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Kishimoto Confirms Sonic Frontiers Development Has Been Completed

Message added by Dreadknux,

This topic was good and got turned into Kishimoto Confirms Sonic Frontiers Development Has Been Completed at some point.

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The director of the upcoming Sonic Frontiers has announced on Twitter that the game has officially gone gold, with development now completed across all platforms.

On his personal Twitter account, Morio Kishimoto revealed (via Google Translate) that "mastering" on "all hardware is complete!" He acknowledges that while Sonic Team wasn't "able to give feedback on all the opinions received from everyone, we did everything we could until the last minute of the deadline." 

The developer also noted the long development cycle of Sonic Frontiers, with it being a five-year gap between mainline game releases. He claims he may be feeling a sense of "relief" over the completion of the game, but also muses that he may feel a bit lonely now that everything is wrapped up.

Sonic Frontiers is heading for release on 8 November 2022, so there are mere weeks to go until Sonic fans finally get a chance to enjoy the latest - and most ambitious - game in the franchise yet.

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Posted By: Metal

Hm. “Completed” huh? I give it 2 days after release for a major game breaking bug to be found and they have to issue a patch. This game won’t be completed for another few months after launch at least.

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