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What would you want to see differently in a season 2 of Sonic Boom?


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I don't hate the Boom designs or anything, but I'm not too crazy about them either. While some of the changes are kind of cute-looking, overall I don't really think they add much. It's just adding stuff for the sake of it. I guess it's just that I like the original designs so much and I don't think tacking on unneeded stuff is necessary or helpful at all. Plus, there's nothing about the series that's different enough to justify such a radical differentiation. However, they really don't actively offend me. I simply don't like them as much as the originals, and that's it.

I wouldn't say really want them to change to the main series designs in the second season, because that would just be...too weird. While there wasn't much point in changing the designs to begin with, there's also not that much point to changing them back, if that makes sense. :P 

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I think they should just tone some things down subtly. Move Sonic's sports tape to only be on his shoes, so it's more like the straps. give him a little less on his arms. I also am part of the crowd that thinks red scarf would be better, but I don't expect that any time soon. Other than that, you could decrease the length of Knux's legs a bit, but that's pretty much all of it. I think everyone else looks fine.

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Less copy-pasting from /co/'s cliches threads into the scripts and less awkward-looking background character models that look more fitting to the Sonic universe and less like scrapped models from an obscure show on a foreign TV channel's kids' block. Anything to make the show less shovelware-y, really.

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...Also nope. Legends takes place even further in the future. It goes Classic -> X -> Zero -> ZX -> Legends -> Capcom being little shitbags

You should have said Battle Network or Star Force.


On topic, I want to learn the origins of this universe's versions of the characters and see how it differs from the main series.

where does mighty number nine go on that timeline? XD

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I guess, as others have said, more action and more of an overarcing plot instead of the whole resetting world every episode deal.

I'd also love to see them develop the history, lore and characters alot more and explain how the actual hell all the main characters (and Metal Sonic and Shadow) met each other since even the games didn't explain that! It was just Shadow: "Ohai! Imma kick the crap outta you nao 'cause reasons and u suck! kthnxbai". Even the main series with it's frankly bad enough timeline and storys explains that for the most part either via a characters first appearance or, in Tails and Eggmans cases, via the instructions and other related media.

I dunno if I want to see more main series characters though, honestly. I feel it would just feel like they're being shoved in for the sake of it and further this ridiculous paranoid assumption so many people have that Boom's taking over the main series. I also simply can't see it working since so many of them are action-focused and have so much of their character based around things that don't exist in the Boom universe (Rouge is a spy: haven't seen anything like that yet. Silver's from a ruined future: I don't see Boom doing that anytime soon.) However, I can see The Chaotix working as they're already a largely comedy-based group rather than action-based and we've already seen there is some form of law enforcement within the Boom universe which is just as useless as them. They could easily come from elsewhere for some reason.

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