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See The Massive Sonic Balloon Towering Over Fans at TGS 2022


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This year's Tokyo Game Show is finally upon us, and it's promising to be a fantastic event for Japanese Sonic fans, as SEGA has gone all-out with their public booth. An absolutely HUGE Sonic balloon has taken up the show floor, ready to tackle any Titan balloons that might be hanging around. 


Sonic Team alumni and fans who have attended the TGS 2022 show have taken some amazing snaps of the SEGA booth. The above photo was shared by original Sonic series level designer Hirokazu Yasuhara via Twitter.



Sonic the Hedgehog character designer Naoto Ohshima was also present at the show and took some more pictures from different angles, as you can see above. It seems that SEGA and Atlus have commanded quite a bit of space for their TGS 2022 booth this year. At least, it seems much bigger than in past years. Clearly, SEGA is betting big on Sonic Frontiers and the Like A Dragon series.


Fans also got in on the action, with Twitter user 'cheomm88' sharing the above photo with Ohshima-san in response. Sonic really looks quite imposing here, right? Don't sock me in the mouth please, hedgehog!

The massive presence of the Sonic Frontiers game - and the associated huge balloon standing next to it - only shows the confidence that SEGA and Sonic Team have in their upcoming blue blur adventure.

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