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Sonic Spinball Soundtrack Gets Official Vinyl Release

Message added by Dreadknux,

This topic was good and got turned into Sonic Spinball Soundtrack Gets Official Vinyl Release at some point.

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Video game soundtrack label Data Discs have announced that their next release will be the score to the 1993 SEGA Megadrive / Genesis title Sonic Spinball.


The soundtrack, composed by the SEGA Technical Institute team lead by Howard Drossin, sees this remastered cut taken from archival files and a Japanese Mega Drive console.

The release will see three versions:

  • 180g Frosted Clear with Translucent Blue Stripes (Limited Edition)
  • 180g Translucent Blue
  • 180g Classic Black

The track list is as follows:

A Side:

  • A1. Logo
  • A2. Title Screen
  • A3. Introduction
  • A4. Toxic Caves
  • A5. Emerald Collected
  • A6. Boss
  • A7. Lava Powerhouse
  • A8. Bonus Stage

B Side:

  • B1. The Machine
  • B2. All Emeralds Collected
  • B3. Showdown
  • B4. Credits/Options
  • B5. Lava Powerhouse (European Ver.)
  • B6. Game Over

Pre-orders will go live at 7pm BST / 2pm EDT / 11am PDT on Saturday, 9th of July, 2022, and shipping in August.

Pre-order link: DATA025 - Sonic Spinball

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Posted By: Jimmy

I want to know how it is sold out when the pre-orders haven't started yet?

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