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Dreamcast Debut Zones: Levels from Sonic Adventure


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Sonic Adventure is a wild ride of new and returning themed Zone ideas. As the idea of a “Remake” started echoing louder and louder during our current Sonic Games News drought, I decided to look back at the levels themselves and jam out to the OST, and see what’s good and what might be...too chaotic to return.


1. All entries in this opening post are Levels, Hubs, & Bosses that originate from Sonic Adventure. This includes: 

  • All 11 Single Player Levels
  • All Sub Games
  • Holiday DLC
  • A brief look at the Chao Gardens & Races
  • Few things added in DX: Director’s Cut
  • Sonic Shuffle’s icy hot take on Emerald Coast
  • Sonic Generations’ Classic & Boost remixes of Emerald Coast & Speed Highway, plus Modern Sonic’s rematch against Perfect Chaos
  • A brief look at the Roller Coaster Bobsled Dream Event from Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games

2. Even though Sonic Pinball Party takes place in Casinopolis, I’ll talk about that game another time.

3. If you know a remixed Sonic Adventure Level/Hub from a Sonic fan game that fits Note #1, feel free to talk about it in the topic.

4. Pictures, fonts, and other cool graphics will be added shortly. Also, all Acts, Minigames, & Bosses are separated by Spoiler Tags to make loading this topic easier on the site.

Sonic Adventure: Station Square


Station Square is a massively populated city in the human world that features a number of tourist attractions, which includes a beach resort hotel, a casino, and an indoor theme park. There are also a few shops such a newsstand, burger shop, and jewelry store. At some point Amy bought an apartment and lived there for an unknown amount of time. Even Eggman loves Station Square. He loves it so much that he wants the city for himself. That’s why his Badniks are currently invading the city and the number of lost pet signs has recently increased.


This Adventure Field is broken up into 5 sections: the hotel, the Station Area, the Train Station & Casino Area, the City Hall Area, and the underground area. Upgrades, Emblems, and Keys are located in several rooms, alleys, and underground.

During the Halloween DLC event, “Happy Halloween” posters will appear throughout the Station Area.

During the Christmas DLC 1998 event, Christmas trees would appear throughout Station Square. Having a character touch a tree would play “Jingle Bells”, “Joy to the World”, or “Silent Night”. In the 1999 version, the song is an acapella of the NiGHTS theme, “Dreams, Dreams”.

Fast Fact: In DX, Cream the Rabbit will fly by during certain parts of the story.

Sonic Adventure: Sonic VS Chaos Zero




While happily running up, down, and all around buildings, Sonic notices a group of police cars heading towards a crime scene. Sonic decides to help the police and has his first run-in with Chaos, a mutated Chaos Chao with elemental water powers. The “Zero” in his name means he hasn’t absorbed any Chaos Emeralds yet so he’s currently in his weakest form.

BOSS BATTLE: In order defeat Chaos Zero, Sonic will have to Spin Jump or use his brand new Homing Attack on Chaos’ head 3 times. After getting 2 hits in, Chaos will jump up to the top of the poles and try to claw at Sonic. Sonic will have to circle around and wait for him to jump back down before dealing the final blow.


Sonic Adventure: Emerald Coast


Emerald Coast is the first Dreamcast Era level and the first mainline beach level in the Sonic Series games. It’s a beautiful collection of islands where vacationers can relax in the sun or go fishing. The only downsides to Emerald Coast are an invasion of Badniks, Spike Traps, that drop a spiky, motion sensored guillotine, and an orca, which has been theorized to have been kept in captivity and is now out for blood.

EC (Sonic: Stage 1)

After watching Tails crash his prototype plane, Sonic rushes from the hotel to see if Tails is Ok. On the way, he’ll destroy some Badniks, avoid getting impaled by the Spike Traps, outrun an angry orca, hop across some Jump Panels, and run alongside some friendly dolphins.

Fast Fact: Completing Mission C here unlocks Tails in the Character Select.

EC (Big: Stage 3)


Despite the multitude of fish in the area, Big has to somehow find and pluck Froggy out without attracting the rest of them. This Act also has its own exclusive soundtrack to relax you while you fish. The downside is that Gamma will run by and steal Froggy right out of Big’s hands immediately after. Speaking of Gamma…

EC (E-102 Gamma: Stage 2)

After passing his final exam, Gamma is sent to Emerald Coast to find Froggy, who is possessed by a fragment of Chaos Zero. For some odd reason, all Badniks see Gamma as an enemy and will attack him on sight. Gamma will travel through the first section of Sonic’s area before finding Froggy.

The Badniks ruining people’s vacation in Emerald Coast are:

  • Rhinotank (Sonic & Gamma Only): an upgraded version of Rhinobot, a Classic rhino Badnik from the Angel Island Zone. Rhinotanks will plow at full speed toward any hedgehogs or future renegade robots they come across. The downside is that once they charge, they can’t stop. If Sonic & Gamma don’t destroy them with their basic and signature attacks, Rhinotank will take itself out by running off into the ocean.
  • Kiki: an upgraded version of Coconuts, a Classic monkey Badnik from Emerald Hill Zone. Kiki is more mobile, will appear on the ground and high places, patrol in groups, and can produce regular or spiked bombs from their hands, which they love to throw at Sonic & Friends. Apparently, regular Bombs can be picked up and thrown back at them.
  • Sweeper (Sonic Only): a pond skater Badnik that appears in areas with small bodies of water. When they see Sonic, they will slide across the water and try to stab him with their sharp noses.

Sonic Adventure: Station Square Chao Garden


On one of the floors of the hotel is an indoor Chao Garden, filled with 2 Regular Chao Eggs, a pool with a fountain, a few fruit trees, and the entrance to the Chao Stadium. In Director’s Cut, the Black Market also gets added to the side of the exit.

Sonic Adventure: Chao Stadium & Chao Races


Our heroes can train Chao and sign them up to complete in the Races. The game starts out with the Beginner Races and then adds the Jewel Races. Winning 1st Place in a Jewel Race will add a Jewel Medal to a Chao’s chest.

There are 5 Race Courses:

  • Pearl Course: In this course, Chao have to push a ball down their individual lanes until the lanes end and then run to the Goal. High Power and Run Stats are perfect for this course.
  • Amethyst Course: In this course, Chao will run and try to reach the Goal at the top of spiral hill. However, they can also jump off the intended path to fly into the water and swim to the bottom of the hill. High Running with a balance of Swim & Fly is good here.
  • Sapphire Course: In this race, Chao will run down a steep hill, climb a wall, jump and fly from a cliff into a lake, and swim to the Goal. A good balance of all stats is required.
  • Ruby Course: In this race, Chao will have to swim across a lake to the Goal. High swimming and a little bit of Running will go a long way.
  • Emerald Course: the final race, that’s unlocked after getting 1st Place in the other 4. It combines all of the previous courses and replaces the balls with a tree, that needs to be shook until a coconut falls onto the ground. Once again, balance of all Stats is key.

Unfortunately, in Sonic Adventure & DX, all people can do is watch. It doesn’t help that the camera bounces between different Chao and that a speed boost is randomly given to different Chao each race.


Fast Fact: Every once and a while, after clearing the Emerald Course in Beginner or Jewel, a Chao Rival named Chacron (aka Chaclon) will appear. Although he starts off each race, not moving at first, he’s extremely fast and will catch up pretty quickly. If your Chao’s stats aren’t maxed out (or at least in the 1000s in DX) during the Jewel Races, they’re going to lose. Chacron returns in Sonic Adventure 2 during Challenge Races #2 & #10.

Sonic Adventure: Mystic Ruins



The Mystic Ruins is a mountainous jungle region with large caves, different kinds of ruins, Big the Cat’s house, one of Tails’ Laboratories, one of Eggman’s hidden bases, and the current location of Angel Island after the Master Emerald was mysteriously shattered. After a train station was built there, other tunnels were built and a minecart system was setup to improve transportation and safety. A group of researchers are seen in the background studying the area during the course of the adventure.


This Adventure Field is broken up into 3 sections: the Station Area, Angel Island, and the Jungle Area. Upgrades, Emblems, and Keys are located inside caves, tree trunks, on cliffs, and in midair.

Sonic Adventure: Mystic Ruins Chao Garden



One of the railcars will lead our heroes to a Chao Garden built on a cliffside. Some Chao like to climb on top of the ruins and jump off to fly away or jump into the water.

Sonic Adventure: Mystic Ruins (Past)



Throughout the adventure our heroes will see visions of the past, where Knuckles’ ancestors lived in a massive city and the Master Emerald Shrine wasn’t on the Floating Island yet. Each time, they’ll watch different parts of Tikal’s life before a tragic event takes place.

This Adventure Field is broken up into 2 sections: the Ancient City & the Master Emerald Altar.

Fast Fact: One of Tails’ upgrades, the Ribbon Badge, is hidden in the ancient city.

Sonic Adventure: Sonic & Tails VS Egg Hornet



After Sonic & Tails reach Tails’ Mystic Ruins Lab, Eggman decides to show off his brand new Egg Mobile attachments.

BOSS BATTLE: The Egg Hornet gives the Egg Mobile several rounds of missiles, 2 sharp spikes for drilling, and thrusters for faster movement. Sonic & Tails will have run in a circular motion to dodge the homing missiles and then dodge Eggman as he drills into the ground. However, once Eggman is in the ground, he’s wide open.



