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Anyone play both the Wii and PS2 versions of Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity and Sonic Unleashed?

Hero of Legend

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I'm curious (Zero Gravity in particular) about how it runs and looks on PS2 in comparison to the Wii version. I own both on Wii and Zero Gravity is really polished, it runs at a flawless 60fps not only during gameplay but also during cutscenes. Both on Wii run in 480p and 16:9.


Sonic Unleashed on Wii runs at 30fps, also falls flat in picture quality, it looks muddier and more jagged for some reason, it's funny as it was rumored that Unleashed Wii and PS2 used the Zero Gravity engine, and this may very well be true as it's a fact that both Xeen and O-TWO, who worked on ZG, worked on Unleashed Wii and PS2.


To me they should've just built Unleashed like they did with ZG, it'd have taken slightly worse graphics (the same as ZG) but at 60fps, in-game cutscenes as opposed reusing the HD version's cutscenes would've been icing on the cake as well (in oh so yummy 60fps).


SO how do they fare on PS2? Going by YouTube I can gather the following:


Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity:


- Character models have that Heroes shine ot them still, on Wii they look like the cutscenes which nix the shine and just look better.

- Certain effects are missing, like the water reflection in the water level, and some effects from gravity moves are also absent.


Sonic Unleashed:


- Biggest difference is Sonic's model, his body lacks the shine of the Wii version (for better or worse, I kinda disliked the shine), his head's spines don't move back when running. Also he's a darker color for some reason.

- Again more advanced effects I believe are missing, on Wii in Adabat's day level, when you go to water level in 2D, the water effect flickers, looks awful, I'd imagine that effect is absent period.


What say you guys?

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Pretty much what you said, Hero of Legend. Both PS2 versions of the game are pretty much the same as their Wii counterparts, except they have worse graphics, less visual effects, and no 16:9 support for some reason. The PS2 version of Unleashed also had better controls than the Wii version. Both the Wii and PS2 versions of the games ran at 60fps, IIRC, but the PS2 versions suffered from minor lag at times. That's about it.

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I remember getting the Wii version of Unleashed as a gift. I played it all the time, but one time I found out about the 360 version, bought that, and now it doesn't even work... But the Wii version is fun, though I prefer to use a more standard controller than the weird Wii motion controls.

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I eventually picked up the PS2 version of Unleashed cheap since I love Unleashed generally enough to want to own every version.


The major differences I remember are simply that Sonic's character model, indeed doesn't have that shine.  His spikes also don't do the subtle flop around in reaction to movement like they do on Wii.  Water textures are static old-fashioned flat-looking animated textures rather than having a realistic shimmering effect like on Wii.


The PS2 version uses the Classic Controller control scheme as one might imagine (not Gamecube Controller's shoulder buttons for Werehog attacking).

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Seeing as you can play with GC controller with the Wii version, of the two, I'd pick the Wii version since it's pretty much the same only with better visuals and such. (This applies to both SRZG and SU)

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