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New 'Trails & Tails' Update Comes to Minecraft Sonic Texture Pack


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If you play Minecraft religiously, you'll probably already know about this - and we only just heard about this so, sorry - but the recent Sonic Textures Pack DLC appears to have been updated to offer a more serene vibe to your gameplay experience. And Chao. Lots and lots of Chao.

Announced by developer Gamemode One on social media, the 'Trails & Tails' update is available to download now and enjoy. Not a lot of information was shared by the studio, but we suspect it offers some new textures that you can use within the new features found in the latest general Minecraft update (called 'Trails and Tales'... try not to get too confused!).

All we know is, there appears to be an absolute MASSIVE Chao right there in that promo picture, and we are absolutely terrified.


If you're not in the mood to (or can't) play Minecraft right now, you can check out this teaser trailer from Gamemode One that tells you absolutely nothing about the new Texture Pack update. But the music is quite nice.

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I love this texture pack with all my heart but I really wish there was a Java version. It's my main form of playing and I prefer to turn off the item textures to make it easier to see. 

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