Sonic Adventure: Windy Valley


Windy Valley is a Zone in the Mystic Ruins, where the entrance is locked and requires a Wind Stone to access it. The Zone itself is separated into 2 parts: a grounded, mountainous area over water and a series of floating islands above the clouds. This valley is so windy that windmills have been built into every corner of the Zone. Unfortunately, this zone also has a tornado season. The Blue Chaos Emerald was resting on one of the floating islands here before being collected by Sonic & Tails.

WV (Sonic: Stage 2)


Sonic starts out in the mountainous area, gets sucked into a tornado, and ends up in the sky area before grabbing the Blue Chaos Emerald. On the way, Sonic will be able to use his Homing Attack on floating windmills to use them as stepping stones, run through the sky using wind currents, bounce off of trampolines and use his momentum to reach higher heights, float across updrafts while avoiding Spiked Balls, reach new floating islands using Springs and Rockets, and run down spiraling paths before grabbing the Blue Chaos Emerald.

WV (Tails: Stage 1)

Tails has to race Sonic to the Blue Chaos Emerald in the sky area, which is easy since Sonic doesn’t have much ground to run on. Tails can gain speed by flying into the Air Dash Rings.

WV (E-102 Gamma: Stage 3)

After reprogramming himself, Gamma set out on a mission to destroy his family and release the other animals inside them. His data search revealed that Delta was the closest and easiest to get to. Gamma will stay in an unseen part of the mountainous area to find and destroy save his brother.

The Badniks riding the winds of Windy Valley are:

  • Boa-Boa: a snake Badnik, whose design is similar to the Catakiller Jr., that floats slowly through the air and releases flames. Steering clear of the flames, Sonic & Tails can attack its head to defeat it while Gamma can shoot up every single segment of its body to earn more time.
  • Leon: a Modern version of the Classic Badnik, Newtron, that hides before attacking with its tongue & tail. Their camo will periodically reset momentarily, allowing our heroes to see it and be alert before they try to attack. In Director’s Cut, they don’t attack at all due to the increased framerate being faster than the timers on their attack and reappearing animations.
  • Rhinotank (Gamma Only):  Before Rhinotank even spots Gamma, a bullet would have destroyed it, especially if Gamma has his Laser Blaster Upgrade. Some of them are also positioned on bridges that Gamma can destroy with one shot, sending them into the water.



After bouncing off a Spring, Gamma will land in an area with his younger brother, Delta:

  • E-103 Delta: Delta is the 3rd member of the E-100 Series, that was stationed in Windy Valley after failing to capture Froggy. He has blue paint, has guns for both hands, and is a faster shot than Beta. Fortunately, Gamma is faster and can spam shots at Delta until he’s defeated.

Fast Fact: The small animal powering E-103 Delta is a parrot.

Sonic Adventure: Casinopolis


Casinopolis is a massive indoor casino in Station Square that has made custom pinball machines that Sonic can roll inside of, an underground area that is a combo of sewer and ventilation systems, 3 Hidden Pieces of the Master Emerald, and a special prize room where lucky winners can receive the Grey Chaos Emerald in exchange for 400 tokens. It appears to only be open at night and requires customers to press the giant button above the entrance in order to open the door.

C (Sonic: Stage 3)
Sonic needs to get 400 Rings to convert into 400 Tokens to get the Grey Chaos Emerald. He can get Rings by playing the 2 Sonic sized pinball tables, 777 Slots Pinball or Card & Pinball.


777 Slots Pinball is a regular pinball table based on Classic Sonic. While bouncing around Sonic can go inside the Roulette Pipe to activate the roulette or hit 2 side switches to activate other pipes that lead to Item Capsules.

Possible roulette results include: 

  • Speed Star – getting 3 Sonic Icons in a row will give Sonic 50 Rings and a Ring multiplier for 99 seconds.
  • Blue Rose – getting 3 Amy Icons in a row will give Sonic 50 Rings and a Ring multiplier for 60 seconds.
  • Shining “K” – getting 3 Knuckles Icons in a row will give Sonic 30 Rings and a Ring multiplier for 80 seconds.
  • T-Kickback – getting 3 Tails Icons in a row will give Sonic 15 Rings and adds a barrier under the flippers for 45 seconds, making it easier to keep Sonic from falling down the drain.
  • Ring 3K – getting 3 Ring Icons in a row will give Sonic 15 Rings and adds a Ring multiplier for 30 seconds.
  • Final Eggman - getting 3 Eggman Icons will punish Sonic by taking away 100 Rings and placing a barrier in front of the Roulette Pipe with a 60 second timer. Ugh…


Card & Pinball is a specialized pinball table based on NiGHTS into Dream. Unlike the other one, cards are scattered across the board here. After Sonic collects a set of cards, he will unlock a slot that goes to the upper area, where he can collect Ideya. There are 10 different types of Cards.

If Sonic manages to lose 3 balls on the tables without getting at least 100 Rings, he’ll end up in the basement. Although he can get at least 290 Rings down there, this is the only area with Badniks. Not only will he have to avoid losing his Rings to Badniks, but he’ll also have to dodge Spiked Balls & Pop-Up Spikes. There are a few spots where a Light Speed Dash will be very helpful.

C (Tails: Stage 2)


The good news is that Tails doesn’t need to collect 400 Rings. The bad news is that Tails has to race Sonic in the underground section. We can only assume they showered afterwards…

C (Knuckles: Stage 2)


Knuckles stays in the main lobby to search for the missing Master Emerald Shards and has access to an exclusive upper area. He can also destroy the giant Sonic statue in the center of the room by punching a crack in the left shoe.


Fast Fact: In the Japanese Version, there is a neon cowgirl holding a glass that makes suggestive noises when Knuckles Spin Jumps near it. This was removed from later versions of the game. Supposedly, it was originally going to be a bunny girl in the beta version of the level.

Sonictrainer Says: I'm more concerned with the fact that her legs blend in with the stones.

The Badniks scamming people out of their Rings in Casinopolis are:

  • Spinner: the newest line of bat Badniks, that flies using sharp blades, does surveillance in several Zones, and will sometimes pick up any pieces of the Master Emerald they come across. If Sonic, Tails, & Knuckles are high enough or directly underneath them and don’t accidentally touch the blades, they be destroyed with a Spin Jump. Also, Sonic can carefully use them as stepping stones by home attacking them one at a time.
  • Thunder Spinner (Knuckles Only): Knuckles should keep an eye out for any Spinners, for Master Emerald Shards and to single out Thunder Spinners. While they look the same as regular Spinners, the difference is that they can also shock foes by discharging electricity. Knuckles can Spin Jump and Glide into them while they recharge.
  • Pirate (Knuckles Only): Pirates are robots that originally may have been props before Eggman turned them into Badniks. They only appear in the pirate area, release Rings when destroyed instead of small animals, and come in different costumes. One of them is a Captain, which moves faster than the others. A good cure for their robot scurvy is a nice knuckle sandwich.

Sonic Adventure: Knuckles VS Chaos 2



After spotting Eggman and following him into dining room area in the hotel, Knuckles corners him just in time to watch Chaos feed on another Chaos Emerald and become swole.

BOSS BATTLE: Chaos 2 is bigger, stronger, and can now form a shield to protect himself from any of Knuckles’ attacks. However, once his guard is down, Knuckles can glide into his head to damage him. Chaos 2 can attack by forming a giant ball, bouncing around, or spreading out over the entire floor.

Sonic Adventure: Ice Cap


The Ice Cap Zone, which is a snowy region on Angel Island, is back and it now requires an Ice Stone to enter it. The area our heroes visit in Adventure is 2 cold caverns, filled with underwater areas containing fish and giant fossils, and a snowy slope, filled with ice, poles, and ramps. The Green Chaos Emerald was resting at the bottom of the slope before being collected by Sonic & Tails.

IC (Sonic: Stage 4)

Sonic tries to navigate the caves before needing to jump onto a snowboard to escape a giant avalanche. While in the caves, Sonic can jump across icicles, avoid the multitude of Pop-Up Spikes, and use Jump Panels to cause a massive stalactite to fall into the center of the room. In the snowboard section, Sonic can slide through and break ice and perform tricks at the end of ramps.

IC (Tails: Stage 3)

Tails races against Sonic in a snowboard race!

IC (Big: Stage 2)

Normally, Frogs wouldn’t be able to survive cold temperatures but I guess Froggy is the exception. By picking up boulders and throwing them over weak parts of the ice, Big will be able to open up underwater paths to find Froggy and specific fishing holes. There’s also a Lure Upgrade if Big is able to hold his breath long enough.

IC BESTIARY (Adventure Version)
The new Badniks sliding and flying around Ice Cap are:

  • Ice Ball (Sonic & Big Only): an ice maker Badnik that shoots cool air to freeze enemies. Hitting it twice will defeat it. If Sonic gets frozen, he’ll need to vibrate at super speed to break out of the ice.
  • Boa Boa (Sonic Only): they’re more than happy to help Sonic warm up and Sonic is more than happy to release the small animals trapped inside them.
  • Hammerhead (aka Fighter Aircraft 1): a robot shark fighter plane fusion. A group of them will try to drop bombs on Sonic & Tails during the snowboard section.



Sonic Adventure: Sonic & Tails VS Knuckles


After being tricked by Eggman, Knuckles believes Sonic has one of the pieces of the Master Emerald.

RIVAL BATTLE: Sonic & Tails will need to watch out for Knuckles’ punches and glides while Knuckles has to watch out for Sonic’s Homing Attack.

