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This topic was good and got turned into SAGE 4 Interview: 'Sonic vs Mega Man' Developer Twister at some point.

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The main man of fangame developer 'Flaming Cheese Productions' (yum), Twister's hard at work making Sonic Vs. MegaMan at the mo. We have a sit down with him during SAGE 2002 to find out more about the game and where it's heading.


TSS: Twister, thanks for being here today.

Twister: Thanks for inviting me.

TSS: For those that do not know, what is your Fan Game all about?

Twister: Well, right now it's just about Sonic and Megaman teams fighting. I have no major story yet.

TSS: When did you first get the idea for Sonic Vs. Mega Man?

Twister: When I read an FAQ about implementing characters and stages I decided to go around the internet looking for characters. I started downloading just about everything cartoonish. It went through a lot of name changes. Some early ones were "Cartoon Wars" and "SEGA vs Capcom".

TSS: Sonic Vs. Mega Man seems to be a very big game, judging by the size of the demo. What kind of special features will be implemented in order to keep things original? And for those that have not played the game, what genre of game can the public expect to play from a big title such as this?

Twister: First off, I'd like to say the size of the demo is well worth the play. Some things will be added later like story, intro and ending, and maybe more characters. People can most likely expect a fighting game out of this. Some may see action. I see both.


TSS: Are there any other projects underway at Flaming Cheese, or is Sonic Vs. Mega Man your major priority? If there is any secret games that you've been hiding until now, could you reveal a little about those here?

Twister: When I first got TGF (The Game Factory) I used a test character called Bobo the Blob. I've decided to actually make that into a game. Some other games are 'Sonic: Battle Against the Biolizard', your basic side scrolling platformer; 'Sonic's Fun Land', a game chock full of nothin' but mini games; and 'Sonic Shooter' a shooting game (go figure).

TSS: How long has development on SvMM taken so far?

Twister: In total about 6 months.

TSS: Can you reveal exclusively to The Sonic Stadium roughly when the game may be complete for the public to play?

Twister: Possibly... when more characters, an actual title screen (=P), and intro and ending movies have been added.

TSS: What hitches have you encountered during the making of this game? What has been your biggest setback?

Twister: One of the biggest setbacks was lack of stuff to put in it. Thre was so little new stuff to put in SvMM almost got canned. One of the problems right now is system errors. I've got to fix that.


TSS: How well has SvMM progressed?

Twister: So far it has been going along pretty well. I'm getting some good ratings and I expect it will be a hit.

TSS: How do you see your chances winning the booth polling, against other games you've seen on show so far?

Twister: Well, I don't think SvMM could live up to games like Sonic Robo Blast 2. But all I want is for people to enjoy it.

TSS: Finally, what's the best game at SAGE that you have seen so far on this year's expo?

Twister: There's quite a bit of good ones. I think one of the best ones is Badnik Hunt by Gamersmix Gaming. It's very addictive!

TSS: Twister, head of Flaming Cheese Productions, thank you for your time.

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