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Weird framerate on old Sonic games under Windows 10


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Hey guys! I've been having this problem since I updated to Windows 10. As long as I remember this didn't happen on 7.
Randomly during gameplay, the games start to stutter heavily, as if they're running around 20/25 fps, when they usually run at fixed 60. The framerate counter does not show any drop, and so does the frametime counter (it has spikes to 20ms at times but it happens on other games too and it's not that bad. I tried v-sync, setting the FPS cap with Rivatuner, Nvidia Inspector and nothing made a difference.
The games in question are Sonic Heroes and Sonic Adventure DX (2004 version).
I wonder if this has to do with the OS, or drivers.
I have tried setting compatibility mode, disabling antialiasing and effects, really anything. Is anyone experiencing the same?


i5 6600 3.4ghz
GTX 970
8gb DDR4

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Oh, yeah, I'm having similar issues with those games as well. Sadly, I don't know a solution to it yet, but maybe if you try playing them on a Virtual Machine, it might work? If not, you might have to go back to Windows 7 again.

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I tried the Virtual Machine thing, but the framerate was even worse, so that's not an option. Going back to 7 isn't one either because of DX 12. Glad to hear I'm not the only one tho, it means I'm not seeing things!

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