Sonic Adventure: Sonic, Tails, & Knuckles VS Chaos 4


After Sonic & Knuckles collide into each other, Sonic accidentally drops 2 Chaos Emeralds which Eggman quickly scoops up and feeds to Chaos. Chaos transformed from a buff powerhouse to a massive sea creature.

BOSS BATTLE: When Chaos is underwater, he is invincible so our heroes will have to Spin Jump, Fly, and Glide across giant lily pads to avoid shockwaves and other attacks. If they fall into the water, their speed will decrease immensely, so standing on top off the regenerating lily pads is preferred. After a while, Chaos will come to stop, bringing his head out of the water.

Sonic Adventure: Sky Chase 1


Sonic & Tails try to chase after the Egg Carrier in the Tornado! The Tornado can fire shoots in a straight line or Lock-On and fire like Gamma.

The new Badniks ready to take a bite out of the Tornado in Sky Chase 1 are:

  • Hammerhead (aka Fighter Aircraft A): Hammerheads are shark Badniks that fly out from the Egg Carrier to either fire shots or kamikazi straight into the Tornado. Fortunately, Tails can take them out in 1 shot.
  • Missile Launcher: Missile Launchers are turrets placed around the Egg Carrier that fire missiles at the Tornado. They’re stationary so Tails can lock on and take them out from a distance.

Fast Fact: There’s an unused dual headed, robot dragon boss that was scrapped from this level. Also, these levels are inspired by Panzer Dragoon.

Sonic Adventure: Sand Hill


Sand Hill is a desert area, which could be located in the Sandopolis Zone, where Tails used his snowboard to try and find Froggy, who recently swallowed the Red Chaos Emerald. As Tails slides through the sand, giant stone dragons and heads will move about the stage. Going through poles will increase the score and increase Tails’ speed.

Sonic Adventure: Twinkle Park


Twinkle Park is a space themed indoor amusement park in Station Square with bumper cars, a roller coaster, a couple bowling alleys, a swimming pool, a merry-go-round, a mirror maze, and many other fun attractions. Recently, ticket costs are gone and admission is free! Also, the park is overrun with Badniks and new additions to the rides have made them questionably unsafe. It seems someone is using the tourist attraction to lure in any hedgehogs hoping for a fun time.

TP (Sonic: Stage 5)


Just as he was getting ready to have a Boss Battle with ZERO, Sonic has to change plans once Amy goes inside the park. Starting off in the Bumper Car area, Sonic has to grab a Kart, ride down the track while avoiding other Badniks, and collect Rings to gain speed. Next, Sonic will ride a roller coaster to the next area, where he can roll into Bowling Pins to earn Rings. After that is a Merry-Go-Round room, where the horses and seats have been replaced with a row of Spiked Balls. Sonic will have to run on a conveyor belt floor and jump to avoid the spike balls. Next Sonic will run through the park until he can reach the castle, where a Prison Capsule is located. On the way, he’ll find bomb barrels, that will ignite themselves if Sonic gets to close, hop across rooftops and floating platforms, and use the Light Speed Dash on rows of Rings.

TP (Amy: Stage 1)

After dropping her groceries, seeing the Egg Carrier, getting smacked in the head by Birdie, escaping ZERO, and reuniting with Sonic, Amy somehow decides now would be a great time to go to Twinkle Park. This is Amy’s first Act in the game and she starts out in the pool area. Instead of staying outside like Sonic does, she’ll enter a funhouse area with a mirror maze, filled with Badniks and Spiked Balls. At the end, she’ll grab a Giant Balloon to leave the park.

Sonictrainer Says: Amy’s mirror maze spooked me when I first played this game when I was 8 or 9. ZERO chasing you and the creepy music gave me chills. 😖

TP (Big: Stage 1)


Even though Big wasn’t the intended target for the park, it seems Chaos’ fragment inside Froggy knew to come here. This is Big’s first level where he fishes for Froggy in the pool area.

TP (Halloween DLC)
In the Halloween Version of the level, jack-o-lantern robots and messages of “Happy Halloween” are spread throughout the park.

The Badniks working as employees in Twinkle Park are:

  • Kiki: Kikis are back and ready to welcome you to the park with their bombs. Some of them are standing on top of Bomb Barrels, allowing our heroes to easily run by and get out of dodge before they explode.
  • Cart Kiki (Sonic Only): if you thought Kiki was annoying before, there is now a version of them that pilot hovercraft bumper cars! No more bombs though. Sonic will need to watch for them as he rides down the track. A good Homing Attack will take them out and allow Sonic to use the leftover vehicle.
  • Buyoon (Sonic & Amy Only): a wacky inflatable rabbit Badnik exclusive to Twinkle Park. If an enemy gets too close, they inflate, become taller, and bounce back any attack that hits the balloon. A good jump will allow Sonic & Amy to reach their heads, which are their weakness.
  • Sweeper (Sonic Only): a few will appear in the water sections in the area.
  • ZERO (Amy Only): ZERO is a member of the E-Series Badniks. Unlike Gamma, his mission was to collect Chaos Emeralds. This is why he targeted Amy since Birdie has the Cyan Chaos Emerald inside his necklace. ZERO will appear at specific points throughout the level and try to lock on to Amy and hit her with his rocket fist. Amy can stun him with her hammer, giving her some time to escape.

Sonic Adventure: Twinkle Circuit



Twinkle Circuit is a minigame where characters can ride a track and try to get the fastest time.

Sonic Adventure: Speed Highway


Speed Highway is a construction project in Station Square, where new roads are being built between several business buildings and skyscrapers that will eventually lead to a residual downtown area. Half of the stage takes place during the night while the other half takes place during the day.

SH (Sonic: Stage 6)

After destroying the Prison Capsule inside Twinkle Park, Sonic continues to look for Amy while getting rid of Badniks on the highway. On his run, he’ll walk across fragile glass platforms, that break after a period of time, use construction lifts and special plows, to change lanes and take different roads, catch a ride on a helicopter by hanging off its landing skid, after making sure not to touch the blades, ricochet off of bells, that have Rings stuck inside them, run down the side of a massive skyscraper, avoiding helicopters, barriers, and large columns, and finally use a water fountain as a Spring to reach a hidden Prison Capsule.

Fast Fact: Sonic will need an Employee ID in order to open the gate to the building that allows him to enter the stage.

SH (Tails: Stage 5)

Tails has to race Eggman to a giant missile to fully disarm it. His path will split from Sonic’s and past a different set of roads and buildings.

SH (Knuckles: Stage 1)

After punching away a barricade, Knuckles takes a shortcut to the downtown area of Speed Highway. Starting from where Sonic ended, Knuckles searches for the first set of Master Emerald Shards. His climbing abilities will allow him to reach areas inaccessible to Sonic.

The Badniks racing down the streets of Speed Highway are:

  • Spinner: They’re flying around the incomplete streets and downtown area.
  • Thunder Spinner: Remember that Thunder Spinners hover in place.
  • Orbinaut: they’re back and they’re in black. Their spiked balls are now spiked bombs, exploding on contact, and it will throw them or spin them around itself. Even when it’s out of ammo and defenseless, it will still face its enemy and try to follow it.
  • Cop Speeder: a special version of Kiki that drive police style hover cars in Speed Highway. When they see an enemy, they will turn on their sirens and start driving. Unlike Kart Kiki, they drive randomly and unexpectedly, sometimes going high in the air and out of Sonic’s home attack range.
  • Cars (Sonic & Knuckles Only): Sonic & Knuckles will need to look both ways when crossing in the downtown area or they will otherwise lose their Rings to oncoming traffic.

Sonic Adventure: Tails VS Egg Walker


After failing to rearm his missile in Speed Highway, Eggman makes one final attack on Station Square with his Egg Walker. Tails finds some courage within himself and prepares to take down the Egg Walker outside of Casinopolis.

BOSS BATTLE: The Egg Walker used in Sonic Adventure is an attachment for the Egg Mobile, that gives it 4 long legs, missile launchers, and flamethrowers. In order for Tails to defeat it, he has to get close to its feet. Once he dodges the shockwaves created by it stomping, Tails has to slash the sides of the feet with a Spin Attack or Tail Swipe. This will cause Eggman to tumble to the ground and allow Tails to hit the cockpit directly.

Fast Fact: Tails’ victory here will earn him the Yellow Chaos Emerald offscreen. This is why he has it before the start of Sonic Adventure 2 and it’s referenced in the Dark Story.

Sonic Adventure: Red Mountain


Red Mountain is a volcanic region on Angel Island, which could also be in the same area as the Lava Reef Zone, that Eggman has taken over. It appears to have a very extreme obstacle course built on it, which includes monkey bars suspended over canyons and lava, a climbing area using platforms that flip flop, Rockets that shoot up into the air but need hidden switches to activate, and a few ziplines connected to different parts of the mountain. Did Knuckles built this? If so, I don’t think the giant hammers, flamethrower skulls, and unstable rock bridges were a part of his original design.

Now if you thought the outside of Red Mountain was cool, wait until we go inside. Sonic & Gamma will come across deal skull lanterns, giant spiders, dancing tombstones, and jail cells…filled with ghosts…?

What is this level?

RM (Sonic: Stage 7)

After watching ZERO kidnap Amy and tractor beam onto the Egg Carrier, Sonic tries to follow it on foot. Sonic runs through Knuckles’ “workout area” and inside the mountain, to reach a cliff with a Prison Capsule and reunite with Tails. Along the way he’ll be bounced into the air by exploding rock, avoid raising lava indoors by destroying Spinners and jumping across domino sized boulders, and run past areas inside and outside the mountain where flame funnels will burst from the ground.

