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If Sonic Forces has been commercially successful, what do you want Sega to improve in a follow up?


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Just to briefly address the point raised about S4E1's 81 metascore: that only applies to reviews the Wii version of the game. The metascores for the other versions of the game are all in the low-mid 70s (PS3 - 74, 360 - 72, iOS - 70). The game was better-received by critics than other games of the era, sure; but it was far from acclaimed material. Compared to the rest of the market (especially so, when other games released around that time were titles like Super Mario Galaxy 2 and Donkey Kong Country Returns), the review consensus was thoroughly average.

In regards to the thread topic, I'm pretty much with everyone else saying that I'd probably prefer Sega to change virtually everything. Sweeping the desk clean and restarting from a blank slate. Which likely wouldn't make it a "true" or "authentic" follow-up but that would be exactly the point. Nearly everything about their approach to design in this game is just rancid IMO.

If they have to use Forces as a foundation in some way or form, the least they can do is whittle down the gameplay focus into one playstyle and continue from there with that playstyle developed under a coherent direction. Assuming that we are making a 3D Sonic title, that should at least mean classic Sonic, the Custom Hero, and the abundance of 2D gameplay are all chucked out the window or retooled into very, very rare diversions from the rest of the game. As for what would be the defining focus, that would presumably be the Boost gameplay...though if they were actually serious on making a quality 3D platformer, than that too should also be tossed in favor of something else.

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On 26/2/2018 at 4:17 PM, A person, that exists said:

Mania's good, but what if Whitehead and co created a Sonic Advance 4 with the same gameplay?

And what if they were forced to make a Street fighter spin-off with 8bit characters in Zelda universe and had to add a homing attack that only works once in a while?

I mean, suggesting something that has not happened is not a good argument to say whatever game is good or bad.

Oh by the way: Sonic 4 metacritic critics' score was an embarrassing mistake many of us remember as painfully as the game itself. Many reviewers had no idea what they were reviewing. Better check the users score.

On 26/2/2018 at 5:45 PM, Tornado said:

There's so much fucking stupid ass revisionist history going on in this thread that I can't believe it's being said with a straight face. Get back to the topic in question, please.

Oops sorry. I didn't read the last posts. I'm done with the offtopic.

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I hope they don’t take its success as a sign to keep pumping out low-effort crap. Instead, use that money as motivation to reinstate talented developers in Sonic Team who have passion for the series and its characters. Imagine if we could get the gameplay of Generations with the heart and soul of Adventure. 

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Please SEGA, we're not here for nostalgia-pandering shit, we're here to play a good Sonic 3D game.


Classic fans got their Sonic Mania, just give us a good fully 3D game.


(image from cartoonfansart.deviantart.com)

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On 2/26/2018 at 2:27 AM, GentlemanX said:

As someone who likes the five mission structure in Sonic Adventure 2 and enjoyed most of the missions in Generations, I'd be up for going back through levels with different objectives in mind. Levels would have to be designed with that in mind though, and would obviously have to be bigger than what's seen in Forces.

Yeah. It honestly wouldn't take much for me to be satisfied with something like that as well. Often I imagine being able to play as other characters through the same stages but with different objectives and story beats thrown in despite it being relatively the same level. All those bells and whistles would satisfy my desire to at least pretend the others are doing something or that there's more to branch off of from the story then just "There's Eggman... kick his ass!"

You know. They don't necessarily need to make a ton of extra levels to unlock and all that jazz. Extra content not being up to snuff is usually a lot more forgivable with me should I at least feel I got a hefty and satisfying experience with the main game.

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On 2/11/2018 at 7:49 AM, Dee Dude said:


YES!  They.  Already.  Have. Mania.  For. That! 

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Also,  if Forces were to be given a sequel,  I'd suggest it being MMO ala World of Warcraft,  with the named characters being NPCs(yes, including Sonic himself). You and your furry friends will band together to take down super-badniks, badnik hordes,  and legendary Villains. 

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