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This is simple to explain, but I'll do it anyway. You got a character you think people are talking trash about, yet have no idea what the character is meant to be? Then come here, and prove your point.


Now as a Sonic Fan this one hurts, this one hurts a lot. I am stepping up to defend Mario from the accusation of lacking personality. I will be splitting this up into three parts. Mario's good traits, Mario's flaws, and why Sonic fans trying to claim this is an absolute joke.

Part 1: Mario's a good person, but I don't need to tell you this so let's start the list.

  • Mario is brave. After all would you fight Bowser?
  • Mario is tolerant. He has seen too much to judge people without knowing them, and this was down right confirmed to be so. He is already a better person then most of twitter.
  • Mario is a nice guy. Some neat examples: Sitting next to some random guy in New Donk to cheer him up, not just stealing the Shine Sprites from the tanukis in Sunshine, and helping Pauline with the festival even though he was on a time limit to save Peach.

Part 2: Mario isn't perfect though, and if you look at his actions we can see this.

  • Mario is a slob. Have you seen his room in LM3, and Luigi was the one doing laundry in Superstar Saga.
  • Mario is a slight sore loser. He stepped on Luigi's toes if he wins in Mario Tennis, but that could be written off as brotherly trolling(Hence the slight).
  • Mario is a glutton. Have you seen his room in LM3, the first thing he does is go for the food when he gets to the last resort, he lists like 30 different pastas in his sleep, and he is only thinking about food on the way to Isle Delfino.
  • Mario is careless. I point to two points. Not just stealing the Shine Sprites from the tanukis in Sunshine, and helping Pauline with the festival even though he was on a time limit to save Peach.

Part 3: I hate to do this, but as a Sonic fan, is Sonic any deeper than Mario at this point. as of now, All of Sonic's personality is picked up in his dialogue, but isn't it "Show don't Tell". At this point Mario simply has a better form of characterization then Sonic, and better games too. We shouldn't pick fights with Mario, he is the reason Sonic exists, and all these Sonics fan have forgotten this. I am sick of the Sonic fandom being the butt of the joke, and I know we can be better than this.

So let's stop the argument we have no hopes of winning, and just go back to waiting for the next game.

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