RM (Knuckles: Stage 3)

3 of the Master Emerald Shards are outside the volcano and may be embedded in the dirt, meaning Knuckles will need to put his brand new Shovel Claws to use.

RM (E-102 Gamma: Stage 4)

Gamma travels inside the volcano, destroying Badniks and hovering across lava to find and free his brother, Epsilon.

The Badniks climbing Red Mountain are:

  • Kiki: Besides the ones inside and outside the mountain, a guard Kiki is watching the entrance of the Zone. Sonic needs the Ancient Light to destroy it, Knuckles will need the Monkey Destruction Switch, & Gamma can just blast it with his Laser Gun.
  • Sol (aka Gohla/Gola): a version of the Orbinauts that uses fireballs instead of spiked balls. This spicy sea urchin Badnik spins its fireballs arounds itself in a ring of flames. If Sonic & Knuckles get close, the ring of fire will expand and spread out. Fortunately, our boys can jump over the flames and counterattack. 
  • Spinner: Sonic can use them get over lava pits inside the mountain and reach shortcuts outside the mountain while Gamma can take out groups of them. As mentioned before, a few of them may have found some Master Emerald Shards.



After hovering over some lava, Gamma will land in an area with his younger brother, Epsilon:

  • E-104 Epsilon: Epsilon is the 4th member of the E-100 Series, that was stationed in Red Mountain after failing to capture Froggy. He has orange paint and also has guns for both hands. Fortunately, Gamma is faster and can spam shots at Epsilon until he’s defeated.

Fast Fact: The small animal powering E-104 Epsilon is a swallow.


Sonic Adventure: Sky Chase 2



Sonic & Tails try to tail after the Egg Carrier in the Tornado 2 in order to stop Eggman and save Amy.

The Badniks ready to take a bite out of the Tornado 2 in Sky Chase 2 are:

  • Hammerhead (aka Fighter Aircraft A): They’re back and have company.
  • Double Header (aka Fighter Aircraft B): Double Headers are 2 yellow Hammerheads fused together. They function the same as a regular Hammerhead but will lead small groups and give more points when destroyed.
  • Missile Launcher: Missile Launchers return to try to shot Sonic & Tails out of the sky.
  • Air Mines: Air Mines are floating bombs that protect areas of the Egg Carrier. Like missile launchers, they’re stationary so they’re not hard to take out.

After Tails destroyed most of the opposition, Eggman tries to use the cannon again:

  • Egg Carrier Cannon: Tails has to shoot at the cannon and dodge its laser cannon. Regenerating Missile Launchers will fire at the Tornado 2 while the cannon is charging. Once the cannon is destroyed, Tails can land on the Egg Carrier safely…if he had remembered to add landing gear.


Sonic Adventure: Egg Carrier


The Egg Carrier is Eggman’s new flying fortress, which appears to bigger and badder than the Sky Base, Wing Fortress, and Flying Battery Zones combined. Besides the airship’s ability to change forms, it has many rooms and areas, including a prison, arsenal, 2 game rooms, a study, and an indoor swimming pool. As far as we know, it’s still floating out in the ocean, reachable by boat from Station Square and Mystic Ruins. There was an Egg Carrier 2, but it didn’t last that long against Perfect Chaos.

This Adventure Field is broken up into 3 sections: Egg Carrier Form A, Egg Carrier Form B, and Egg Carrier Hall. Upgrades and Emblems are located inside boxes and rooms and may only be accessible in one of the Egg Carrier’s forms or after it ends up in the sea.

Sonic Adventure: Egg Carrier Chao Garden


If you thought this Chao Garden was onboard the Egg Carrier, you’d be wrong. After entering the giant letters in the order “EGGMAN”, Characters will take a teleporter to a tropical island. Here on the beach is the actual Chao Garden. Perhaps Eggman was studying Chao here to learn how to control Chaos?

Sonic Adventure: Sky Deck


The Sky Deck is a Zone constructed by Eggman on the outer parts of the Egg Carrier. Not only is the area armed to the teeth with a variety of cannons, turrets, and guns, but is also subject to high winds.

SD [Sonic: Stage 9]

Sonic tries to reach a Prison Capsule at the end of the stage, which will allow him to enter the Egg Carrier Hall. On his run through the Sky Deck, Sonic will take out 2 giant turrets using Rockets, climb up ladders and pillars, grab rails to prevent being blown by the wind, Spin Jump and grab a Crane Hook to reach other places, and dodge bullets, energy blasts, and falling objects in different parts of the ship.

SD (Tails: Stage 4)

Tails races Sonic through the first area of the Zone.

SD (Knuckles: Stage 5)

After getting in through an area underneath the pool, Knuckles searches for the last 3 pieces of the Master Emerald in the last area Sonic was in. Knuckles can push and pull a lever to move the ship and change the shape of the stage.

The Badniks carrying supplies in the Sky Deck are:

  • Spinner: Just what you need in a flying robot fortress.
  • Thunder Spinner: They’ll appear in groups or on narrow paths to try and shock intruders.
  • Orbinaut: they will also appear in narrow areas, making it harder to dodge their spike bombs.
  • Turret: although they come in different shapes and sizes, they are stationary and can be destroyed in 1 hit.
  • Hammerhead (Sonic Only): some of them are getting ready to depart and can be destroyed by Sonic. A few of them are already flying around and will try to drop bombs on Sonic.


Sonic Adventure: Hedgehog Hammer


Hedgehog Hammer is a giant whack-a-mole game room created by Eggman, where the moles are modeled after Sonic, Super Sonic, & Eggman. If Amy can beat Eggman’s score of 1,500, she can earn the Warrior Feather.

Fast Fact: If Amy returns to play Hedgehog Hammer after the Egg Carrier is in the ocean and gets 3,001 points or more, she can earn the Long Hammer. 

Sonic Adventure: Hot Shelter


The Hot Shelter is a group of areas inside the Egg Carrier, accessed by a turntable.

HS (Amy: Stage 2)

After being freed by Gamma, Amy & Birdie try to escape the Egg Carrier by going through the Hot Shelter. While on the run, Amy will turn hand cranks to open doors, jump into an air vent and end up in a bathroom, jump across giant gears, find and move 4 key boxes into their proper slots, and finally escape to the deck using a giant balloon. 

HS (Big: Stage 4)

Big has to go to the aquarium area and empty out all the water to fish out Froggy. This is his last Act in the game.

HS (E-102 Gamma: Stage 5)

Gamma returns to the Egg Carrier to find and take out his brother, Zeta. He’ll need to shoot his way to the turntable, get picked up by a crane, ride a monorail and jump between trains until reaching the station, fall down a pit, take a few Dash Panels, and destroy big cargo boxes.

The Badniks spinning gears and keeping things warm in the in Hot Shelter are:

  • Kiki: They can be found in the bathrooms, hallways, and even on the monorail.
  • Leon (Amy & Gamma Only): Amy & Gamma will need to keep an eye or sensor out for Leon as they go through the Hot Shelter.
  • Egg Keeper (Amy & Gamma Only): a floating security guard Badnik, whose design is similar to Gamma and the other E-100 Series robots. Their heads can disconnect from their bodies and create a tractor beam that acts as a small prison, that will immobilize a target for a period of time. While their prisoner struggles, the rest of its body will fly in to smack the Rings out of them with their baton hands. If a hero tries to attack them while in their regular state, they will deflect them with their arms. Therefore, they’re weaker separated than in one piece.
  • ZERO (Amy Only): ZERO will break through glass, monitors, jump into water, and even go into the bathroom to try and grab Amy.



After hitting a couple Dash Panels, Gamma will drop in on his younger brother, Zeta, in the engine room:

  • E-105 Zeta: Zeta is the 5th member of the E-100 Series, that was stationed inside the Hot Shelter after failing to capture Froggy. While he originally was the same size as Gamma and has purple paint, he was reconstructed into a bigger form, given several guns around his body, and several Dreamcasts added for processing power. Gamma has to dodge and shoot on a conveyor belt going counter clockwise around Zeta. Once all of Zeta’s cannons are destroyed, Zeta will be rescued.

Fast Fact: This is the only level in the game that Sonic doesn’t have access to. Also, the animal powering E-105 Zeta is a peacock.


Sonic Adventure: Sonic & Tails VS E-102 Gamma


After getting the Cyan Chaos Emerald, Eggman summons Gamma to get rid of Sonic, Tails, & Amy.

RIVAL BATTLE: Sonic can easily take Gamma out with 3 Homing Attacks, Tails can easily Tail Swipe Gamma 3 times, and Gamma can fire quick shots at Sonic.


Sonic Adventure: Big, Sonic, & Knuckles VS Chaos 6



Chaos has absorbed 6 Chaos Emeralds and Froggy and now looks like a giant frog-cat fusion. Chaos 6 will fight Big, then Sonic, and finally Knuckles.

BOSS BATTLE: The only thing Big needs to do is cast his fishing lure into Chaos to grab Froggy. That’s literally it. Meanwhile Sonic & Knuckles cannot hurt Chaos at all until Eggman starts dropping his ice making robots. If Chaos eats one of these, he will freeze. Once Chaos is frozen, Sonic & Knuckles can counter attack. Repeat 5 more times to end the battle. Chaos will attack by using its tail as a whip, trying to suck up Sonic & Knuckles, and turning into a tower and shooting spikes out of himself. In Knuckles’ version of the fight, parts of the floor will become destroyed and become impossible to stand on.

