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Tails Alone in Sonic 2

Blazey Firekitty

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So, this probably wasn't meant to be canon, and trying to apply reason to it is probably as fruitless as trying to do the same for Knuckles in Sonic 2, but maybe it'll be an interesting thought experiment.

So, Tails is going along his merry way and when he gets to Sky Chase Sonic is flying the Tornado. Not too strange, as it was his plane originally and has his name on it in all caps. Things get a little weirder though after Wing Fortress, though, as Sonic is able to both repair the plane and upgrade it just like Tails does in the "normal" version of events.

So is Tails alone mode a daydream where Tails is dreaming of completely switching lives with his idol? Is Sonic the techie sidekick here and Tails the flashy speedster?

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Tails alone in Sonic 2 isn't canon. So............erm, yeah.

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It was just easy to make Sonic pilot the plane with Tails standing on top. Though, Tails is definitely the tech-guy and Sonic just runs fast :D

Of course as their roles were reversed, Tails totally should have been given a Super-form.


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Naw, 06 happened - but then got erased. This is a tale of conflicting storylines.


This is more like Sonic Adventure 1, where different characters tell different versions of the same events, all of which contradict each other a little bit.

For example, in Sonic 2, if you play as Sonic, he leaves Tails behind and tackles the final zone on his lonesome. As Tails, the opposite is true. Clearly there is something wrong with that picture. Only one can be true. 

In Adventure, Sonic fights Knuckles to a draw - causing him to fumble the Chaos Emeralds. In Tails story, it was he who threw down with Knux and lost the goods. Again, the details of the incident are all mixed up.

The end result is the same. but the prominent character is switched. Conflicting what actually happened.


Putting waaaaay to much thought into this though. We know the Sonic playthrough is the only one that matters.

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Well, ok, just for fun.

It's a known fact that the original Tornado belonged to Sonic, and was presumably Sonic's method of moving from island to island back then.  It makes sense that he would be able to fly it, but if he's relying on it that much then it would be fairly reasonable to assume that he could also maintain it when necessary, especially since the alternative is being stranded on an island for who knows how long.

If we assume Sonic has some basic mechanical skills and combine that with his super speed, it wouldn't be much of a stretch to say he could patch up the Tornado and attach the booster by the end of Wing Fortress.

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I'm with the mindset that Sonic probably knows a thing or two about maintaining a plane.  I doubt he would hold onto it, otherwise.

Either way, it's debatable as to rather or not that ending is even canon.  Since the Sonic and Tails and Sonic-only playthroughs are the ones that get the most development (in the form of  the final ending cutscene) we can probably assume that it's not.

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