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Amazon Luna Launches in UK with Trio of Sonic Titles


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After several years of waiting, Amazon's game-streaming platform Luna finally launched in the UK this week, and three Sonic the Hedgehog titles are available to play on the service from day one.


The service has been available in the US only since its initial debut back in 2020, where it launched with Sonic Mania Plus in its starting lineup. Team Sonic Racing was later added in 2021. Now, Amazon has found a way to bring the Luna experience to players in the UK as well as Germany and Canada, with the aforementioned Sonic titles already in rotation plus the 2021 remaster Sonic Colors Ultimate.

Users with an Amazon Prime account can already access Luna straight away and browse the game library, with some games being 'free' to stream without any additional purchase. For full access (including the Sonic games), you'll need to plump for the Luna+ subscription fee which is an £8.99 GBP monthly charge.

Alongside Twitch integration, players in the above countries can also purchase the Luna controller as well, just so you can have some extra plastic in the house. If you're interested, you can visit the service on any compatible device right here (UK service).

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Does anyone actually recommend Luna? I don't want to sign up to something that's just gonna become the next Stadia in a couple of years!

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Amazon might actually see some level of moderate success (or at least, a baseline of monthly active users) from Luna due to them tying a basic tier into their broader Amazon Prime subscription. There are a lot of people in the UK that rock a Prime sub, so having a couple of ‘free’ games on rotation each month may be an incentive for some to at least try it.

Of course, whether that sort of baseline would actually be something that could keep Luna going as a service long term is another thing entirely.

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Oh wow, I didn't realize Prime users got a few Luna games. I'll be sure to try it out.

I definitely see this service having some staying power if it's tied to Prime. Glad cloud gaming isn't dying cause it's really great for people who can't afford a console.

That said, good internet is required though, so I wonder how many people there are that have high speed internet but no console/PC. (Seems like usually people buy high speed internet for gaming in the first place lol)

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