Sonic Adventure: Amy VS ZERO


After returning to the Egg Carrier and finding Birdie’s parents, ZERO crashes the family reunion and sucker punches Birdie. Directing all her rage at ZERO, Amy decides it would be the perfect time for some prorevenge.

BOSS BATTLE: Amy will need to whack ZERO into the electric fence to make the cap on his head pop off and expose his weak point. During this Boss Battle, he’ll jump and create shockwaves faster than before. After getting hit twice, he’ll shoot out both arms and discharge electricity from them like an extreme game of jump rope. After 3 hits, ZERO is done.


Fast Fact: Eggman won’t use ZERO’s design again until Sonic Advance 2, where a ZERO replica chases down heroes in the Special Stages.

Sonic Adventure: Lost World


Lost World is a massive system of underground ruins in the Mystic Ruins. There are 2 entrances to this Zone hidden inside a pyramid in the jungle. Tikal opens the snake entrance for Sonic while Knuckles has to find the Gold & Silver Statues to open the other.

LW (Sonic: Stage 9)

After recovering from another sky dive, Sonic watches the temple rise and sees Tikal’s spirit go inside. Curious, he follows her inside. As Sonic explores the ruins, he’ll will run through a round hallway of stone pillars, some of which are on fire, solve a puzzle in room with switches that activate a door, switches that change the water level, and use a stone snake as a boat, carefully maneuver in the dark and use mirrors to reflect light to increase visibility, ride down a river and emerge out of a waterfall, outrun a giant, flaming boulder, activate special tiles that allow him to defy gravity and walk on walls, use the Light Speed Dash multiple times, and dodge flaming arrows and spiked traps. At the end of the ruins is a mural depicting Perfect Chaos.

LW (Knuckles: Stage 4)

A set of the Master Emerald Shards are hidden in the last area.

The Badniks left over from Eggman’s last expedition in Lost World are:

  • Boa Boa: they like to float near doorways.
  • Leon: they can also climb walls, making them annoying to deal with.
  • Sol (aka Gohla/Gola): in the dark area, their flames can be seen ahead of time. They’re also smart enough to keep their fireballs out of the water.

Fast Fact: This is the only level in the game that’s only available to 2 characters instead of 3.

Sonic Adventure: Final Egg


Final Egg is Eggman’s ground base, hidden in the Mystic Ruins. To even get inside the door, you have to solve a matching puzzle.

FE (Sonic: Stage 10)

Sonic decides to destroy Eggman’s base and kick him out of the Mystic Ruins, once and for all. On the way to defeat Eggman, Sonic will squeeze past or destroy balloon laser turrets, dodge giant mechanical hands, run on conveyor belts while avoiding spiked rolling pins, avoid swinging hammers, take a ride on 2 different elevators, hover across fans, run through a shooting range, and Light Speed Dash one final time.

FE (Amy: Stage 3)

After looking at Birdie’s pendant, Amy decides to help him find his parents and goes to Final Egg to look for clues. There’s a can that Tikal says Amy can hide under, but it’s actually pointless since ZERO can still Lock-On to Amy if she hides under it.

FE (E-102 Gamma: Stage 1)

Final Egg is Gamma’s first level, where he practices his aim in the shooting range. His targets are cheap knockoff Dolls of Tails & Knuckles, plus 2 Egg Keepers, before using 3 shots on a moving Sonic Doll.

The Badniks out to scramble intruders in Final Egg are:

  • Egg Keeper: the first Badnik that greets everyone.
  • Spinner (Sonic & Amy Only): While Sonic uses them as Stepping Stones, they appear in the hidden door puzzle to let Amy know she picked the wrong one.
  • Thunder Spinner (Sonic Only): Making a final appearance and hoping to zap the Rings out of Sonic.
  • Kiki: Also makes a final appearance in this stage.
  • Beats (Sonic Only): a mite Badnik that is created by machines in the Final Egg. They have no animals inside them and their only method of attack is getting close to intruders and exploding. Sonic can either destroy all of them until the machine stops making them or ignore them and continue onward.
  • ZERO (Amy Only): Despite the fact that Birdie doesn’t have the Chaos Emerald anymore, ZERO is still chasing Amy.

Fast Fact: There are 2 containers in the hub area holding Metal Sonic & Silver Sonic Mk II.

Sonic Adventure: E-102 Gamma VS E-101 Beta


After leaving the Shooting Range, Eggman pits Gamma against Beta, a black version of Gamma and the first member of the E-100 Series Badniks. The winner wins a spot on the Egg Carrier.

BOSS BATTLE: Even though Beta is older, has a Jet Booster and can hover, has 2 guns for hands, and, by Eggman’s own words, “more advanced”, Gamma can spam shots at Beta until he’s defeated.

Sonic Adventure: E-102 Gamma VS E-101 Beta Mk 2


After returning to the Egg Carrier and defeating Epsilon, Gamma realizes that Beta is the last of the first 5 E-100 Series Badniks he needs to defeat to end his mission (besides himself). Fortunately, he didn’t have to go far to find him.

BOSS BATTLE: Beta has finally finished with his upgrades and he’s ready for his rematch. Unlike his other brothers, Gamma cannot just spam lock-on on Beta to defeat him. Gamma has to wait until he uses a charge attack, where he does a Boost, which leaves his back wide open. After being hit once though, he will start sending out homing missiles before Boosting. On occasion, Beta will also fly up above the arena and shoot lasers that cause mini explosions. After the battle, Gamma & Beta will take each other out in a bittersweet ending.

Fast Fact: Birdie’s parents were the animals inside Gamma & Beta. I believe they are Flickies, because their design is similar to the red Flickies from Sonic 3D Blast.

Sonic Adventure: Sonic VS Egg Viper



The Egg Viper is a giant robot snake attachment for the Egg Mobile, arming it with a laser gun for the nose, giant spiked platforms on the sides, and a long spiky tail.

BOSS BATTLE: Sonic stands ready to fight the Egg Viper on 2 sets of airborne platforms, with Rings placed at the ends of each set. Eggman starts by hiding under the platforms and coming up to shoot a row of lasers, which Sonic can dodge by running and jumping at the correct time. Then, like an idiot, Eggman will taunt Sonic, allow his cockpit to be vulnerable, and give Sonic time to counterattack with a Homing Attack.

After taking some hits and realizing that’s he’s an idiot, Eggman will start sending the spiked platforms at Sonic to knock him into the pit. If Sonic times a Spin Jump just right, he can land on them and once again counterattack with a Homing Attack. Eggman will continue with this attack and start destroying platforms after each hit Sonic can get in. Once Sonic gets the final hit in, Tikal will fly in to warn Sonic of 1 final attack he needs to dodge. After dodging the Egg Viper’s crash, which will take out another platform, Sonic will be victorious.

Sonic Adventure: Super Sonic VS Perfect Chaos


Chaos has absorbed all 7 Chaos Emeralds and has transformed into Perfect Chaos, a massive water dragon, and flooded Station Square. In order to calm Chaos down, Sonic uses the positive energy of the Emeralds to become Super Sonic.

BOSS BATTLE: In order to hurt Perfect Chaos, Super Sonic has to rush towards him and gain enough speed to swim inside Chaos’ body until he rams into Chaos’ brain. Not only does Super Sonic need to dodge Perfect Chaos’ projectiles, water tornadoes, and mouth laser, but he also needs to keep track of the Rings scattered on the broken roads and water. If Super Sonic runs out Rings, he will revert back to normal and get KO’d or drown.

Fast Fact: Perfect Chaos has an unused and incomplete attack in the game files, where he attacks using a tentacle. This was added into the Generations version of the fight.

Sonic Shuffle: Emerald Coast 



The Dream World version of Emerald Coast was created by dreamers that love the sun, beaches, and warm environments. After Void arrived here and accidently corrupted the Cyan Precioustone, the temperature begun to drop, causing snowstorms and slowly turning Emerald Coast into a dark, cold nightmare. As Summer and Winter collide, Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, & Amy will have to find and defeat the 7 Precioustone Monsters to restore the Aquamarine Precioustone and melt away the frozen sea.


EC Map

  • What’s unique about the Emerald Coast Map is that half of the spaces are actually underwater. Characters can only stay underwater for 5 Turns. If Characters run out of air, they will drown and have to skip a turn to recover. There are Air Bubble Spaces that they can land on to get more air, if they play their cards right.
  • Turtles act as bridges for Characters but become roadblocks once they go underwater.
  • Landing on a Dolphin Move Space will signal a flying dolphin to carry that character to different part of the map.
  • Tails’ Spaces are placed on the water, allowing Tails to fly over water. 
  • Knuckles’ Spaces are placed on a boat and on the ice, allowing him to climb up to 2 Precioustone Spaces and a shortcut to the Quest Space.
  • 1 of Amy’s Spaces is placed near the center ice area, giving her a shortcut to the last Precioustone Space.
  • After Precioustone Amethyst is defeated, an orca will swim in twice, destroy 2 different paths, and creating 2 dead ends on the map.
  • After Precioustone Diamond is defeated, the boat fish will break out of the ice and fly off into dream space. Also, a frozen Void Column will fall over and force anyone on the frozen side to take a longer route.

EC Quest Space
A dolphin is stuck on the frozen side of Emerald Coast. If a character lands on the 1st Quest Space and reach the 2nd Quest Space within 8 turns, the dolphin will be saved and they will earn a Quest Emblem.

