

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Posted By: daimando

The one thing that will truly ruin this game would be Microtransactions and Loot Boxes.

I may tolerate a Bad Sonic Game. But the moment Pay-to-Win mechanics are implemented into a $40-60 Sonic title, that’s where I cross the line.

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