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Sonic Adventure PVC statue preorders open soon


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That's just way past cool I wonder what's It like you mentioned. First for figures do wonderful Sonic statues but they are very expensive In my opinion If you can find them at a good price.

I got the Sonic Generations statue one for a good price a long time ago now which was In a sale from a online toy store can't remember the store name since It's a while ago.


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My interest levels went from 0 to 110 the second I saw that it was *that* pose. Might actually be the first time I've been interested in Sonic merch to begin with? Outside of the slicker apparel at least.

The pose has been meme'd to death but it's hard to overstate how iconic it is for the design and era in general


Really wonder how the transition from 2D to 3D is going to go for the hands

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