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Giant Sandworm Help (Dusty Desert Zone 1)


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Any idea how to beat him? He just keeps on following me around, and no matter what I try, I can't absorb him with Asteroid and a poke with Sonic loses a life... 

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3DS Version, I presume?


Just keep moving and suck up as many enemies and tornadoes as you can. At some point, you'll be able to absorb him and finish the level.



That said, this would probably have been better addressed in a status update, as this doesn't really have much discussion value. If you need help making a solid topic, staff member Akito's got a pretty nifty guide on making them

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For some reason you can't suck him up until you reach the very end of the stage.  Avoid him - as long as you keep moving on the flat part he can't hurt you, don't ever double back on yourself, keep going.  Move up the wall carefully - remember you can use parkour to make shortcuts by running up the wall itself.


When you reach the very top, absorb enemies and tornadoes with the asteroid until you are maximum size.  You can tell when you are maximum size as a purple spiky halo will appear around Sonic.  Then quickly ram into him after dodging.


The purple spiky halo is a good thing to get into a habit of noticing, because once you have it you can be sure that you can suck up anything that allows it regardless of size.

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