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Sonic Boom Prototype (Sonic Synergy) Style Guide with new concept art shown off


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I'm not quite certain how new this news is or not, but SplashDash - a Sonic centric spinoff channel of LS Mark's very recently released an hour long video in which he showed off a style guide for the prototype version of Sonic Boom - Sonic Synergy. For those who don't know, Synergy was the original version of Rise of Lyric as was shown in concept art found back then, as well as various details about what the concept was to entail. The style guide seems to have adopted the Boom title - but also uses a prototype unused version of Boom's logo as well.

The style guide seemingly has art referring to older versions of characters (Tails' design without his goggles and the like shown in the thumbnail), as well as locales, gameplay concepts, and more. Again, uncertain as to how much of it is new or not, but thought it'd be worth posting nonetheless.


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