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President Says Reboots Of Classic Sega Games Could Be Coming (Especially Sonic)


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More "reboots and remakes" of classic Sega games could be finding their way back to consoles if the top executive at the company has his way. In a recent interview with Japanese publication Famitsu about the state of the gaming industry, Sega President and Chief Operations Officer Yukio Sugino addressed issue of reboots, and he particularly pointed to the Sonic the Hedgehog series as one that could be ripe for rebooting.

The issue originally arose after the interviewer asked Sugino about the upcoming Samba De Amigo: Party Central, itself a revival of the classic 1999 rhythm game, which is set for release on August 29 on Nintendo Switch. While the interviewer referred to Party Central as a reboot of the original Samba de Amigo, Sugino corrected him, saying it "is not a reboot in my mind, but a new game in the series." Sugino then immediately went to talking about Sonic Superstars, which has no firm release date but is planned for later this year, citing it as "a return to 2D action, and although it is a new game, I would like to implement reboot-like measures as well."

I would love too see the Sonic Adventure games get rebooted that would be awesome 😊 What about everyone else?

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I'd love to see Burning Rangers (Saturn) come back, either as a sequel or an extended remake. It was short, but so damn good! Plus, the procedurally generated level design (which was accessible postgame) was one of the first of its kind on console.

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We should relaunch the Storybook series this way, one interesting twist would be that Sonic isn’t always the star in each of these storybook entries. Why not have Amy go to Oz, Wonderland, or Neverland to explore her psyche? Maybe have Vector in King Solomon’s Mines?

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As much as I do want Unleashed re-release, Black Knight remake or Heroes remaster but I want them to take their time/put tons of effort in making them because the series have a long history of shoddy remasters/re-releases from like the continued degrading of Adventure 1 with the DX & later releases, the disaster of Colours Ultimate especially looking in it's BTS and painful & cashgrabbing road for Origins Plus to just be what it should of been at launch.
They regained my fading hope for new Sonic games with Frontiers but they need to do a few things for future remakes/remasters to gain my trust.

1. They must have no game-breaking bugs & no tons of minor bugs, I know games can't be bug free but I do want the game to not be glitch filled, especially when the OG release didn't have bugs that it's remaster have.

2. If they add new stuff, I want it to be meaningful & thought out content and not be like SADX's half thought out mission mode or SCU's pointless jade wisp. Something more on the lines of new playable characters, levels or maybe online multiplayer.

3. Don't majorly change or remove the base game things in remasters/re-releases/remakes. While a very minor voice line change isn't end of the world but I don't want a game's story or character designs (like Amy's or etc) to be fully changed. I'm more of a "faithful remake/remaster that adds some of it's own stuff in" type of guy.

Kinda telling that the best Sonic remaster is Sonic the Fighters on PSN & XBLA.

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this feels like the ultimate monkey paw. ps5 and switch having no backwards compatibility means there's a ton of easy rereleases/ports/remakes/etc. they could do but i can't imagine much of the dedicated fanbase has faith in them after both colors ultimate and origins/plus. i'd like to see them make fixed up versions of the HD SA1/SA2 ports. if those go well maybe then i'll start daydreaming about unleashed/heroes/storybook games getting modern remasters that do them justice

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While I’m doubtful this will happen (like I was over them making a Sonic 4, and look how that went) if they ever mention ShTH or Sonic 06 for a remake, I’m going to laugh my ass off at everyone who said it would never happen.

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I feel like "reboot" is a term misused so frequently that it has lost all meaning; even moreso than remaster/remake. Sugino even points this out in the interview as it pertains to the Samba de Amigo game (how is something a reboot just because it has come out some time after the previous game?), but then undercuts himself when he mentions it in response to a Sonic game that's already been in development anyway.

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If true, Remake, and finish Sonic 4, then do the same with 06. I think those are the 2 that are crying out for that treatment. 


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God I really hope they start over and remake Adventure 1 and 2 from the ground up. Either that or just port the Dreamcast original without the ugly border.

Also, echoing castell, I'd love to see them take another crack at a dedicated Sonic 4 now that it seems they've gotten their bearings with Classic gameplay. Unfortunately, outside of Silver himself, I don't see SEGA proper giving 06 another shot.

In terms of new stuff, I would be ecstatic if they started branching off and making spin-off games with the other Sonic characters in the spotlight again. A Knuckles Metroidvania game. I'd play the crap out of a game like that set on a fully mapped out Angel Island. An Amy Rose 3D platformer in the same vein as Rise of Lyric. I know RoL is stinky poopy, but the ideas are all really solid and with the right polish could be a fantastic game. I'm not sure what they could do with Tails, probably a puzzle solving game of some sort? Maybe something like Ratchet and Clank? I'm not sure, but either way, give the side characters some love, SEGA!!!

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