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What should I do?


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I reserved the CE for PC and now since it's being delayed I am thinking about cancelling it and just get the PS4 and PC digital versions when they come out respectively at they're dates. I already got spoiled a few times (thanks YouTube thumbnails) and I know it seems like i'm a bit impatient about this (and I am I have to admit :lol:), but I want to play, experience, and talk about it before the spoilers catch on to me where I don't have any surprises when it arrives for PC if I wait. Also I've been thinking about not getting the CE regardless because it's just extra stuff that I can get another time.

If anyone thinks I can wait. I would appreciate some confident posts on this topic to keep myself going, thanks.

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If you wait you'll just get spoiled by the countless numbers of reviews, let's plays, and screenshots of the game. Regardless of how hard you try to avoid them.

Just get the PS4 version.

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I'd get the PS4 version, so you wouldn't have to worry about avoiding spoilers and you get the possible benefit of Shared Player for online multiplayer potentially.

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I think you have a few options.

  • If you pre-ordered at a store with a physical location, call them up on Tuesday and see if they have any CEs for other platforms that you can switch your order to. Some people cancel at the last minute and sometimes they order a few extra so you might luck out.
  • Eat the 20 bucks and buy it digital and keep your pre-order. If you want you could sell the PC code for like 15 bucks or something and make a bit of your money back. I'm sure that would be cheaper than the game will sell for right after launch, since it's 18 right now.
  • Do what you suggested and cancel the pre-order and go with the PS4.
  • Use a ton of Chrome extensions to block images and spoilers, I've used that and have mostly avoided every bit of news concerning Mania for the last month.
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