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Sonic Superstars Will Have A Battle Mode! It'll Be Playable Online Too!

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This topic was good and got turned into Sonic Superstars Will Have A Battle Mode! It'll Be Playable Online Too! at some point.

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Sonic Superstars has been getting a lot of praise since it was announced last week, but one criticism that fans have had is that, well, the game's co-op mode seems to be local only. Nevertheless, that doesn't mean that the developers have ignored online completely. An official email sent out to Sonic Frontiers newsletter recipients confirmed a Battle Mode, which will be available locally and online!

Now, it is worth noting that they didn't really give much in the way of details about this mode. All they said is that the mode will enable you to "challenge players from around the world". What, exactly, this will be is unknown. SEGA hasn't really talked about this at all in any interviews. In fact, were it not for this random email they sent, we probably wouldn't have known that this was even a thing!


Unfortunately, for some, this may not be enough. The Co-op mode still seems to be local only. Of course, the fact that this game will have an online Battle Mode may just raise more questions about why the developers didn't want people to play co-op mode online. It's also very weird how such a huge mode in this game was only confirmed via an email.

Nevertheless, it's very possible that we will learn more about this mode in the future. There's still a while to go until the game releases, and SEGA hasn't really talked much about the game's side modes as a whole. They've been focusing on the main part of the game, for obvious reasons. Still, if you were wanting something to do online in this game, at least you'll be able to battle other players when Sonic Superstars releases this fall!

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You know what Sonic Superstars have been getting a lot of praise In the last few days I must say this game Is shaping up to be good In my opinion and now they added a battle mode option to Sonic Superstars as well that's a great edition to the game.

I am very excited for Sonic Superstars and looking forward to playing It with the vibes as well.

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