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Samba de Amigo Announced for Meta Quest This Fall

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This topic was good and got turned into Samba de Amigo Announced for Meta Quest This Fall at some point.

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Looks like the Switch is no longer the only party in town this year, as Samba de Amigo will be hitting the Meta Quest this fall as well. Announced during Meta's Gaming Showcase today, the title lacks the "Party Central" subtitle, but seems to share quite a lot of its DNA. Samba de Amigo will launch this fall for $29.99 on the Meta Quest store, and is currently available for pre-order with Quest 2 headset and controller cosmetics for your Amigo avatar as an incentive.

In true Samba fashion, the gameplay trailer shows off the player shaking the Quest controllers in alignment with oncoming notes and periodically posing to match stick figure commands throughout the song. Much like Party Central, the game touts Amigo costumes, online leaderboards, and much of the same soundtrack; however, notes in the VR version fly in towards the player rather than emanate from the center of the screen.

Much of the track list lines up with what we've seen for Party Central, with the new additions of "Pompeii" by Bastille, "You Give Love a Bad Name" by Bon Jovi, and "Karma Chameleon" by Culture Club (though it's possible these tracks are also in Party Central and haven't been announced). 40 tracks will be available at launch with more as DLC later, and the trailer is set to one song that, shockingly, has not been confirmed yet for Party Central, the ever iconic "Vamos a Carnival."

Samba de Amigo and motion controls haven't always been in agreement, and even the Switch's motion still is a major question mark until people can get hands on, but the accuracy needed for VR 3D-space controllers will almost certainly be a step up, even if it means the Samba format shifts from center-outwards to towards-the-player. Expect us to give our hands (and eyes)-on impressions when it's available later this year.

Thanks to Dodger on the Discord for the news tip!

UPDATE: SEGA's website for the game provides official screenshots, including confirmation that Sonic will be in this version of the game as well.


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