EC Accident Mini Games


Sonic Parasol: a giant Eggmanmade Sun has appeared and will hurt anyone not in the shade when it turns up the heat. Characters will have to fight over a parasol and watch the sun as it heats up again. Whoever manages to grab the parasol will be able to collect Rings during the heat wave while the others need to huddle under the canopy. The parasol less characters will need to jump, while close by, to knock the parasol out another person’s hands.


Ring Tide: Characters try to collect Rings washed onto the beach by waves. They’ll need to avoid debris, Crabmeats, and robot sea urchins. They’ll also want to avoid getting too close to the waves or risk being pulled into the ocean.

EC BESTIARY (Shuffle Version)

The Monsters chilling in the Emerald Coast Dream Zone are:

  • Surfer: a surfer monster (that kind of looks a like a Goron from the Zelda series). It attacks by slamming its surfboard down on our heroes’ heads.
  • Ice Skater: a giant fish with legs and feet, wearing ice skates. It attacks by skating into its enemies.
  • Palmtree: a palm tree monster that’s also a fisherman, carrying its fishing rod and bucket. It attacks with the fishing rod.
  • Precioustone Pearl: The first Precioustone Monster that our heroes have to find, defeat, and collect. Pearl is a black monster with 2 pointy shoulders and 2 tentacles. It attacks by smacking our heroes with its tentacles. It is the weakest of the 7 and only has the card strength of 2. It’s Precioustone Space is in the water.
  • Precioustone Crystal: The second Precioustone Monster, that looks like a giant shrimp. It starts off with a 3 Card and is located on a boat.
  • Precioustone Garnet: The third Precioustone Monster, that looks like a sea urchin. It is located on part of the frozen side in the northeast, while also wielding a 3 Card.
  • Precioustone Sapphire: The fourth Precioustone Monster, that looks like a squid. It starts off with a 4 Card and is underwater on the westside.
  • Precioustone Amethyst: The fifth Precioustone Monster, that looks like a crab. It starts off with a 5 card and is sitting on one of the wooden decks.
  • Precioustone Diamond: The sixth Precioustone Monster, which has a spiked shell for a head and 4 long legs. It also starts off with a 5 Card and is located in the northwest frozen path.
  • Precioustone Aquamarine: The last and strongest Precioustone Monster of Emerald Coast is a thin female figure with long hair, that looks like an ice queen (and a fusion of Void, Rosalina, & the Shadow Queen from Paper Mario). It’s located in the northern area of the map, which appears to be the coldest, and starts off with a 6 Card.

EC Stage Clear Mini Game

Sonic Surf: All of the ice melting has formed a giant tsunami. Our heroes will have to surf through it while avoiding debris and racing each other at the same time. If a character goes too high up the wave and falls off or get hit by debris, they will fall behind everyone else.


Sonic Generations 3DS: Emerald Coast



Emerald Coast, a level that was originally all in 3D, has been flatten into 2 separate 2D trails. Jump Panels return in both Acts for either Sonic to hop across.

EC Act 1 (Generations Version)

Act 1 has Classic Sonic run through a 2D version of the original level, starting out from the hotel, having an area where Classic Sonic does some wall running, and ending with a Goal Post on the beach. The only difference is that there are now Wooden Boxes, Bottomless Pit Signs, updrafts, Spikes, and new platforms that shrink, expand, & rotate. Also, the orca section will have Classic Sonic Spin Jump over disconnected docks over a bottomless pit.

EC ACT 2 (Generations Version)

Modern Sonic boosts his way through Emerald Coast, running over water, picking one of 2 different paths that split into the foreground and background, and not becoming fish food. I don’t think there are any Grind Rails here.

EC BESTIARY (Generations Version)
The Enemies still ruining vacations in Emerald Coast are:

  • Kiki: They only use regular bombs and the bombs have a small blast radius. They can still be blown up by their own bombs, if they don’t steer clear. 
  • Rhinotank: Both Sonics can take them out before their sensors even realize they’re close by.
  • Sweeper: They will appear on the bottom paths, on top of ocean waters. A Homing Attack or Boost will take care of them.
  • Orca: Unfortunately, the local whales in Emerald Coast are still trying to get bite out of Sonic. One will chase Classic Sonic down before giving up and one will try to jump up and bite Modern Sonic before he reaches the Goal Ring.


Sonic Generations HD: Speed Highway




Speed Highway is back, in glorious HD. Hitting bells in either stage will release Rings.

SH Act 1 (Generations Version)

Classic Sonic races through a hotel, shopping mall, parking garage, and few construction areas before touching the Goal Post. He’ll use Rockets and catch a ride on a flying helicopter to reach other parts of the stage.

SH Act 2 (Generations Version)

Modern Sonic gets a boost remix version of the original stage, which now has Grind Rails, 3D roads where Sonic can Drift, and Trick Ramps & Springs. There are even areas where Modern Sonic can find extra helicopters. Unfortunately, the side of a skyscraper running section is shorter than before and there is no “At Dawn” Section.

SH BESTIARY (Generations Version)
The Badniks still driving through the streets of Speed Highway are:

  • Cop Speeder: A swarm of them will now chase Modern Sonic as he runs down the side of the skyscraper and crash once they reach the bottom.
  • Spinner: They return with their Sonic Colors design.
  • Thunder Spinner: Like in Sonic Unleashed, Electro Spinners are now color coded green for your convenience. For some odd reason, Classic Sonic’s Thunder Shield doesn’t protect him from their shock attack...
  • Cars: Cars will appear at certain points of the Acts and will hurt either Sonic if they don’t look both ways or use signals.

Fast Fact: In Speed Highway Act 1 Challenge 3, the stage takes place during the daytime instead of at night.


Sonic Generations HD: Modern Sonic VS Perfect Chaos


Modern Sonic has been thrown back in time to the point where Perfect Chaos is terrorizing Station Square. Fortunately, he’s stronger than he was in the past and doesn’t need to go Super to calm him down. Also, despite this being a Boss Battle, this remix is treated as an actual Stage with Checkpoints.

BOSS BATTLE: From the Start, Modern Sonic boosts his way across the water and broken streets and get inside Perfect Chaos and hit his brain. After the first hit, Modern Sonic will enter a 2D section where he needs to dodge water tentacles and energy bombs, touch a Checkpoint, and get close enough to use a Homing Attack on Perfect Chaos’ brain. After touching the second Checkpoint, Sonic will once against boost over to Chaos but will have to dodge water tornadoes as well as tentacles this time. After the third hit, a group of platforms will get raised into the air by water spouts. Modern Sonic will need to carefully Spin Jump across the platforms to get one last hit on Perfect Chaos.

Modern Sonic still needs to keep track of his Boost Gauge so he doesn’t drown.

Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games: Roller Coaster Bobsled Dream Event 


The Roller Coaster Bobsled Dream Event is a Bobsled course that’s based on Sonic Generations’ version of Speed Highway. Competitors will ride their Bobsled while hitting Boost Pads to increase speed and avoid tracker trailers, Cop Speeders, helicopters, and other obstacles as they race to the Goal.


Zone Discussion Questions
1. What is your number 1 Favorite/the BEST level in Sonic Adventure? Or if you can’t pick one, what are your top favorites?

2. What is your least favorite/the WORST level in Sonic Adventure? Or you can’t pick one, what are your bottom least favorites?

3. What are your favorite Level Music Tracks from Sonic Adventure?

4. Is there any level in Sonic Adventure that you would want to see revisited, for plot reasons, in a future game? (Example: Return to the Egg Carrier, which is still in the ocean)

5. Were you happy to see Emerald Coast & Speed Highway in Sonic Generations? 

Remake Discussion Questions
1. Should any characters get upgrades or recent additions added to their movesets? (Example: Sonic having the Drop Dash or all characters having the ability to Grind on Rails)

2. Should all characters keep their unique playstyles or should they all play similar to Sonic?

3. Should the game stick to just the original 6 characters or should there be new additions to the roster?

4. Should new or scrapped levels and ideas be added to the game? If so, which ones?

5. Should the Act Structure stay the same (Where Mission C is the regular goal, Mission B requires getting 50 Rings, and Mission A is a Time Trial) or should they change it ?

6. Is there any Level or Minigame that could use a major overhaul?

7. What is one or multiple things, not mentioned above, that you’d love to see in a Sonic Adventure remake?

Next Zone Topic: Vote on the Zones I talk about next!

  1. Fighter Battle Zones (Levels from Sonic Fighting Games)
  2. Drift Rider Zones (Levels from Sonic Racing Games)
  3. Mystic Cave Zones (Cave Levels in Sonic Games)
  4. Gimmick Mountain Zones (Mountain Levels in Sonic Games)
  5. (Insert your own idea here)
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You might want to trim the info down a bit or use a spoiler tag to save on page load time. But this seems fun so I'll reply.

Zone Discussion Questions
1. What is your number 1 Favorite/the BEST level in Sonic Adventure? Or if you can’t pick one, what are your top favorites?
I'm a Chao raiser so of course I replayed Emerald Coast often for easy rings. And as an Adventure fan I really do love every level, even if some more than others. But I'd say stand outs are Lost World and Speed Highway.

