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What do you guys think of The Cuphead Show?

The Great Egg Emperor

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Personally, I enjoyed it immensely. The animation reminds me of the 2013 Mickey Mouse shorts (a lot of the animators who worked on that also worked on this). The voice actors did an amazing job bringing the characters to life. There are even songs in it. And surprisingly, they are really, really good.

This is probably my favorite video game cartoon of all time, and will stay that way unless Sonic Prime ends up being really good.

Did you guys like it, or nah?


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I loved it. Gotta say, It was simple and beautiful.

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I really like it! I thought it was a much better effort than Looney Tunes Cartoons on HBO Max. The writers and animators on Cuphead Show really did their homework and there's a ton of great homages and visual styles taken from old Fleischer cartoons. I like that they also added subtle shadows on the character edges to make them look cel animated and the fake film grain and film noise really adds to the aesthetic. The humor is also pretty sharp too, I found myself laughing at quite a bit of jokes. My favorite episode so far was the one where they looked after the baby. I'm a sucker for that plotline lmao. The musical numbers were also a pleasant surprise and pretty good too!

I know lots of people online were complaining it wasn't fully hand drawn but given the limitations of TV budgets, they did wonderful. Characters are very expressive and the movement is really dynamic, like Egg Emperor mentioned, similar to the Mickey Mouse 2013 shorts. I think you can thank Dave Wasson, the show's developer, partially for that as he has experience working as a storyboard artist and director on the Mickey Mouse 2013 shorts. I think the show is a must watch for fans of classical animation (you'll see tons of great references in there) and fans of the game, or even just the aesthetic itself. I can't wait for the rest of the episodes to come out, and fingers crossed for a DVD or Blu-Ray release down the line sometime too!

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Binge-watched the first season the day it was released!

I LOVED IT! The characters were written perfectly (Save for Elder Kettle but that's just my opinion), The voice acting is great (Wayne Brady as King Dice being my favourite) and the animation, while not hand-drawn like the game, was still very good.

My only real complaints are that I wish some characters like King Dice had more episodes to shine , and


I really wished the first season didn't end on a cliff-hanger like that!

Still, I was really impressed! I cannot wait for season 2 and beyond!

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