  • Lost World to me feels like the best at capturing the idea of "Adventure" in level form, more so with the theme of this game of the Echidna tribe and Mystic Ruins. You go through the entrance of a giant ruin of the past: running through traps, riding a wooden snake in the water, running on walls, navigating through the dark with mirrors, falling down water falls, running from a boulder classic Indiana Jones style, ending with a giant mural of Perfect Chaos, all in one level. Not all of it may be the most fun to play (the water segment being slow), but it always gets me pumped to go through. Adventure having several music tracks per level also really helped each segment of the levels have it's own vibe. I learned more recently that due to a loading error, Sonic's version doesn't load the 3rd track properly so you only hear a few seconds at the end.
  • Speed Highway is definitely one of the best. You know it's good when it was remixed for Generations. (well, mostly) I am mostly talking about Sonic's version for the sake of time. Tails and Knuckles were also fun to play as here, but Sonic gives the whole package. You've got the running on walls again and speed of the first part, the iconic running down the building transition, and the wider area of the last part. I honestly am curious what levels would be like if they were some mix of Sonic and Knuckles design. You get a race to the finish with Sonic, but you can also explore to find things during Knuckles. It gives a lot of room for optional missions too. I put this second as while it is fun to play, to me Lost World gives me more Adventure vibes theme wise.

2. What is your least favorite/the WORST level in Sonic Adventure? Or you can’t pick one, what are your bottom least favorites?

  • Rather than level itself, due to Adventure reusing levels with different characters, I have to be that guy and go with the Big levels. I like Big, I'm not saying to cut him. I'm just saying if he comes back it'd be nice if they improved on it somehow. If we count non levels probably the Sky Chase segments. I'm really not a fan of them in this or Unleashed. I like the idea, but it feels like a waste compared to the Gamma segments, and you have to do it every time you want to replay the game.

3. What are your favorite Level Music Tracks from Sonic Adventure?

  • This would be a long list, so I'll try to keep it short. I don't know all the proper names so I'll mostly go by the level name.
  • They are more hub worlds, but I have to include the hub world themes here. Station Square, Mystic Ruins, Egg Carrier, all great. Also Eggman's bgm theme is good stuff. Cutscene wise I like the one that plays for Chaos, Tails meeting Sonic flashback, and the one that plays when the elders attack the Chao.
  • All the character songs are great. Amy's theme is probably my least favorite, but it's not bad. I'm also the rare one who likes SA1 Sonic and Tails more than SA2. Knuckles is tied for both, but slightly prefer SA1 version.
  • Level wise: Windy Valley part 3 (I learned later it was a remix), The quiet one in Ice Cap, All of Lost World, the lava part of Red Mountain is awesome, I love the Final Egg theme so much. If I had a favorite it's probably that one as it's perfect for a final level.
  • Of course Open Your Heart is a given, but I always wished it was flipped in Perfect Chaos to be the serious music first, then Open Your Heart for the ending.

4. Is there any level in Sonic Adventure that you would want to see revisited, for plot reasons, in a future game? (Example: Return to the Egg Carrier, which is still in the ocean)

  • Honestly, no. At least not the Egg Carrier. Mystic Ruins maybe, but I think it's best to leave these settings alone. Station Square would be okay though, as it can be more general than the rest.

5. Were you happy to see Emerald Coast & Speed Highway in Sonic Generations? 

  • I was, but with all the "first" levels in that game I would have preferred Lost World over Emerald Coast. We already had a beach level with Sonic Heroes anyways. To me Lost World represents Adventure 1 best theme wise in a way the other games post Classic don't.

Remake Discussion Questions
1. Should any characters get upgrades or recent additions added to their movesets? (Example: Sonic having the Drop Dash or all characters having the ability to Grind on Rails)

  • Yes. I can't really go into all the details, but I would like that.

2. Should all characters keep their unique playstyles or should they all play similar to Sonic?

  • I think playing similar to Sonic while having their own gimmick would be good. But I'm a bit mixed. To me several already did this but with different objectives. I think Big and Amy could be improved, maybe make Tails a bit more fun too. Gamma should keep his style as it's part of his character and story.

3. Should the game stick to just the original 6 characters or should there be new additions to the roster?

  • I would like to see it (I'm craving a good take on Silver's gameplay), but I think it's best to stick to the originals. Maybe have Super Sonic and Metal Sonic as hidden unlocks. (Super for beating the story, Metal for beating the usual completion) Honestly Chaos 0 and Tikal would be fun optionals for Knuckles like in SA2.

4. Should new or scrapped levels and ideas be added to the game? If so, which ones?

  • I wouldn't mind some additional stages. My personal would be Eggmanland, but it might be considered too similar to Final Egg. I just always wanted to play through it and explore it as a hub, but instead we only see it in the distance in the ruins. I would also like to see the missing forms of Chaos appear somewhere.

5. Should the Act Structure stay the same (Where Mission C is the regular goal, Mission B requires getting 50 Rings, and Mission A is a Time Trial) or should they change it ?

  • I think it should be a bit more clear like in SA2 how to do each one. Maybe being able to select when you enter the stage which mission and ranking info.

6. Is there any Level or Minigame that could use a major overhaul?

  • I would have to say Twinkle Circuit and the Tornado segments. Both kart games in SA1 and SA2 were pretty slippery, controls like their newer cart racers might help if they did bring it back. Maybe even some other Twinkle Park minigames like bowling.

7. What is one or multiple things, not mentioned above, that you’d love to see in a Sonic Adventure remake?

  • I'd like to see the hub world NPCs expanded, maybe even a tracker for how to view them all. I personally had no clue in the original of the story lines and that some would vanish during the story like tourists.
  • Also I would like the return of holiday overlays and in game player events.
  • Being able to select time of day for the hub worlds and chao gardens too after the story is over.


Next Zone Topic: I vote for 1:Fighter Battle Zones (Levels from Sonic Fighting Games)

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On 3/30/2020 at 9:25 AM, DryLagoon said:

You might want to trim the info down a bit or use a spoiler tag to save on page load time. But this seems fun so I'll reply.


Also, thank you for replying! :D

On 3/30/2020 at 9:25 AM, DryLagoon said:

3. Should the game stick to just the original 6 characters or should there be new additions to the roster?

  • Maybe have Super Sonic and Metal Sonic as hidden unlocks. (Super for beating the story, Metal for beating the usual completion) Honestly Chaos 0 and Tikal would be fun optionals for Knuckles like in SA2.

4. Should new or scrapped levels and ideas be added to the game? If so, which ones?

  • I wouldn't mind some additional stages. My personal would be Eggmanland, but it might be considered too similar to Final Egg. I just always wanted to play through it and explore it as a hub, but instead we only see it in the distance in the ruins. I would also like to see the missing forms of Chaos appear somewhere.

7. What is one or multiple things, not mentioned above, that you’d love to see in a Sonic Adventure remake?

  • I'd like to see the hub world NPCs expanded, maybe even a tracker for how to view them all. I personally had no clue in the original of the story lines and that some would vanish during the story like tourists.
  • Also I would like the return of holiday overlays and in game player events.
  • Being able to select time of day for the hub worlds and chao gardens too after the story is over.

I agree with all of this

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Thanks for putting all this together, it was a definitely a fun read.

Zone Discussion Questions
1. What is your number 1 Favorite/the BEST level in Sonic Adventure? Or if you can’t pick one, what are your top favorites?

One thing I always loved about the levels of Sonic Adventure is that often you'd see some part of the environment which you couldn't interact with and would be curious about, and then later you'd come back as a different character and get to explore that part. 

Lost World would probably be my favorite level.  I think aesthetically it's probably my favorite, and it's a nice balance of fun and difficulty.  It also is at the part in Sonic's story where it feels like you're finally going to be getting some answers.  It's also one of the most challenging time goals for the A mission (or at least I thought so back in the day, had to be under 4:30 as I recall).

I always had a bit of a fascination with Hot Shelter as well, being that it's the only stage Sonic doesn't have access to.  I think Gamma's version of Hot Shelter I particularly like, especially the part where he's on the trains.  I guess they reused the concept heavily for Rail Canyon in Sonic Heroes, so I guess I wasn't the only person who thought it was cool.

2. What is your least favorite/the WORST level in Sonic Adventure? Or you can’t pick one, what are your bottom least favorites?

I never really cared for Casinopolis.  It was definitely somewhat cool to get a look at the upper levels with Knuckles, but the sewer section with Sonic and Tails was pretty uninspiring.  A lot of straight corridors to run though, and as Sonic you'd typically need to do it twice to get enough rings.

3. What are your favorite Level Music Tracks from Sonic Adventure?

I would probably have to go with Red Mountain in the volcano.  Also love that Station Square theme.

4. Is there any level in Sonic Adventure that you would want to see revisited, for plot reasons, in a future game? (Example: Return to the Egg Carrier, which is still in the ocean)

Can't say so particularly, but I suppose if they wanted to use a human city in a future game I'd like to see Station Square again.

5. Were you happy to see Emerald Coast & Speed Highway in Sonic Generations? 

I thought Speed Highway was definitely a solid choice, and I think they did a pretty good job with it in Generations.  I never played the 3DS version of Generations, but I think there are better levels they certainly could have picked than Emerald Coast.  It's a fine level, I just feel sometimes the first stages get too much love when there are clearly superior ones after it.

Remake Discussion Questions

I can't say I really want them to do a remake, but if they did I'd rather they kept it somewhat faithful to the source material and just updated the graphics and fixed the bugs.  I'd much rather them spend the time to make a new game than keep trying to improve the old.  The original definitely has it's flaws, but it's still a fun experience.

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Zone Discussion Questions
1. What is your number 1 Favorite/the BEST level in Sonic Adventure? Or if you can’t pick one, what are your top favorites?

I always have fun memories of Emerald Coast, though Windy Valley and the Pleasure Castle part of Twinkle Park were rather enjoyable and unique too.

2. What is your least favorite/the WORST level in Sonic Adventure? Or you can’t pick one, what are your bottom least favorites?

Sky Deck is an okay concept that was maybe done ahead of its time (all the more reason it might be good in a remake though). Glitchy and horrendous collsion.

3. What are your favorite Level Music Tracks from Sonic Adventure?

Tons, though Azure Blue World, Theme of E-102 and Lazy Days stick out as wonderful tracks.

4. Is there any level in Sonic Adventure that you would want to see revisited, for plot reasons, in a future game? (Example: Return to the Egg Carrier, which is still in the ocean)

Twinkle Park is a cool idea we don't see often enough (well okay we did have a whole game revolved around a theme park but still rather differently handled).

5. Were you happy to see Emerald Coast & Speed Highway in Sonic Generations? 

I haven't played 3DS Emerald Coast in ages but I remember liking how they recreated Speed Highway into HD in the console version, even if the boost gameplay wasn't quite as fun.

Remake Discussion Questions
1. Should any characters get upgrades or recent additions added to their movesets? (Example: Sonic having the Drop Dash or all characters having the ability to Grind on Rails)

I wouldn't mind mild upgrades that don't complicate the control system too much. Maybe also keep them to optional upgrades within the game too.

Give Sonic instant light dash like in SA2.

Maybe let Knuckles do the drill attack from SA2, which was less awkward than SA1's digging, and if they wanna be more varied about hiding spots, let him dig through walls as well.

Make Amy and Big a bit faster (not to Sonic levels, just so they aren't tedious to trek through, Gamma's walking speed is okay).

Maybe give Gamma similar upgrades as the SA2 mechs like the ability to shoot without lock on. Avoid the same clunkiness as them though. I like Gamma still feels kinda Sonic-y, If anything Gamma's rolling mode should be a bit more rewardingly fast, and he should be able to transverse on certain terrains better. It's annoying how the floating mechanic makes him useless around water areas for example, not even allowed to grab anything floating around it (which also makes him the worst to use in Chao Gardens).

Give Big a better offensive move like he has in Heroes. Maybe the body slam (single double jump move) and give his rod attack better attack radius when fired (like an upgrade where it turns into a fireball). Also maybe just ditch the 'hold down to catch Froggy' thing, it's kinda superfluous and I know the tutorial mentioned it, but it still took loads of people off course since you don't have to do that for any other fish and in all likeliness they likely got one of those first.

Also the Chao, maybe use the same boost meter format as in SA2 so you can upgrade your chances more in races. The randomized format in SA1 just doesn't really do it.

2. Should all characters keep their unique playstyles or should they all play similar to Sonic?

Don't homogenise them. Their unique playstyles are what make a lot of the variation and fun in SA1. It only needs some mild moderation and fleshing out. Tails and Gamma should have a longer amount of the level space Sonic has. Big's fishing minigame should be more simple and enjoyable and with a bit more developed but still lite platforming to better define his role as the more 'laid back' campaign. Amy is a pretty good example of a different platforming style that still feels properly developed, she just needs to be mildly faster and maybe have a bit more to do besides her three levels and one minigame and boss.

3. Should the game stick to just the original 6 characters or should there be new additions to the roster?

I wouldn't really advise complicating the actual story with new additions unless they're extras like Metal Sonic was in DX or SA2's multiplayer skins.

4. Should new or scrapped levels and ideas be added to the game? If so, which ones?

I wouldn't mind seeing those listed levels (desert, mushroom and jungle) making it into the game. Also Super Sonic playable in the whole game and the unused Twinkle Circuit tracks.

In terms of new level ideas, maybe ones that help forward the story more fluidly and have the characters doing more besides going from cutscene to cutscene. For example perhaps a 'Launch Base' type level where the Egg Carrier is located. 'Act One' could be the swamp area where it loads off early on, maybe also a 'home level' for Big (the first time the Egg Carrier takes off they accidentally board and tumble off into Station Square, explaining how they got there at the start of the campaign), and 'Act Two' could be its 'crash land' area made of debris in the ocean, which could maybe also serve as a later level for Amy and Gamma as they head back to the Egg Carrier (and hey Amy gets a fourth level and a somewhat more climatic build up to her final boss).

Maybe they could also have a Crisis City type level in the final story, where Sonic travels through the flooded Station Square before meeting up with Tikal, which again would downplay the slog of cutscenes throughout that point in the game.

Maybe toy with downplaying some automated areas like the loops if it is possible to bring in better physics without changing the gameplay itself too much. I know it was intended to replicate 2D Sonic more loyally originally, though I don't know how much directly was replanned when the hardware couldn't quite cut it.

Use some of the ditched music tracks and jingles as well, like the unique theme for the crashed Egg Carrier, Amy and Big's warning themes and Leading Lights playing when Sonic reaches the last part of Lost World.

5. Should the Act Structure stay the same (Where Mission C is the regular goal, Mission B requires getting 50 Rings, and Mission A is a Time Trial) or should they change it ?

Maybe upgrade it to SA2's format, with a ranking system and a couple extra missions (eg. Mission D where you find the Chao (preferably without Mystic Melody though) and Mission E where you can beat a hard mode, which could be a good sneaky way to add in more developed level layouts without having to alter the standard gameplay too much).

I do think one thing they should take notes from DX about is actually rewarding the player with extras after completing every 20 or so of these things, giving way more incentive to keep getting emblems.

6. Is there any Level or Minigame that could use a major overhaul?

Sky Deck needs to be heavily unbugged.

For the large just make the non-Sonic levels a bit more intuitive. Again Tails and Gamma just need longer parts of Sonic's levels (though maybe with added deviations according to their playstyle, maybe Tails could have some boost rings placed more creatively or replaced with proper alternate pathways), Big needs some more platforming altogether (add more stuff for him to pick up and throw at enemies least), and Knuckles could maybe use a bigger variation of emerald hiding places (they don't have to be as infuriatingly obtuse and time consuming as in SA2, just a more varied amount of them to test your mastery of each level layout).

Boss AI could also do with an upgrade. E-Series and player fights should be faster and more aggressive (compare S3K Knuckles to Pocket Adventure Knuckles for example, same mechanics but the latter is quicker on the ball). Maybe have some of the bosses repeated between characters (eg. Chaos Four) have some mechanics that better take advantage of each playstyle. Also Big's Chaos 6 isn't a horrible idea, but the target needs to be easier to land your lure in and also add a reel in section after (maybe Chaos could resist and back away to make it even harder to get Froggy off of him, imagine fishing against MOVING WATER).

Minigames I don't mind much, there just need to be more of them. Sky Chase could maybe do with being a bit faster and more intense though, and Twinkle Circuit could maybe get upgraded the same way SA2's races were, with multiplayer or COM opponents and again, the other five tracks to select from. I'm tempted to think Sand Hill was meant to be a full level proper at some point, especially given that supposed dropped 'desert' level.

Also fix some of the buggy emblem requirements. Locking emblems you found in Adventure fields but didn't autosave or being made to watch the end credits over and over is a no-no.

7. What is one or multiple things, not mentioned above, that you’d love to see in a Sonic Adventure remake?

More levels and minigames for each character (at least in areas they don't alter the story too unnaturally, Knuckles could easily be made to find more emeralds for example).

Some of the extra upgrades SA2 got like better animated cutscenes, multiplayer mode and upgraded Chao minigame would be cool to add. Also one detail I really liked was adding new story relevant dialogue for the boss battles instead of just recycled quotes from cutscenes. Egg Walker could play out similar to their second battle in SA2 for example, with Eggman trying to intimidate Tails and slowly losing it as he gets overwhelmed.

Make the Adventure Fields a bit more developed, stream all the areas together in each field, make them bigger and have them utilise the character's abilities better. Like maybe Sonic can speed up buildings, or Knuckles and Tails can fly or climb onto rooftops, Big could maybe just force his bulk through more delicate areas, like the trees in the forest to cheese his home turf's maze, Gamma can just shoot some blockades and Amy can high jump over some. Just make the whole thing a smoother more fun experience without making them too labyrinthian.

Maybe also add a mission mode, but make it more intuitive than DX's counterpart, something that encourages touring around the place.

This is a more delicate one but I'd also like if they found ways to increase the story flow and make each character feel slightly more connected. I mean this VERY tacitly since I don't want thing tampered with TOO much, one of the things I like is the POV and how some characters have only indirect and fleeting involvement in the big picture, but I feel like some points do a better job making these 'snowball' moments meaningful. Even just minor stuff like maybe Gamma is helping Eggman behind the curtains a bit more early on, or maybe Big accidentally sets up more emerald locations for the others in his chase for Froggy, or maybe we hear something like Eggman trying to message the E-Series to recollect the emeralds or to stop Sonic barging into Final Egg near the end of his campaign, only to be left wondering why none of them will respond (since unknowingly to him, Gamma trashed them all, including himself). Just those small indirect things that make all the stories flow together more soundly. Hell maybe that WAS intended more thoroughly when time constraints did get in the way.

I'm tempted to say make the script more loyal to the less cheesy Japanese dialogue as well, but at the same time there are some things I think were MORE effective in the English edit (eg. Eggman's far more sinister turn in Tails' climax and Big's lonely lament before his). Maybe hire a writer knowledgable of both scripts so they can get the best out of both of them.

At the very least fix a couple of plot holes (Gamma does NOT exit Red Mountain when Knuckles finds him, at best he could find him near the start of Mystic Ruins while reaching Final Egg, since the Station Square train is there, but even then Gamma couldn't have teleported all the way to the Egg Carrier). Knuckles should probably also have a WAY more convincing reaction to finding others of his kind.

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